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Merry Christmas To All Our Dear Readers!

Grade one classroom at D. B. Hood Public School in Toronto celebrating Christmas of 1944.

If EuroCanadians forget their past, they will not have a future. A people cannot develop a sense of identity unless they develop a sense of their past – from schooling, religion, family, popular culture, or nation. An important task of CEC is to recollect those memories so they are not forgotten in the midst of so many globalist images. EuroCanadians have been demonized for too long, their history and heritage trashed by academics, journalists and politicians. CEC wants to restore the historical identity of EuroCanadians. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!

Interior of toy shop and variety store at Christmas. Leslieville, Ontario, Canada. circa 1900


Christmas play at Warden United Church, Nova Scotia, 1953


Christmas, Bloomfield Station, Kings Co., NB ca. 1905


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