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Going Away Opens Your Eyes

March in Ottawa

This is the first article of our new series of accounts by readers of how they became aware that diversity is anti-white and that immigration is destroying Canada.

Like everyone else from Eastern Canada, my parents always voted liberal and our suburban life with access to the city meant that jobs were consistent and not seasonal, and being at the centre of Canadian Liberals’ HQ meant that their party and ideas have always prevailed. When I grew up in the early 90s, there was little diversity in my suburb; we left our doors unlocked, the house prices were proportional to salaries and we knew most of our neighbours, even if we didn’t always speak the same language. My childhood was good, perhaps boringly typical, but safe, pleasant and being young and naive in what is now considered a rich suburb sheltered me from the outside world.

As I grew up, there were 3 pivotal events that forever changed my outlook on life, race, culture, society and Canada. First was when I went to teach English in Asia. Second was the election of Donald Trump, and third was when I moved to the nation’s capital. There are other events or experiences that have aided, but these 3 were by far the most pivotal in my awakening.

Working in Asia

Nothing teaches you about your home culture more than having to explain it to foreigners, or having it challenged by things that are radically different. To take a simple example, if you eat white rice every day, you suddenly become aware about how you’re a pasta person. Or in my case, if someone is telling you how they behave in their country, then you become aware of how you behave in your own country, for example bowing vs handshaking. I had many situations where I was told to act more Asian or challenged to understand the different mentality, both of which made me ask myself, well if that’s Asian, then what is White?

Up until that point, I was raised to think that Whites don’t have a culture, or our culture is sort of a diverse blend of who knows who, or even like a good liberal “you can’t generalize” despite never being a card-carrying liberal. Being in a culture rather different from yours, you quickly learn what your culture is and isn’t, as someone like Jared Taylor (who grew up in Japan and spent time in Africa) can attest to. Most Canadians or westerners simply go on a trip to a pristine European city, or hang out on gated beach resorts in the global south, and thus never get this tempering. Those who haven’t done it simply cannot imagine that experience, how it makes you ask questions of your own culture that you never even imagined. Not only did I learn a lot about my own culture, but I also began to realize how diluted our country has become, to the point where its just difficult to describe my own culture to foreigners in any meaningful or descriptive sense. I also realized that Asians had all sorts of stereotypes about how wonderful the west is, and how everyone is white, well-behaved and rich were just flat out wrong, and what that all means.

Donald Trump

Like most readers, this was a biggie. Asia opened my eyes to questions i had never thought about before, but the election of Donald Trump in the USA exposed our nations for what they really were and wanted to accomplish. All in all, Trump was pretty mild, never taking any really controversial action or saying anything actually offensive like the media was making it all out to be. Like anyone whose eyes were slightly open, I saw right through the media’s lies, the slander from politicians and celebrities, and the half-baked comments from people around me. Before this, I simply thought that people were doing their jobs, reading their books, trying to find the truth about the world around them, but in reality were either marxist-esque activists, blind sheep following the herd, indoctrinated teenagers, or morons seeking their 15 minutes of fame and virtue.

It was even worse in Canada, where this was coupled with the general anti-American “we’re like you, but better” sentiment that most smug Canadians hold. When Donald would say something even remotely conservative, or something not anti-white or anti-America, the media and talking heads would take the exact opposite side. It didn’t make any sense, and looking back, it still doesn’t make any sense; unless of course, it was all by design. But overall, seeing the deranged treatment of Trump and Republican Americans in general was enough to redpill an entire generation in a short 4 years, and certainly put me on my way. Was he perfect, or a saviour of America or Whites in general? Of course not; but I will always commend him for walking to his own drum (for the most part) and standing up to the crazies.

Moving to the Nation’s Capital

I won’t lie, I hated Ottawa from day 1. There’s something in the air there that cannot be described, it can only be felt when you visit or better still, live there. Something happens to people who move there, and it’s a metamorphosis I actively resisted. It’s everything wrong with Canada, with the volume cranked up. Firstly, it has the weirdest, most emasculated people in Canada. You could probably ask someone politely for their wallet and they’d give it to you. You get what I call the “Ottawa stare” from people, which is sort of a deer in the headlights, I’m bored and boring and don’t know how to have a conversation look. If you meet anyone semi-normal and ask them where they are from, it’s never Ottawa. There the NDP reigns supreme, and everyone works in government so you can imagine the people. With the typical Ottawa person, it attracted the corresponding 2 types of immigrants, either equally socially awkward low-class immigrants from the 3rd world looking to make it in boring yet well-paying government jobs, or 3rd world trash who drive fast cars, smoke weed and steal from Walmart.  Any immigrant with any ambition or standards moves on to Toronto or Montreal. But it quickly became apparent to me that immigrants cannot be like us, at least not for a few generations for some immigrants, never for others. I got this experience because I moved to a city where I knew no one, and was once again thrown into the fire of modernism, and surrounded by far more immigrants than what I grew up with. Ottawa today is a liberal hellhole. Homeless live on the streets, amerindians are sitting with cups on major street corners, transgender flags are ever-present, the smell of weed is everywhere, English is seemingly a minority language, and people walk around with dejected, yet equally smug looks on their faces.

Every government office, convenience store or local shop is staffed with immigrants who speak poor English and have even worse social skills or manners. Oh, and housing is ridiculous, with million dollar homes simply to live near your workplace, with absolutely nothing else of value around. This city is toast, and based on my recent trips to Moncton and Halifax, so is the rest of the country. These people in power have taken away anything of value from regular Canadians, from our Christianity, to our culture, our ideas, our money and our families. That was the last straw on my journey which fully opened up my eyes to the absolute destruction the government and elites have done to us.

This is my story anyway. I have no doubt that many can relate to Donald Trump, visiting the city or going abroad in general. Contrary to the stereotype, right-wingers are actually generally very globally aware people, and are very interested in foreign culture, as much they are in their own cultures. The society that our leaders have been taking us to is a very dark one, ethnically, spiritually, financially and intellectually. We have been disarmed intellectually, literally and culturally, and it’s been a hard process to be red-pilled, and even harder to try and build something out of the ashes of a crumbling society, but I can only try for the sake of my family and my people at large. We could have had something great, we could have had a sustainable country with safe cities, but our greedy and corrupt elites have decided to line their pockets and buy short-term virtue at the cost of everything else. I suppose Rome or other great empires could have had all that too, but history repeats, and our people will live on in another place and another time if we take the right steps.

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