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Wielding Influence in the CPC by Taking Over EDAs

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

* This post describes strategies that dissidents can use to take over Conservative Party Electoral District Associations, but readers should not take this as an uncritical endorsement of the CPC. I believe that the CPC is the easiest of the major parties to pull in our direction, however, readers are encouraged to take over EDAs in ridings held by any party if they believe it is worthwhile.*

The Council of European Canadians is committed to the promotion of practical strategies which Canadians can employ to fight back against mass immigration, the renaming of streets, the toppling of statues, and indoctrination in schools. As well as fighting back in a reactionary way, we must also advance our own ideals, including national sovereignty, cultural revival, community, the proper role of Canadian schools, and our own conception of Canada’s history.

I have long advocated joining civic boards, including school boards, museum boards, library boards, and so on.  Recently, I have been made aware of the potential influence of Electoral District Associations (EDAs). EDAs have a range of powers which, if employed, could push the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) towards adopting immigration restriction as part of their platform. These powers include:

  • Sending policy to the national CPC convention
  • Influencing the local candidate or MP
  • Sending out official letters
  • Sending out official polls to all CPC members in the riding. For instance: “Trudeau’s current Immigration Levels Plan calls for 465,000 immigrants in 2023, 485,000 in 2024, and 500,000 in 2025. Do you support the Conservative Party of Canada making it official party policy to lower immigration?”. The results of the poll can then be made public, or included in an official letter.
  • EDA presidents decide which delegates go to the national CPC convention to vote on policy proposals if more than 10 people from the riding apply to be delegates

The push to remove Erin O’Toole started with 5 EDAs saying they wanted a leadership review, a call which the MPs echoed. Thus, just 5 EDAs had a significant impact on national politics, jettisoning a milquetoast CPC leader and replacing him with a leader who at the very least opposes censorship and has pledged to defund the CBC. If patriots took over 5 EDAs and sent out official letters to the CPC HQ calling for a reduction in immigration, it would send shockwaves in the party, and potentially spark a grassroots revolt among the CPC base.

So, how does a small group of activists take over an EDA? Firstly, by filling up all the vacant positions in an EDA with activists. Continue this process until a majority of the EDA positions are held by activists. For good measure, pack the events, meetings, and candidate/MP speeches with activists. Taking these steps will ensure that the CPC apparatus in your riding is in the hands of activists committed to pulling the party in the right direction, rather than party hacks.

It is this type of concrete action that will slowly turn the country back in the right direction.

A final note on a similar topic: I encourage activists to put pressure on your local MPs (no matter their party) through letters, emails, and even going to their offices to advocate for your concerns. Attend your local MP’s speeches and ask tough, intelligent, optical questions on immigration restriction, school curriculum, and so on during the Q and A section. Due to Canada’s small ridings, MPs are actually very receptive to public opinion. Did you know that some CPC MPs receive more emails advocating for more immigration than for less immigration? No wonder the CPC is so pro-immigration if Canadians are silent; the dissident movement should be ashamed that MPs are not regularly flooded with emails about our concerns!


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  • Riley Donovan

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