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Two Great Interviews with Ricardo Duchesne

Below are two recent interviews. The first one is with a Canadian group done sometime in the summer, and the second one from two weeks ago is with a guy located in Texas who goes by the name El Nino. He has written a number of important articles for VDare. The first one covers a wide spectrum of topics and the second one focuses on the nature of Canadian multiculturalism among other topics.

I. The Copepranos Society

“Features Canada’s own Dr. Ricardo Duchesne where they discuss the unique Faustian spirit of the Western man, global multipolarity, fighting for the identity of European Canadians, and how the discussion of the Great Replacement is being handled by academia.”

II. El Nino Speaks 63: Canada in Decay

“Ricardo Duchesne, a former sociology professor at the University of New Brunswick, explains how multiculturalism took root in Canada and has made its politics go irreversibly leftward. If things continue going this way in Canada, Duchesne believes the country will disappear into the ether.”

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