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Where Are You From, White Man?

Some of you may have heard of the recent social lynching of a dear sweet 83-year-old woman from England named Susan Katharine Hussey.

A BBC news article mentions that Lady Hussey “is godmother to Prince William, the Prince of Wales, and was one of Queen Elizabeth II’s closest confidantes. She was her longest-serving lady-in-waiting – with the title Woman of the Bedchamber – having first been recruited in 1960.”

From this, we can evidently conclude that Lady Hussey was a kindred spirit to our late queen, Elizabeth II. So why is Lady Hussey resigning from her position?

According to Global News, it was because she asked a black woman Ngozi Fulani “where do you really come from, where do your people come from?”. There were, of course, very logical reasons for why Lady Hussey asked this question. First, a name like “Ngozi Fulani” is clearly not an English name and Lady Hussey is likely someone who enjoys learning about different cultures such as myself. Having served as Queen Elizabeth’s lady in waiting for more than 60 years, Lady Hussey would have certainly bantered with many delegates from all over the world who would have received her small talk favourably. Secondly, Fulani was wearing an ethnic costume which would seem to invite curiosity. One would think that Fulani would have used the opportunity to express her pride in her African heritage, but instead, Fulani decided to be offended and turn a perfectly innocuous question into a global scandal.

Susan Katharine Hussey, a former lady-in-waiting for late Queen Elizabeth II, has resigned from Buckingham Palace “after making a racist remark during a reception on Nov. 29.”

Now apart from the fact that there is nothing “racist” about asking someone where they are from, the media shysters have decided to use this incident as an opportunity to bring up the old meme that non-European people are constantly being harassed by people of European descent. If this meme sounds familiar it is because OCASI (Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants) pulled the same propaganda stunt back in 2016 and again in 2021.

Debbie Douglas, Executive Director of OCASI (Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants and the City of Toronto) claims that she is an “Expert on Immigrant and Refugee Issues” and an “[a]dvocate for the Immigrant-serving Sector”.

This apparently does not apply to heterosexual white immigrants or Christians who are routinely propagandized against by OCASI policy and other anti-white charities.


The reality however is the opposite of what the subversive propaganda espouses. It is not white Canadians who are harassing non-white immigrants, it is non-white immigrants harassing white Canadians by telling us how to talk, think, and act. The globalists are afraid that whites will act like the so-called bad examples in their campaigns and wish to pretend that their worst fears are the current reality in order to prevent them from being fulfilled.

I have been asked by many non-white cab drivers where I am from and every time I tell them that I am a Canadian. When they press me for more information then I explain to them that my ancestors were settlers who built this country from the ground up. The reason that these immigrants ask me where I am from is that they can see by how I speak and act that I am different from other Canadians that they have met, so they conclude in their minds that I must be a foreigner. He can’t be a Canadian, he has standards, and everybody is supposed to know that standards do not exist anymore in Canada.

Returning to the topic of England, actress Meghan Markle, who was originally famous for playing the role of Rachel Zane in the legal drama Suits, has yet again put on another performance in front of her husband Prince Harry. The last time we saw Markle playing the role of the Duchess she was embarrassing the royal family by implying to Oprah Winfrey that they had somehow racially victimized her non-white identity. Now, after the tragic passing of Elizabeth II, she has decided to mock her husband’s family again by doing a dismissive and exaggerated re-enactment of how she curtsied when she met the Queen.

Prince Charles, who is scheduled to be crowned as King Charles III on May 6, 2023, has been awfully silent on these matters. Perhaps His Majesty is musing that the constant eggings against him will stop if he stays quiet and ignores the threats to England’s way of life.

Prince Charles has described himself as a traditionalist. In one presentation he stated that “the teachings of the traditionalists should not, in any sense, be taken to mean that they seek, as it were, to repeat the past – or, indeed, simply to draw a distinction between the present and the past. Theirs is not a nostalgia for the past, but a yearning for the sacred and, if they defend the past, it is because in the pre-modern world all civilizations were marked by the presence of the sacred. As I understand it, in referring to Tradition they refer to a metaphysical reality and to underlying principles that are timeless – as true now as they have ever been and will be.”

As one of His Majesty’s humble servants and a member of the great Commonwealth of British peoples, I do earnestly hope that his Highness reconsiders his definition of traditionalism and considers the rarity of the things which are sacred to all traditionalists, for western culture cannot survive without Western people.

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