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The Globo Trickster Book


Through the various articles published on this site and elsewhere, I have been writing this book for some time now. I finally finished it. I wrote it to help my readers and myself make sense of the tectonic changes that are imposed on us by the “tricksters” who are trying to remold humans and reconstruct society “nearer to their heart’s desire” without the consent of the public, or even against its will, by perfidious and often violent means. Behind the masks of humanism, egalitarianism, democracy, goodness, and tolerance, these tricksters hate humanity, which they seek to enslave through lies, fear, violence, and false accusations of xenophobia, racism, antisemitism, and hate speech. The publication of this book is therefore a matter of self-defense. My survival and that of my race, ethnic group, society, religion, culture, country, and civilization are in legal terms, “critically endangered.” As long as this small clique of psychopaths—with their ill-gotten money and their almost total control of Western politicians, academia, media, and Internet—is not dethroned, no race, no ethnic group, no people can live in peace.


With this politically incorrect deprograming manual, I mean to debunk the “tricks” these tricksters are using against us to dumb us down and neutralize our survival instinct. I tried to do this in a clear, simple, and comprehensive matter that will hopefully lead to a Eureka experience for all my readers. This penetrating insight that’s usually accompanied by the blissful excitement that occurs when one finally understands something at the deepest level of one’s being is the only truly effective remedy against the psychological and physical warfare that is being waged not only against our race, but against all races. Through a clear understanding of the most deceptive tricks we are subjected to on a daily basis in the media, in schools, and in films, an individual is strengthened internally and better equipped morally and intellectually to confront the tricksters who want to enslave him with the lies and half-lies that are exposed and debunked in this book.

It’s Fort Alamo, not only for us, the people of European descent who are particularly targeted by these dangerous dictators of democracy, but for all the peoples of the Earth. If we do not resist, with all our strength, we will all become helots like in Sparta or slaves of kolkhozes like in the USSR.

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