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The New Scarlet Letter

In the old days, society placed a stigma upon sexual immorality. Out of wedlock births, single motherhood, fatherlessness, abortion, adultery, divorce, pornography, prostitution, nonmarital sex, and the spread of STDs were all stigmatized.

Then, with the sexual revolution, not only did we stop stigmatizing those behaviors, we began celebrating them. Out of wedlock births are now considered woke. Single mothers are glorified heroes. Women triumphantly shout their abortions. Adultery and divorce are considered progressive acts of righteous liberation. Premarital sex is not only accepted, it’s strongly encouraged. Digital pornography is all but omnipresent. Escort services and E-prostitution are more or less normalized as well. Even the act of spreading STDs through sexually irresponsible behavior has been largely destigmatized.

This shift in cultural values has come at a huge societal cost. Single motherhood harms children. Out of wedlock births are associated with numerous forms of intergenerational social disfunction. Nearly all abortions occur outside of marriage as a result of casual sexual activity. The cultural impact of widespread hardcore digital pornography appears to be at least somewhat detrimental to people’s mental health. Promiscuity increases the rate of adultery and divorce later in life. The normalization of marital breakdown leads to an increasingly anti-familist culture of casual cruelty and familial betrayal. Asymmetrical pair bonding produces legions of fatherless children who grow up to have higher rates of social dysfunction. More broadly, women’s happiness declines with each passing decade while male rates of sexual and familial alienation are currently on the rise.

As if those problems are not bad enough in of themselves, we now have yet another problem. Humans always create ethical hierarchies of good and evil. It’s in our nature to do so. We are a status driven species and we desperately want to know who is at the top and who is at the bottom of any given hierarchy. So now that we have largely normalized all of the aforementioned acts of sexual immorality, who do we place at the bottom of the moral hierarchy? Apparently, society has found its new definition of sexual perversion in romantically alienated, often suicidal, culturally disenfranchised young white men.

Of course, there’s a significant problem with this new paradigm of false sexual ethics. Does it really make any sense to glorify abortion, out of wedlock births, single motherhood, adultery, divorce, pornography, prostitution, promiscuity, and asymmetrical pair bonding, all as we demonize lonely, troubled, suicidal, embittered young white men as the new so-called bad guys? Does that sound like a moral hierarchy that would logically make a better society by encouraging good behaviors while discouraging bad behaviors?

I recently heard that some politicians were under fire for allegedly courting the “incel vote.” Apparently, courting the votes of lonely and embittered culturally disenfranchised white males is forbidden. On the other hand, courting the votes of pornographers, prostitutes, abortionists, single mothers, philanderers, floozies, adulterers, divorcees, homewreckers, and spreaders of STDs is all more or less fine and dandy. After all, those are the new “good people.”

According to the Cultural Marxist paradigm, women and minorities are the good guys and white Christian cisgendered heterosexual males are the bad guys. That means that any white male who happens to feel sexually, familially, economically, racially, or spiritually disenfranchised in any way must be demonized as a toxically masculine, misogynistic, xenophobic, incel Neo-Nazi and a potential murderer of women and minorities.

If anything, so-called involuntary celibates (whatever that term even means given that it’s so poorly defined as to be all but entirely unusable at this point) are the collateral damage of Western civilization’s broken sexual revolution. Isn’t single motherhood one of the primary causes of social dysfunction (including loneliness) in young men? And isn’t single motherhood a byproduct of the sexual revolution? The last thing these troubled and suffering young men need are a bunch of damned floozies, philanderers, prostitutes, abortionists, adulterers, divorcees, single mothers, homewreckers, spreaders of STDs, and pornographers bashing them as “the new bad guys.”

Meanwhile, our society is filled with legions of moral cowards who are too spinelessly gynocentric to effectively condemn the civilization destroying cult of single motherhood. Such people would rather throw our fatherless so-called incel sons under the bus, all as our culture wrongfully praises the broken family values that damaged the poor suffering bastards in the first place. I can only think of a small handful of prominent figures who really go out of their way to reestablish a social stigma concerning out of wedlock births. It seems as though most people are more than happy to throw lonely young men to the vultures all while they more or less encourage our society to praise the toxic cult of single motherhood.

If we had kept the mark of social stigma where it belongs (with the out of wedlock births, single mothers, abortionists, adulterers, divorcees, pornographers, philanderers, floozies, prostitutes, and spreaders of STDs), then the scarlet letter of shame wouldn’t have migrated over to the lonely guys in the first place. The damned Cultural Marxist sexual revolutionaries are to blame for that. So not only have they damaged our civilization with all of those forms of culture destroying degeneracy, in the process, they also hurt the most vulnerable and suffering young men of their society. There’s nothing remotely appropriate about any of that.

Just look at yourselves, citizens of the Western world. Half of your offspring are born out of wedlock. You slaughter tens of millions of unborn children. You harm your heirs with fatherlessness. You poison the minds of little boys with endless anti-masculinity and anti-whiteness campaigns. You’ve all but destroyed the institution of marriage with your Godforsaken family courts and your 50% divorce rate. You’re spreading STDs with your irresponsible sexual behaviors. You’re flooding children’s minds with highly addictive forms of hardcore digital pornography. All while you lunatics attack lonely young white men as the supposed evil doers of the modern world. And then you folks actually have the nerve to wonder why some of them hate your guts for that?

I’m tired of listening to child murdering, self righteous Cultural Marxist shrews and succubi scold suffering, suicidal, sexually alienated white men and boys. To the Cultural Marxists, I say this: Stop scapegoating our sons for your evils, you damnable civilization destroying witches. Leave our sons alone. You family destroying so-called sexual revolutionaries and child murdering Cultural Marxist lunatics can take your scarlet letter of sexual stigma and hang it someplace else (preferably around your own necks, where it rightfully belongs).

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