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Resisting Thames Valley School District’s plan to rename 12 schools

The Thames Valley School District (TVSD) has begun the process of renaming 12 schools named after great Canadians and Englishmen, because these figures “no longer fit the board’s current standards of human rights and diversity”. TVSD will engage with the public from the fall of 2023 until the spring of 2025, asking community members whether they approve of the renaming of the schools. The names that TVSD is attempting to erase are:

  •  Lord Elgin Public School
  •  Lord Nelson Public School
  •  Lord Roberts French Immersion Public School
  •  Prince Charles Public School
  •  Princess Anne French Immersion Public School
  •  St. George’s Public School
  •  McGillivray Central Public School
  •  Victoria Public School
  •  Sir George Etienne Cartier Public School
  •  Lord Dorchester Secondary School
  •  Montcalm Secondary School
  •  Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School

Two interesting mainstream conservative twitter accounts, who don’t necessarily agree with us but are providing extensive and valuable coverage of woke propaganda in schools, are @ChanLPfa and @teacher_woke. Euro-Canadians interested in the topic of schools should follow these accounts to keep up to date with the latest revelations across the country.

It is critical to document the ongoing assault waged by school boards against Canadian heritage, to let citizens unaware of the gravity of the problem know what is going on. A more important reason, however, is to promote localized resistance to school renamings, woke curriculum, land acknowledgements, anti-racist speakers, and so on. Ultimately, woke school boards should be taken over, as is happening in the United States.

What can you do? 

  • Send this story to anyone you know in Ontario who might be interested
  • Contact TVSD , explaining that as a Canadian you are outraged at their proposal to wipe out our history.
  • Contact True North News, asking why their website is not covering this story in great detail.
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