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Introduction To Rise of The West: A Primer For The New Reader

The Rise of the West is a metaphor. It is a study, albeit in large part metaphysical, concerning the metamorphosis of Western culture.

We shall cover few known and unknown dates, genealogies, Kings or Empires. This seems best left for the historian proper. No, this study is the transvaluation of history – it is the science of, and hence, the study of the ‘science of history’ as it relates to the continuing evolution of everything Western: its organic conception, its purpose (stated or unstated), its values (religions, mores, etc.,), its past and its present; but, more importantly, the Rise of The West presents its future prospects based on what has gone before. This requires much study, contemplation, and spiritual guidance.

To Western culture known, and unknown, the body of flesh, blood, and bone has been its only foundation. It is the sum of its soul.

This is Race-Culture in the purest sense.

It is a biological fact of independent units, of individuals, in which its total substance makes up each particular race-culture. Each distinct Race. This is self-evident to any but the Modern. He is blind. Yet, it is precisely this constant amalgamation, this conglomerate, which forms the literal body of each specific culture. It is this mass, like the individual, which wills its direction; it is this organic [will to express] momentum that decides its modes of conduct and attaches itself to known history; it is the link to the past, present, and future.

This organism, such as the Rise of The West describes, is the race-culture of Western Man.

Reality is waking consciousness.

Therefore, the consciousness of a culture, a people, must needs be a reality also, for it animates in everything we feel and think of ourselves. So it is, that the culture, just as the individual, feels needs and desires; it shares dreams, and a will-to-express this consciousness. This reality, also, defines itself through the landscape that enfolds the culture. We are part of the Earth itself.

There is always the one who seeks this reality, and one who has already found it.

Let us be more precise for those who are not sure of their place in the world. We define the reality of ‘earth’ in many ways: Plains, Mountains, Home, Family, and Mate. The overall designation may be termed Territory – since the word Homeland is frowned upon by the Modern, seemingly, being too Nationalistic for such a denizen of the world, the metaphysical implications being too tenuous, dark, and foreboding to those that would hide the meaning of Kinship, and racial dynamics. Nevertheless, no man, no culture, can imagine itself without space, without a connecting source bringing him closer to those around him. It is true, even today, which even nomadic/primitive peoples have a close contact with territory, and fiercely defend this unseen border/domain with their lives if necessary. Like all animal life, including man himself, each follows this territorial imperative. Each in turn to occupy a unique and distinct area; a ‘tangible’ and ‘intangible’ imperative. Each to hold and occupy this area at the expense of the other creatures wishing to occupy with them.

Kind supports Kind.

These unique cultures offer no right or wrong, no ethical code by which to say to the world: “Here we live, and here we stay.” They offer no pretext when dealing with their specific culture and its intimate reality. They simply claim the right to survive.

The Rise of The West delves into such relationships.

What belongs to Western Man is, externally, an obvious point if the distinctions between past and present are to be asked; what is seen can be believed. But, what of the unseen? Of Fate? Incident? Destiny? What does this culture (as with all higher culture) owe to the intangible? To that psychic presence that, individually or collectively, affects the existence of its race-soul? Is it mere chance, coincidence, or luck that leads a tribe, a city, or nation to reach its potential unrealized by those that have come before? Are the facts of history simply to be analyzed as events [actualized] that had only tangible components by which to become? Moreover, just what are the ‘forces’ behind the creations of fire, or the wheel, of atomic fusion? What is tangible? Intangible? Is the ‘fact’ that we see enough? On the other hand, is there a deeper, more spiritual – yes, simpler answer? Let us discover one if we may.

There have been numerous, and brilliant writers who, in their own unique ways, have analyzed the past of Western civilization, and postulated their individual sense of the matter – such men as Brooks Adams, Oswald Spengler, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Lawrence Brown, and even Francis Parker Yockey – all of which I cut my teeth, in the early days of my youth, and who shed a light on my own burgeoning appreciation, and larger worldview, by which would shape my future aspirations.

This work covers aspects of early Western civilization, working into the placement of this far-flung people who, with blood and tears, opened up an entire continent to that will-to-express instinct, so powerful, in this specific racial destiny. From here, in brief, this Work follows the ineluctable progress, complete with its science, theology, and a desire to manifest its destiny, in every facet of its life.

To be sure, this was a generations long endeavor, and brought with it many successes, and failures. Moreover, with the successes, was also brought that great envy, ever-present with all culture-creators, and this brought about War, and its inevitable consequences. Through it all, however, the indomitable spirit of this people, never slacked, until the modern age, so-called.

Cycles, as Spengler postulated, and I believe is self-evident, affect all people, and the West is no exception. The Rise of The West shows how, during and after these cycles, if the spirit of man remains strong, there is a passing through, a battle overcome, which brings those with the stamina, and the will to live, another chance at life, another opportunity, to become noble.

Much that has been written in this regard, have offered precious few insights, as to how the West is to survive such tempests; and I have always blanched from the overall premise of a ‘decline of the West’ but, rather, prefer to see an overcoming, a Sunrise, rather than a sunset. Such was my intention, when writing the Rise of The West.

In today’s world, many are looking for a way to overcome what is, demonstrably, a full-fledged attack on the West, of its men in particular, and seeks ever to dissemble those foundations which, for a thousand generations has been moulded, nurtured, and extended through trial and blood – this is the story of life itself.

Many, too many, see themselves as small, in such a broad, and vicious attack upon our way of life, but there are many who yet stand on the ramparts, keeping a vigilant watch, protecting those inside the edifice of what has been given them by those who went before; these individuals embrace their role, and there are many roles, embracing the night, counting the hours when their mettle will be tested and, of a sudden, over the horizon, just as a blink of the eye, one sees the breaking of a new dawn, flooding the lonely hearts of those long holding on, when lesser men have passed to the wayside. To those who have lasted, the test has just begun.

It is the Rise of The West.

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