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The Destruction of Western Civilization

The leftists in power, aka liberals, so-called conservatives, democrats, progressives, socialists, ecologists, wokists, greens, and communists who are presently occupying our universities and all our governments, public schools, and institutions — there is no party representing White nationalists — are wrong about almost everything they preach. The only way they can sustain themselves in power is through lying, mass media propaganda, authoritarianism, political correctness, censorship, fear, and the persecution of dissidents.

What we are dealing with is essentially a weapon of mass destruction aimed at White civilization called “cultural Marxism.” Here is what former American Republican Senator Ron Paul recently tweeted about this mental scheme born in the head of several egotistical crackpots such as Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Franz Boaz, Antonio Gramsci, Georg Lukacs, William Reich, Herbert Marcuse, Ashley Montagu, born Israel Ehrenburg, Eric Fromm, and Theodore Adorno to name only the best known:

Are you stunned by what has become of American culture?

Are you confused as to how every moral principle has been turned on its head so quickly?

Well, it’s not an accident.

You’ve probably heard of “Cultural Marxism” but do you know what it means?

Marxists after the tremendous failure of their economic ideas decided to change their angle of attack. There was no way people could be convinced that Socialism is economically superior to capitalism.

Socialism produced tyranny and death in the hundreds of millions, while capitalist nations were bursting with wealth.

So Marxist shifted to targeting culture instead of the economy.

If cultural Marxist could destroy the culture of capitalist nations, then they would try to use the opportunity to change the governments and economies to their Socialist Utopia.

Anything that is true is to be twisted like a pretzel – to the point where people can’t tell what is true anymore.

The creators of cultural Marxism insisted on the need to hide the real purpose of their project under the cover of innocent and positive sounding words, respectability, and especially “science,” an indispensable universal method of inquiry which they have hijacked and corrupted for their own needs.

This Marxist project is thus forced on the public in a stealth fashion by sophisticated social engineering techniques through education, books, mainstream media, movies, TV series, sitcoms, and government propaganda. If “furry babies” or race-mixing need to be promoted, for example, most sitcoms will have a dog or a mixed couple, generally a Black man and a White woman, or movies will be made that highlight the vastly exaggerated wonders of the human-animal bond and mixed couples.

The end goal of cultural Marxism is to erase the borders between nations, cultures, sexes, races, and species. Its enforcers want a one-size-fits-all world government and culture composed of a mongrelized dumbed-down easy to manipulate population whose only goal in life is to buy useless goods or to get intoxicated by various mood enhancing “drugs” such as porno, sodomy, pedophilia, zoophilia, marijuana, alcohol, opioids, high calorie food, pets, etc. , as summarized by the slogan, “You’ll have nothing and you’ll be happy.”

Total degeneracy is the end goal and we’re pretty much there. Internet influencer Paul Joseph Watson speaking about Portland, the home city of Antifa, the capital of sexual deviancy and depression, has a good overview of the cultural Marxist “La-La-Land,” which those who reign supreme would like to impose on the whole world: “A shit-stained, drug soaked, degenerate, morose, despondent, perms-drizzle freak show.”

The George Floyd mural in Portland, Oregon.

Schools and universities which are disproportionally staffed with cultural-Marxist-ideologues, many from the Third-World, play a huge role in the spreading of this poisonous Marxist ideology. Even pre-school children are being brainwashed. By the time these kids finish university, they hate themselves and their race to the point of wanting to destroy their own kind in the following spirit taken from an anonymous meme called “Meanwhile at a Random University.” A “Nazi” in this diatribe is a conservative who doesn’t want the future these cultural Marxists are preparing; he prefers meat to crickets, he’s for reason, freedom, law and order, God, family, and nation:

I hate Nazis, they can’t think for themselves!!! They’re just brainwashed sheep who follow racist dogmas and do everything their shepherd’s command!!! They’re also insensitive anti-Semites, misogynous, bigots, homophobic, fascists and should be all jailed!!!

Let’s take as an example what is being taught in schools about the European civilization and its accomplishments. Right from the start, it’s easy to deduce from what has just been said that nothing good about it is taught to the students. The goal of the hostile elite in power is to cause the decline of our Western civilization by the destruction with guilt of our racial consciousness and pride.

Everything about our exceptional civilization is therefore downplayed and demonized while non-Western achievements are elevated to nonsensical levels “in violation of the most basic protocols of scholarly research, evidence, and standards,” notes Dr. Ricardo Duchesne, former Professor of Sociology at the University of New Brunswick, Saint John, Canada, the author of Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age. A Derrida-type of postmodernist rhetoric is routinely used to “confuse, detract from, or avoid facing the overwhelming evidence standing in opposition to their absurd claims,” writes Dr. Duchesne. “Sources are misused, books are misread, the evidence is grossly misinterpreted, facts are concealed, the principles of historical objectivity and respect for scholarship are trashed in order to enhance the imagined merits of multiculturalism inside European created cultures.”

Darwinian theory and evolutionary psychology is erased from the discourse in an effort to prove that there is only one race, the human race. Egalitarianism being the sacred cow of cultural Marxists, obviously, they go to great lengths with this abuse of the historical profession in order to prove with their bogus ideas that all civilizations are equal and that European civilization was not exceptional. As Dr. Duchesne says,

What is going on here cannot be attributed to mere empirical incompleteness and understandable errors of judgment. Our students today may be said to be the targets of deep-seated educational efforts to impose a multicultural view of Europe’s history, that is heavily infused with fabrications and the mistreatment of scholarly sources.

To do this dirty job of deconstruction and rewriting of world history in accordance with the principles of cultural egalitarianism and racial inclusiveness, even though existing research does not validate their perspective, the leaders of this trickery are paid handsomely, covered with laurels and gifts, and awarded with generous grants. In exchange for betraying their own race, they become the principal investigators of such schools as the Fabian created London School of Economics; are given a seat on prestigious think tanks and on the board of large corporations; their books and articles are spread far and wide; they are highly praised by their peers who repeat blindly to their students every one of their obvious lies; their opinion is the accepted truth and almost no one dares challenge them without dire consequences for their career and advancement.

It must be stated at this point, in all fairness to science, which has acquired an undeserved bad reputation, that before the advent of this evil intellectual tyranny, which operates in a subtly perverse way under the cover of goodness, universities well into the fifties were beacons of critical thought. Topics were disputed freely and everyone fought tooth and nail for his version of things until it was approved by the majority with one caveat accepted by all: the possibility of reviewing an accepted truth; real science never closes the door; everything is always up for revision, everywhere, anytime.

Pseudoscience is the right term for the kind of science cultural Marxists are doing. They have hijacked this useful device to serve their miscreant needs. True to Lenin’s favorite saying, “the end justifies the means,” they forcibly adjust reality to the ideas they want to impose on the world albeit with words instead of bullets like they have done in the past, but the result is the same. So, what is it then about European Civilization they want people to believe?

For understandable reasons, as we shall see below, from their point of view, they first divided history into two periods, before and after the Western Industrial Revolution of the 18th century.

Before the Industrial Revolution, so they tell us, there was nothing exceptional about Europe. It did not possess any cultural attributes that could be contrasted to other world cultures. Many parts of Asia, especially China, had equal if not superior technologies in guns, ships, textiles, metallurgy, and agriculture. The world economy was in fact dominated by China. Moreover, the science of Copernicus, Kepler, Laplace, Descartes, and Bacon had its equivalent in other civilizations, it was a global phenomenon. As for the intellectual movements of Ancient Greece, they originated from Africa and the Near East. In short, according to one of the gurus in chief of this fantasy, globalist Patrick O’Brien, “the Eurocentric claim that Europe with its exceptional culture and institutions created a higher level of technical and scientific proficiency is no more than a myopic perspective lacking a global vision (…) The major transformations of history are due to world connections and two-way cultural influences.”

Everything until then, according to the Cultural Marxists, was therefore fair and square, every one had his word to say, and every civilization shared equally in the artistic, scientific, technical, economical, philosophical, and moral advances that were made. If any divergence existed, it was primarily due to different competitive and ecological pressures. What spoiled it all, what made the European civilization better than others happened after the Industrial Revolution.

Then they tell us that this crucial turning point of history was made possible because, Europeans, for some unexplainable reason, lost their mind and started exploring the world and forming colonies here and there in order to plunder the natural resources of these newly discovered territories. Pale faces killed, raped, and enslaved the peaceful and noble savages of these regions, aka the Third World. That’s how they got rich and how they managed to get ahead in all aspects of life. They basically pounced on other cultures and stole everything they had. Don’t be surprised then, if our present Third World invaders hate us and want to avenge themselves. In their mind, after being told this lie almost from birth, Pale faces are responsible for all their problems.

I have debunked these preposterous claims elsewhere so I won’t dwell on the matter, there are tons of scholarly books, such as the ones I have mentioned above, that do it much better than I ever will.

Of course, in the globalists’ point of view, races, which are a cultural construct had absolutely nothing to do with it. There are no innate behaviors, in other words, that could give a race an edge on the others. There is only one race the human race, and we are all equal under the skin and in our head, according to the official version of things.

These lies were also demystified elsewhere in my other articles, but let me just try to explain in a few words why European civilization is the greatest civilization the world has ever known. It’s precisely because of one word: biology. Globalists such as boyish, miserable, unsatisfied, demanding, despotic, and useless sniveling brat, Trudeau, can just run to a safe place and suck their thumb if they refuse to acknowledge this fact accepted by all genuine scientists of the world. Races are real, and we are not equal in aptitudes. Some races such as the White race are in fact more intelligent, more adventurous, and more creative than others. And only a machine gun can change that. Why do you think Bolsheviks mass murdered more than 100 million people? This superiority or inequality is in the genes for eternity, that’s why. And the Reds could not change that by education, censorship, and intellectual tyranny, like they are presently trying to do once again, so they chose to adjust their ideology to reality by force, instead of adapting it to reality, or even dropping it, once it was proven wrong, like any sensible person would do.

Whites who are of Indo-European stock are also endowed with unique characteristics, which demoralized and subdued Whites who think of themselves as the scum of the earth, should consider before depreciating themselves and bowing down to diversity traitors and Third-World invaders. Intellectual Giants such as Max Weber, Friedrich Nietzsche, G.W. F Hegel, and several others such as Spengler, notes Dr. Duchesne, had only good things to say about

 the strikingly vibrant European culture driven by a personality overflowing with expansive impulses, the ‘intellectual will for power,’ ‘fighting,’ ‘progressing,’ ‘overcoming of resistance,’ ‘battling against what is near, tangible and easy.’

Dr. Duchesne cites Spengler who writes of how “the Nordic climate forged this man full of vitality, through the hardness of the conditions of life, the cold, the constant adversity, into a tough race, with an intellect sharpened to the most extreme degree with the cold fervor of an irrepressible passion for struggling, daring, driving forward.”

Do you have any idea what these people from the Caucasian steppes, riding on horse-pulled wagons and brandishing double-edged axes ended-up accomplishing once they started dispersing all over Europe and mixing with the Nordic Hunter-Gatherers?

Duchesne sums up Charles Murray’s statistical comparisons in  Human Accomplishments: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 BC to 1950,

97% of accomplishments in science, whether measures in people or events occurred in Europe and North America from 800 BC to 1950. The sheer number of significant figures in the arts is higher in the West in comparison to the combined number of the other civilizations. In literature, the number in the West is 835; whereas in India the Arab world, China and Japan combined, the number is 293. In the visual arts it is 477 for the West as compared to 192 for China and Japan combined (with no significant figures listed for India and the Arab World). In music, the lack of a tradition of named composers in non-Western civilizations means that the Western total of 522 significant figures has no real competition at all.

There is much more to the Faustian spirit than artistic and scientific accomplishments. You have to read Dr. Duchesne’s books. I don’t usually promote authors this way, but his book on Indo-Europeans, my favorite, Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age, can help out-of-touch Whites, revitalize their race consciousness and pride. All the great explorers and warriors, daredevils and almost all men involved in extreme sports such as rock climbing without ropes and nets, skateboarding, base jumping diving are Whites. In fact, the scholarly achievements and liberal values of our race are inseparable from its aristocratic ethos of competitive individualism.

The “image of late Rep. John Lewis, a pioneer of the civil rights movement,” is projected on the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia.

Why would anybody want to demean, dispossess, and destroy us  except to take our place because they are not gifted enough to compete with us fairly? They need to lie, intimidate, and even kill to beat us at our game. It must be enormously frustrating for them to realize how mediocre and useless they really are.

In the end, asks Harvard historian, Richard Pipes, in the closing arguments of his book, Russia Under the Bolshevik Regime, does anyone have the right to remake human beings and refashion society without the mandate of the people and even against its will in the spirit of the early communist slogan, “we will drive mankind to happiness by force?”  (…) Modern society,” concludes Professor Pipes, “is a complicated structure difficult to grasp, so one should never impose on it patterns of conduct. […] It is best to let people be. The tragic and sordid story of communism teaches that political authority must never be employed for ideological reasons.”

To sacrifice a civilization, a nation, a race, and a people for some far out utopia invented by a few narcissistic out of touch psychopaths who couldn’t care less about those they are using to create their Garden of Eden is not only unethical but criminal. And the scum bags who are trying to force this deadly ideology down the throat of their own citizens should be put on trial for treason. I’m referring to traitor and Soros-manipulated-cultural-Marxist-young-leader-simpleton, Justin Trudeau, who with his Sudanese-refugee-minister-of-immigration who wasn’t even born in Canada and who doesn’t give a damn about Canada and its founding nations, wants to bring in one million Third-World migrants per year, on top of the illegal and legal migrants that are already coming into the country.

It’s Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints come to life, and we have to defend ourselves if we don’t want to extinguish for good the extraordinary and unique spirit of the Faustian man.

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