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CEC Wishes Our Readers A Happy New Year 2023!

Square dancers in Trail, B.C., celebrate at a New Year's Eve party in 1955.

Taking your ancestors with you into the future is a great way of enhancing your EuroCanadian heritage. There are no incentives from our institutions, government employees, politicians, academics, to recollect and cherish the past of Canada. The emphasis is overwhelmingly on diversity images. Here at CEC we care about the history of Euro-Canadians. We will never let them forget that Canada was created by hardworking, honest, fair-minded, and happy Euro-Canadians!


Children dining during a BC Lower Mainland New Year’s celebration in January 1943


Boys and Girls House, Toronto Public Library, 7 January 1958


Children dining during a New Year’s Eve celebration in B.C.’s Lower Mainland in January 1943


Telling stories to group of children in Little Theatre, Toronto Public Library, Winter 1958


Standish Hotel-Hull Quebec, New Year’s Eve in the 1940s.


Partygoers attend a masquerade New Year’s Eve ball at Hycroft Manor in Vancouver at an unknown year in the 1920s


Standish Hotel-Hull Quebec, New Year’s Eve, 1950s

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