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Calling Dissidents: Tell MPs You Oppose Mass Immigration

A patriot with extensive knowledge of the Canadian party system has been informing me about concrete ways that dissidents can publicize the cause of immigration restriction. One key insight is how responsive MPs are to correspondence from their constituents. Indeed, I now have reason to believe that certain MPs endorse the current levels of immigration in large part because they have received more correspondence in favour of immigration than against it. To be sure, this is not surprising given how constitutionally pessimistic nature of Canadian dissidents, which stretches at least as far back as George Grant. The CEC condemns this attitude as unworthy of the sacrifices of the explorers, pioneers, and settlers who built Canada. We therefore call on dissidents to make their voices heard.

Here is a short letter template sent in to me:

“Dear [your MPs name]

My name is [your name], and I am one of your constituents. I am greatly concerned by the ever increasing immigration rate, and I am worried about the effects it will have on our health care, economy, housing, infrastructure and social fabric. As of now, I understand that no party supports lowering immigration and not one MP supports lowering immigration either, but the majority of Canadians do. This makes me feel voiceless, like my own government and MP do not represent me or even want to listen to me. This is why I am emailing you about this issue, to let you know my opinion and concern, and hopefully have you echo my concern in public. Because that is the job of an MP, to represent the voice of his or her constituents.

Thank you for your time.”

We encourage dissidents to either copy and paste this template, or write your own letter, and send it in to the MP representing your riding.


  • Riley Donovan

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