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The Purpose of Gun Prohibition Is To Make Us Helpless and Mute

Stirring speech by the late Charlton Heston.

If we in Canada could summon him now, he could say this to Justin Trudeau:

“From my cold dead hands!”


But alas we don’t have a Charlton Heston, and we don’t have the American Constitution or a Second Amendment. Instead, we have a half-assed constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a document that preserves neither.

The consensus today is that the issue of free speech is the most important thing on the table. It is the heartbeat of all other rights, and it is under threat on both sides of the border. Much more so in Canada.

That is why Americans made the guarantee of free speech the FIRST amendment to their Constitution.

But the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms is vital to the FIRST. It guarantees that the FIRST because it serves notice to tyrants that if they abridge free speech, they will be opposed by violence if necessary.

Canadians are fast losing that option. Even hunting rifles are being targeted for government confiscation. What’s next? Drinking straws? Ball point pens? Paint balls? Rotten eggs? Do you get the impression that this government  is afraid of us? Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that we just don’t like effing Communists?


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