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Can Artificial Intelligence Recognize EuroCanadians?

Since AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated images are popular right now, I was curious to see how the app Photoleap would portray European Canadians. The way it works is that you describe any image that you can imagine then an image is generated moments after submitting an entry. Think of it as the first image that may come to mind when you’re trying to recall something specific. For fun I started having Photoleap produce images in the style of oil paintings and this was the result.

Then I tried using more vague descriptions to see if the Photoleap was up to the task.

Subsequently, I tried the apps Stable Diffusion and Deep Dream Generator, and these were the results.

Finally I tried the app Midjourney, which is on Discord, and got these results.

My favourite one was the 4th image so I selected U-4 to get an upscaled version of the image.

Pretty impressive I’d say. He looks like he could be a protagonist for a novel about roughing it in the Great White North. It goes to show that when there is a need for something, people will go out of their way to invent a solution. In this case the decline of technical creative skill in the West has necessitated handing that responsibility to machines. After all, every work of art is made up of numerical patterns that can be recognized by a computer. So not only can AI understand what makes an artwork attractive, it can also recognize that different groups of people, such as EuroCanadians, are distinguishable from other groups of people.

Interestingly it seems I’m not the only Canadian who has been experimenting with MidJourney. Here are some images that other users have created.

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