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The Masochistic Insanity of White Replacement

White men of the Western world hate themselves. They hate themselves so much they feel they must actively create a sub replacement fertility rate, thereby intergenerationally erasing their own racial and cultural demographic, all while importing other races and cultures of people to replace the empty places their own heirs would have otherwise filled.

White people feel that by not producing children, they can somehow atone for their supposed sins of the past. Apparently white people hate themselves so much that they not only plan on increasingly erasing themselves from the face of the Earth, they actually get furious when anyone so much as criticizes them for being so masochistic in the first place. That’s how insane white people have become.

No other race of people acts in this manner. The Latinos of Central and South America, the Japanese of Japan, the Chinese of China, the many African peoples of the various countries of South Africa, the Arabs of the Middle East, the Jews of Israel, . . . None of them engage in such absurd demonstrations of willful racial self erasure and cultural suicidality. Nor would any sane white person ever ask them to act in such a manner. And yes, all of their histories are just as brutally checkered with slavery, war, violence, and sin compared to the collective history of Western Europeans. For all of these reasons and more, white guilt is one of the most hypocritical, illogical, and blatantly idiotic concepts of our time.

Of course, this plan of collective suicide, achieved through intergenerational white demographic self erasure, is not only pathetically masochistic, it’s also flat out unintelligent. Replacing Native American populations from centuries past with other races of people who have absolutely nothing to do with the Native Americans, all as an act of supposed repentance, doesn’t even make sense. Likewise, importing people to Germany will do nothing to revive the Jews killed in the Holocaust. And why is France in need of outright racial and cultural demographic replacement?

As for white women . . . How spoiled rotten does a society of white women have to become in order to believe they are too good to have children? White women could at least try to maintain a replacement fertility rate instead of importing women of color to have babies because white women are too lazy, selfish, and self entitled to make their own children. Apparently white women increasingly view the birthing of children as being akin to picking cotton—they want to import a modern day slave class to do these supposedly lowly tasks so they don’t have to. All in the name of promoting the extended childhood, anti-familism, antinatalism, and shameless careerism of modern day white women.

If white women are allowed to complain about white men not making enough money, white men should definitely be allowed to complain about white women not making enough children. Precisely how lazy are white women getting in the Western world anyways? White women are increasingly over qualified in ways nobody needs or wants and under qualified in ways civilization desperately requires.

In any case, the insanity continues, despite the fact that whites are a global minority to begin with. Throw in the fact that immigration from the third world to the first world does absolutely nothing to improve global poverty and the plan to intergenerationally erase whites as a means of collective repentance becomes all the more absurd. For all of these reasons and more, to hell with white erasure and to hell with white replacement.

To the white people of the West, I say this: Start forming families and making children. And for goodness sake, close your damned borders. The developing world needs their doctors, engineers, and working class laborers far more than Westerners do. You most certainly cannot help the impoverished countries of the world by enticing their best laborers to abandon their own countrymen. You can’t help a country by leaving a country.

For those who are interested in further understanding the myth that the West can save the developing world through Western immigration policies designed to entice the best workers of the developing world to abandon their own countrymen, please watch the following video presentation.


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