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New Book For White Identitarians: The No College Club

I have a new young adult novel published by The White People’s Press that may be of interest to CEC readers. It is called The No College Club. Here’s the editorial summary:

While doing research for a school project on black slavery, four white high school students make a shocking discovery about the forgotten history of white servitude in Colonial America. They learn it was just as cruel and widespread as black slavery, and are now forced to make a choice: Turn in a politically correct project on black slavery, or defy their anti-white teacher by focusing on white slavery, thereby risking being attacked as racists and possibly being expelled. Their futures — and their very identities as white Americans — lay in the balance.

Here’s the editorial description: The No College Club is a page-turning adventure-drama about overcoming the pervasive anti-whiteism in today’s education system. It’s also about recovering the lost history of white people in America. The novel is 220 pages long and features artwork from Donald Kent of American Zarathustra.

Here is the link:

Thank you!

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