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A Pro-Life Culture is a Compromise Between Two Competing Rights

There is a weird battle between pro-choicers and pro-lifers. Pro-choicers believe in the right to an abortion, with some restrictions on the woman’s choice. Pro-lifers believe in the rights of the unborn, with some restrictions allowing abortion.  Most people believe in accessible abortion with varying degrees in restrictions.

I see competing rights, but pop culture focuses woman and her rights. Both sides need to acknowledge the rights of the woman and unborn and find appropriate compromise. Pro-lifers need more compassion, more government support, and flexibility on termination. Pro-choicers must acknowledge the rights of the unborn realizing this is about honouring life, not controlling woman.

Ultimately, I believe our laws and culture should lean on the rights of the unborn, with government programs to support a pro-life culture.

Progressives find abortion empowering because they believe the choice puts a woman in a better position. Three main reasons a woman has an abortion is money, bad timing, or a bad partner. These reasons deserve compassion.  Kids are expensive and can keep a woman or family in poverty. Pregnancy can come at a time when a woman or couple are focusing on their education or career.  A strong career empowers women to leave abusive or unhealthy situations.  An abortion allows the woman to leave an abusive partner without the child linking them together.

However, pro-choicers never acknowledge the rights of the unborn!

Pro-lifers allow abortion in many circumstances, but believe honouring life means keeping the baby. They want to expand rights to the unborn, believing life is sacred and that they deserve to live. Generally, they believe the woman’s rights supersede the unborn when the health of the mother is at stake, cases of rape, and incest. They believe abortion is acceptable when the fetus has deformities because a healthy child is both practical and ethical. They do not believe in abortion as birth control, or to abort because life circumstances are not favourable.

Pro-lifers do not acknowledge reasons to abort from the pro-choice side. I wonder in a pro-life world would the rape exception be used to grant abortions beyond its original meaning. Would ‘health of the mother’ include not wanting the child?

Creating a pro-life culture means creating societal supports for woman and families. If pro-lifers want to abolish abortion, they should support government spending for families and education. This includes funding families (with cheques and health care) and investments in affordable education, so school and families can go together.  Workplace culture should change so men and woman can take parental leave without repercussions.

Pro-lifers tend to support smaller government, which is at odds with progressive woman. If pro-lifers want unborn rights, they might have to compromise. Government spending on families is a worthwhile investment.

Pro-life culture supports adoption services, which pro-lifers often support by adopting children!

I support pro-life culture by enshrining the rights of the unborn and putting investments into families. Until we do, it’s reasonable to accept abortions. Pro-lifers and pro-choicers need to compromise by accepting more government spending for families, accept good reasons for an abortion, but have lower abortions overall. This is a situation of competing rights. We just need to find the balance.

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