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Drew Rouse & The Gathering

I am a Native European Canadian musician, songwriter & storyteller who tours internationally (North America & Europe) & who plays original songs about Native European Identity and act in part as a cultural ambassador & advocate for the Native European peoples as best I can. I also write many songs that are designed to deconstruct the various types of deconstructionism aimed largely at the Native European peoples youth. The peoples I encompass as Native European are: Germanic/Nordic, Celtics, Gaelic, Baltic, Finnic, Slavic, Hellenic & Italic & that’s it.

The arts are a great way to help tackle the many issues facing the various Native European peoples in the America’s and in Europe.

I have many songs that deal with the different aspects of Native European identity and have many writings in regards to Native European advocacy. I am open to anything that allows me to bring further awareness to the Native European peoples identity issues and anything that offers this subject greater exposer. Here are two songs:

“More Than Just White”


“From Richmond To Dresden”


Thanks for your attention!

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