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UNIPARTY: Christine Anderson, Pierre Poillievre, and the CPC Unwillingness to Face Reality

Ever since the epic Canadian Trucker Convoy in January of 2022, Pierre Poillievre has been getting a free ride on a train that he didn’t pay the fare for. After 2 straight years of complete and utter neglect by the Conservative Party of Canada to provide anything remotely resembling opposition to the outrageous, excessive and downright illegal actions of the federal government’s COVID policy, Pierre Poillievre somehow managed to seduce half the population into believing that he and his party were on their side all along. This despite the fact that the CPC’s response to any and all government overreach and pharmaceutical peddling was that they would do exactly what the Liberals were doing, only BETTER. Following the recent disavow by his official office of Christine Anderson, Member of European Parliament and German nationalist party Alternative fur Deutchland (AfD) who has recently been touring our country in support of its nationalist and liberty-minded citizens, Poillievre has exposed himself as just another political con-artist who has used the desperation of the people for his and his masters‘ political gain.

Christine Anderson’s views are vile and have no place in our politics. The MPs were not aware of this visiting Member of the European Parliament’s opinions, and they regret meeting with her. Frankly, it would be better if Anderson never visited Canada in the first place. She and her racist, hateful views are not welcome here.

This is the statement put out by Poillevre’s spokesman following a meeting between Anderson and CPC MPs Colin Carrie, Leslyn Lewis and Dean Allison at one of her recent events here in Canada. Before we dive into the complete incoherence and stupidity of Canadian “conservatism” in general, lets take a look at Anderson’s “vile” views and the position of the AfD, the party of which she’s a member. Warren Kinsella, the mainstream political hack and character assassin who was hired by the CPC in 2019 to “seek and destroy” Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada, has provided the public with a list of sins and transgressions committed by Anderson and her party in his article published with Toronto Sun.

Kinsella’s article is full of the usual tropes and labels attached to any individual or organization that dares question the sanctity of magic-dirt multicultural liberalism: Anderson and her party are antisemites, anti-muslim, racists, and extremists. He claims the evidence isn’t hard to find, ironically citing the Jewish extortion racket The Anti-Defamation League as his source that proves the AfD has a history of espousing views claiming organized Jewish networks wield substantial financial and political capital. Where would they get that idea? There is no “gotcha!” moment in any of Kinsella’s claims because even if one concedes that every claim is true and needs no context, each subject alluded to is a legitimate social, political or historical issue and should NOT be apologized for. The truth is the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

One takeaway from Poillievre’s decision to attack a foreign politician, who is undoubtably admired and respected within Canada due to her verbal assault on Trudeau to his face on the floor of the European Parliament, is that it demonstrates in certain terms that there is absolutely nothing nationalist in nature about the Conservative Party of Canada.


They are no different than the liberals they claim to be opposing. Mass amounts of foreign ethnic elements will destroy the fabric of a nation. The definition of a nation is a distinct people with a distinct culture with collective interests. Large amounts of third world immigrants put a strain on the welfare system. These are not uncomfortable and dangerous political admissions if you actually intend to represent the best interest of your country.

Under Angela Merkel, Germany permitted an unrestricted number of military aged foreign men to invade the country and what has followed is societal chaos as well as an epidemic of crime and out of control sexual assault and rape of German women. Why do you think the AfD has gained the level of support it has? Poillevre and his people being so disgusted at the idea of a party and its members advocating for a German nation for German families that is safe, culturally homogenous and cohesive is all the evidence one should need to conclude that he is a magic-dirt liberal who, if it weren’t for the ocean between us, would equally flood our country with third world rapists.

The bigger takeaway is the fact that none of these topics were even on Anderson’s agenda for her tour. She was here to engage and connect with Canadian people on concepts like bodily autonomy, opposing government overreach, liberty and personal freedom. These are the very same concepts that swept Poillevre into the CPC leadership position mere months ago. His support of the Canadian freedom movement and the marketing of himself as some kind of saviour is and has always been political theatre and the most “vile” kind of opportunism. By attacking a present icon of the very movement he is claiming to represent, Poillevre and his team have left his supporters in a conundrum: they must either admit they were conned or continue to delude themselves.

Maxime Bernier and his People’s Party of Canada has been waiting in the wings since 2019. Bernier’s own immigration policy is not as ethnocentric as the AfD’s, but that didn’t cause him to attack and slander Christine Anderson just because they may have some slightly different positions, either as parties or as individuals, because at the end of the day they have more in common then they don’t and a person can have their own opinions that don’t perfectly mirror the position of their group. Pollievre and the CPC can’t even tolerate a difference in view on a subject that isn’t even being discussed out of complete fear of being called a racist by association. Its absolutely pathetic. The stupidity of the “split the vote” argument is now on full display because it is clear that these two men and these two parties have nothing in common. Though the political system may in fact be so rigged against us that no man can turn the tide back at this point, Bernier has proven himself to be ahead of the curve on every single issue. The CPC on the other hand have proven to be neither hot nor cold and will wilt under the slightest bit of pressure. They are not concerned with the best interest of the nation or its people, they are worried about being called racist, extremist, antisemitic and every other label that I will declare flat out means absolutely nothing at this point, its simply noise and a means of shaming away the truth. In the words of Canada’s own national treasure Jeremy Mackenzie, swapping the Liberals for the CPC is like changing the manager at a McDonald’s and expecting a new menu.

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