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Why It’s Never a Good Idea to Demonize the Consumer

In the sexual marketplace, women are the sellers and men are the buyers. Only fools fail to understand this. With that in mind, how does a company sell its product?

Do Not Demonize the Consumer

Imagine if Coca-Cola blamed the consumer for not buying enough Coke. For example, they might make a commercial saying, “You people aren’t buying Coke! And the reason you’re not buying Coke is because you’re too stupid, lazy, poor, useless, uneducated, and incompetent! For all of those reasons and more, we hate you! So why don’t you man up and buy more Coke!”

You would literally run in the opposite direction. You would say, “These are psychologically abusive, psychotic, pathological freaks. There’s no way in hell I want to buy anything from them.” And that, by the way, is why you will never hear Coca-Cola use that approach to marketing. You will never see a Coke commercial in which they say, “Our stocks are down! And do you know whose fault that is? Yours! You idiots aren’t buying our product! Losers!”

Nonetheless, that’s the approach that Women Incorporated is currently using when it comes to selling wives and girlfriends to men. Women are saying, “Men aren’t lining up for marriage or for girlfriends either in many cases! They can’t afford a woman! We hate men for that! Losers! Lazy idiots! Man up! Stop being worthless losers!” This is what you call a demonic, out of touch, lunatic approach to selling a product.

Women have a moral responsibility to inspire men to buy one woman each in order to provide a loyal father for every child. Anything less is proven to be evolutionarily degenerate. The payment the man offers through his sacrifices (his efforts, wealth, experience, status, fame, whatever) is the proof of a woman’s value. And unless we want to damage children’s lives, women need to aim for one man each rather than hurling themselves at elite men only. If women are not successfully selling their product to one man each, they have nobody to blame but themselves. Blaming men for this problem is like blaming the consumer for not buying a particular product. It’s not primarily the consumer’s fault. It’s the fault of the seller for failing to market her product in an effective manner.

And before anyone even tries to say that women are the buyers and men are the sellers…That’s a lie and everyone knows it’s a lie. Women don’t get to have the selling power of prostitution and hypergamy in addition to the title of “the sexual gatekeepers of the human race” all while denying that women are the primary sellers and men are the primary buyers. Women sell sex and wifehood and men offer payments through various forms of status earned through sacrifice (money, fame, educational attainment, stoicism, worldliness). Only outright liars deny that women are the sellers and men are the buyers. The reality of this dynamic is partly displayed by the fact that as men gain socioeconomic status, men become better providers to women, whereas when women gain socioeconomic status, women become comparatively worse providers to men.

Even brilliant people like Jordan Peterson (who I otherwise deeply admire and respect) tend to fall into the “blame the consumer” trap. I recently heard Jordan lecturing the Muslims, telling them to make their religion so amazing that people wanted to join them based upon feelings of pure admiration. It seems a bit ironic that Jordan has forgotten that he might consider giving women the same advice regarding men. If women were “worth it,” they wouldn’t have to shame and terrorize men into submission. The truth of the matter is that if women were good enough, men would feel inspired to rise to the occasion. If men aren’t motivated to make the sacrifices necessary to becoming the type of “currency” that women demand, women simply aren’t worth the price. The market decides. You can’t blame men for that anymore than you can blame men for not buying a particular brand of car.

If I may share a few last thoughts on Jordan Peterson before returning to the primary topic of Women Incorporated…Jordan wrote in his book, Twelve Rules for Life, that “Most men do not meet female human standards.” However, Jordan also blames men, entirely, if men are being rejected by women. I would really appreciate it if Jordan could explain what the hell he means by making both of those statements at the same time. How is it 100% men’s fault if the biology of the species is literally wired so that most men do not meet female human standards? Is he suggesting that we should in fact terrorize the consumer (men) into a state of outright sexual submission to women, all while creating a system in which many men are doomed to fail?

What, precisely, is Jordan Peterson saying? Surely women must be equally to blame for the damage caused by asymmetrical pair bonding, or perhaps even primarily to blame, given that they are in fact the primary sexual gatekeepers of the human race. This is my biggest criticism of Jordan— he tends to scapegoat men while going somewhat easier on the women. It’s completely incoherent, if not outright sadistic, to tell men that most men have not met female human standards since the dawn of time while also saying this is 100% men’s fault. And before anyone suggests that weeding men out of the gene pool is evolutionarily superior — it’s not. Symmetrical pair bonding is evolutionarily advantageous in that it provides a loyal father for every home, thereby producing superior offspring. Women certainly aren’t doing anyone any favors by being overly picky. In other words, women pair bonding with so-called “mediocre men” is actually, however ironically, incredibly alpha.

Terrorizing the consumer (men) into buying the product (women) by relentlessly psychologically abusing men through our academic institutions, journalism, and popular culture is rarely a good idea. Even when it does work, it produces resentments and underlying feelings of demoralization, anger, and rage. When will women learn? When will women finally comprehend how to sell their product to men in a proper manner so that children can be born into loving two parent families? Considering women have been specializing in family formation and child birth since the dawn of time, you would think they would actually be good at it by now. Think again. Modern day women have no idea what they are doing, which is why half of children are now born out of wedlock.

Even if Women Incorporated wanted to sell men little more than the gift of being needed by women (a gift which is proven to help prevent male suicide), they are doing a terrible job of this as well in that they are constantly screaming that women don’t need men — even as they continually attempt to estrange and enslave men via use of the family courts and governmental redistribution policies. Of course, this is completely insane, especially when you consider that children need loving two parent households. Furthermore, the absurdly tragic thing about women refusing to offer men the gift of being needed (as opposed to being ungraciously enslaved or otherwise sexually and familially estranged altogether) is that “needing a man” doesn’t even require any sort of sacrificial effort or expertise on women’s part. Nonetheless, modern day women very often won’t even sell men the gift of being lovingly needed. Instead, men’s sacrificial offerings are presented as though men are paying off historical debts while Women Incorporated allegedly owes men nothing in return.

There are those who say, “The problem is that men’s mothers and fathers aren’t throwing their sons out of the house at age eighteen! This is causing men to enter into a prolonged state of arrested development!” Again, this is the “blame the consumer” approach. If men aren’t buying your product at the price you want, maybe it’s because their parents take care of them — or maybe it’s just because your product is overpriced and it sucks. A much more humane approach would be for women to simply make the prospect of “buying” a wife or girlfriend so attractive that even men who could otherwise live with their parents would make the sacrifices necessary to choosing a woman instead. Or maybe just go back to living in multigenerational households. In any case, whatever women these days are selling, it can’t be very good if they are very often losing to the option of living with one’s parents forever.

Not only are women demonizing the consumer (men) for not buying their product at the price they want, they are also demonizing the consumer for recognizing that women are in fact a product in the first place. They scream, “How dare you treat women like a commodity to be rented, purchased, or owned!” All as they bash men for not buying enough of their product at the same time. They demand the sacrificial currencies of stoicism, wealth, money, fame, education, worldliness, and bravery — all while they incoherently demonize those traditionally masculine qualities.

Then they blame men for using E-prostitution, escorts, video games, and pornography…This would be like Coca-Cola screaming at its consumers that they are stupid idiots for drinking another beverage (something other than Coca-Cola) instead of simply striving to make a better product that can actually compete with the other options in the marketplace. The thing that makes it even more bizarre is that women are the ones selling E-prostitution, escorts, and pornography to men in the first place. So apparently those women all too often resent their consumers as well, even as they are benefiting from their payments. It all makes one wonder if Women Incorporated does in fact view men much in the same way that pig farmers view pigs — even when men give the farmer precisely what she demands, she still shows them cruelty, ingratitude, and disgust.

The more I think about it, I can’t think of a single example of modern day women not demonizing their male consumers. They demonize the male consumers of wives, girlfriends, pornography, and escorts, all at the same time. They hate men for buying what women are selling. And they also hate men for not buying what women are selling. Does that sound like a good marketing strategy to you? When you give them what they want, they call you a privileged oppressor. When you fail to give them what they want, they hate you for that too. If misogyny is on the rise, one could make the argument that it’s somewhat well earned. What consumer can tolerate being systemically treated like trash, for decades on end, by the very people who are trying to sell them stuff?

What would the equivalent of half of kids being born to unwedded mothers be in the beverage industry? Perhaps it would be like Coca-Cola failing to sell half of its products. That’s an absolute marketing disaster. Throw in the fact that these women are calling men cowards and weaklings for fearing the family courts, and you begin to see just how murderously abusive the culture has become towards men. Again, you will never hear the Ford Motor Company screaming at its potential consumers, “Buy a Ford, damn it! Losers! Man up! Our stocks are down! It’s your fault! Where’s your ambition!? You don’t deserve a Ford! Idiots!” Tragically, this is precisely the sort of attitude that Women Incorporated exudes towards men.

Women Incorporated

Women are basically a for-profit company that sells products (wives, mothers, girlfriends, escorts, pornography, and pin-up girls) to men. That’s why I call them Women Incorporated. In fact, this is my official answer to the question, “What is a woman?” A woman is a member of the for-profit organization otherwise known as Women Incorporated. And like it or not, women have shown the world they don’t understand the first thing about marketing. They don’t understand how to corner the market. They don’t understand that demonizing the consumer is corporate suicide. They don’t understand what they are selling, or why, or how their product influences the world around them for better or for worse.

To make matters even more peculiar, we often hear that women have priced themselves out of the marriage market. This would be like Coca-Cola saying, “Looks like we are too good for our own consumers!”, all as nobody wants to buy their product because it’s not worth the price. It’s not only mean spirited and delusional for women to say such things — it’s idiotic, self defeating, and flat out insane. If you want to sell your product with any degree of success, you don’t get to insult the consumer at the same time. Simultaneously, we hear other women shrieking that, “Women are not vending machines!”, as though men should assume that an actual vending machine is more reliable when it comes to matters of reciprocity. When placed up against the idea that women have priced themselves out of the marriage market, the vending machine motto adds yet another layer of inexplicable complexity to our current historical moment.

Some women might say, “But I have a PhD and a high paying job! Shouldn’t that be enough to inspire men to rise to the occasion?” Men don’t care about female PhDs. Men know that if they pair bond with a woman who is either richer or more educated, the woman is statistically more likely to be a stuck up snob who will eventually leave the guy, thereby putting him on the psychiatric couch or, even worse, driving him to suicide. Pricing yourself out of the market is just another way of saying that you’re going out of business because you’re delusional and you’re charging too much. With rare exception, a highly educated/highly paid woman is not a benefit to a man — she’s a liability.

A truly inspiring woman commands the market by encouraging men to make the sacrifices necessary to affording her. That’s how Porsche sells cars. That’s how housing markets work. That’s how restaurants get customers. You won’t hear Porsche saying, “Why aren’t you rich enough to buy our cars!? You undeserving bastards!” Nor will you see real estate marketers saying, “Nobody is buying our houses! That’s because they are all incompetent, poor, and useless!” And you will never see Red Lobster say, “Nobody wants to eat here because it’s too expensive.”, as though they have just made some kind of humble brag. They understand they have to inspire the buyer to make the necessary sacrifices in order to invest in their product. If the product isn’t getting the price they want, they can either increase the quality or lower the price. Bashing the consumer is not a viable option.

Once women understand this, they will finally comprehend there is literally no such thing as a society in which the women are “too good for the men.” Truly high quality women encourage men to better themselves, not by berating them, but by inspiring them. The sobering truth is that no matter how badly you suck as a woman, there’s a man out there who sucks just as badly as you. That’s your soulmate (your other half). Don’t bash him. Bashing him is only bashing yourself.

Promoted women are more likely to divorce.

If Women Incorporated wants their customers to purchase what they are selling, they need to show the consumer (men) that women actually deeply care about serving men’s needs. Let’s put it this way: If DuPont is expressing more sincere warmth and appreciation towards their consumers than Women Incorporated is currently expressing towards men, women might want to rethink their marketing strategy. And as for all the nonsense about women rebelling against the male gaze? That’s like a restaurant saying, “We don’t serve you what you like to eat! We serve you what we think you should like to eat regardless of how much you hate it! And if you refuse to eat here, you’re a bad person!” You’re basically placing a giant neon sign above your business that says, “Run in the opposite direction and never come back because we are psychotic and we hate you.”

It gets even more disturbing when one considers the fact that we are not talking about the mere selling of cars, beverages, or Snickers bars. We are, after all, talking about the highly intimate business of selling genetic reproductive rights and family formation. Women Incorporated has taken on a femi-nazi tone of outright classist/gender-cidal rage in relation to men these days. Perhaps their new slogan should be, “Adore us and despair, creeps! Give us your money and your power! We owe you nothing in return! See you in divorce court! Maybe we’ll drive you to suicide too!” Or maybe just, “Women owe men nothing!”

Not only does Women Incorporated fail to understand that when it comes to selling wives and girlfriends they need to either raise their quality or lower their prices if they wish to attract consumers, they are currently taking the exact opposite approach in that they are lowering the quality of their product and raising their prices at the same time. For example, they promote female obesity as a good thing, all as women complain that men are too poor and uneducated. While heavily overweighted women scream, “Find us attractive or we hate you!”, we are simultaneously told that men have low EQ.

I highly recommend that women watch commercials from the old days (from the time before the woke brigade took over the marketing world) in order to come up with a better mantra for their industry. Perhaps something like, “Women! More loving and less vindictive than ever before!” Women might even consider reappropriating the leftist slogan “Stronger together!” as a means of encouraging marriage and sexual compatibility rather than constantly screaming that men are useless, outdated, guilty, and disposable.

I confess that I normally prefer to use the Christian approach to sexual and familial ethics rather than delving into this “free market economics” stuff. God says men and women should pair bond one for one, period. Those who refuse are being wicked. For this reason, I do in fact condemn both male and female sexual immorality. Nonetheless, since we do live in this earthly world of materialist supply and demand, it’s also worth understanding how women in particular are in fact refusing to use their worldly powers for the general good of humanity as the primary sellers in the sexual marketplace.

One of the brilliantly hilarious things about men is the fact that, although men are the primary buyers and women are the primary sellers of our species when it comes to matters of sexual selection, men still more or less act like a company that is collectively responsible for some degree of male quality control. Every time a man goes haywire, women complain, much in the same manner that customers complain when getting a defective box of Cheerios. Then men huddle together, blaming themselves for the fact that one of their “units” malfunctioned. As for Women Incorporated…Women Incorporated can’t even decide what the definition of the word woman is. If their product came with a warning label, it would say, “We don’t know what the hell we are selling to you, and neither do you.”

With all of that in mind, if women want to sell the product of wives and girlfriends to men, they need to make their product better than video games, better than pornography, better than escorts, better than E-prostitution, better than promiscuity— in other words, better than the alternatives. Stop blaming the consumer for not buying your product at the price you want. Men are a mirror of women’s value. If men aren’t making the sacrifices women want men to make in order to buy a wife or girlfriend, women need to inspire men to do so by either improving their quality or lowering their price. But either way, women need to stop bashing the consumer.

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