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Multiracialism and the Death Wish Mean the End of You

A "multicultural classroom" in a Vancouver campus

Does the prog’s “multiculturalism” mean this equal distribution of all the world’s cultures, in relative equal numbers, all learning about each other? No. It is really the destruction of Europeans and the rise of another race as the new dominant people. Other cultures can grow their own populations, isolated from the global village, and perpetually add them to the West over time. The prog destroys you by knocking down your walls, not the walls of the Other that make them distinct. His objective is only your destruction. The only sure thing about “your” culture is just that it is not really yours. As you make no effort to preserve yourself, the Other, who does, will triumph and replace you.   

The more homogeneous a society the greater its knowledge of the outside world. Knowing who they are themselves, they spend the time studying and looking out at the world. Self-confident and focused, they’re actually paying attention. It needs little explanation from me about how the northeast Asian societies have studied the West as the main source of their manufacturing-export economies. The Japanese, famous for detailed categorization, are masters at imitation, while at the same time knowing and practicing what is uniquely their own. Nihonjinron, or “telling what it means to be Japanese,” is a thriving, constant, and powerful body of literature and thought where the Japanese can study and appreciate themselves. This explains some of the intensity with which the Japanese will study another culture and how Japan can be both racially homogenous and heterogeneous in many other ways: the diversity of very good international food in Tokyo is made by the Japanese, who have had to study it. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.  

The Western man, being the agreeable dupe that he is, creates a new mash-up in his own house, and spends all his time trying to juggle an understanding of the whole planet. Everyone’s fool, he is kept busy trying to “get along” with everyone within his own house, making sure there is the appropriate “social mixity” and occupying a huge proportion of his time and energy in doing so. All day he “dumbs down” his speech so that Others will understand him.  

The progressive has only thrown open his own doors to the advantage of everyone else. The greatest beneficiaries of “diversity” are the non-Whites who are able to have their cake and eat it, too. They can promote their own unique identity in the West’s global village environment and also maintain it in their own homelands. Conveniently for them, these people do not support multiculturalism at home but are great advocates of it in your homeland. Thanks to “multiculturalism” these people now make up a significant part of “your own” population.   

The prog’s myopic vision is stuck with an emotional approach that commits him to individual cases and is incapable of seeing past ten yards or two years into the future. At the time of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, White boomers agreed to let the 45,000 Chinese students present at the time to remain in America, in no small part due to the lobbying of the foreign students themselves. It would have been cruel to send them back, so the thinking went. In reality it would have been perfectly reasonable. When the dust had settled, suspiciously fast, and business resumed between China and the U.S., no one said, “OK, you can go home now.” What starts out as a “humane” gesture to not send students back to a brutal regime, based solely on “principle” and emotion and not wisdom, becomes another forgotten immigrant story.   

The cumulative effect of millions of Whites feeling duty bound to act in what they think is the right way, with “humanitarian spirit,” is a losing war. The moral pressure to not turn people away pushes them to act “consistently.” Staying honest to the precedent set, it becomes a “rainbow railroad.” If America brings in a boatload, Canada must bring in two! If a Western country can help, it must! This emotional idealism, or “emo-dealism,” is hardly something that the Western man can alter, because he is bound by it. He cannot change his view even if he wanted to; that would be to break with his ideology and the promises the Taker has made (The Taker is an older generation White: the Boomers, the Lucky Few, and the Greatest Generation–who have for the most part profited since the West’s Great Fall in the 1960’s and will never suffer from the eventual negative consequences of progressive globalism). How can you not accept the children? And with that wedge in your society, how can you then say no to their parents and families? We see this with the West’s inability to lay blame and close borders when the COVID-19 virus hit.   

The increase in “multiculturalism” would occur even if there were no official, legal immigration. “Sponsors” flood the West all on their own and the door is just open. In a pattern repeated by the shitlib, he knows that as long as he can get the bodies here, it is impossible to return them. Trying to return them puts you in the spotlight as the meanie.   

The increase of Other cultures within the West does not realize the prog dream of “one race,” nor does it mean a continued, “balanced” multiculturalism; nor does it continue, as the disciple prog (The disciple progressive is less consciously a prog; he is what he is for survival. He becomes what he is for easy mental/emotional and financial reasons, because he doesn’t resist the active prog, who creates progressivism.) imagines it, as a static multicultural growth with Whites always at the top and relatively dominant in numbers, or any other scenario that a prog might fool himself into believing. With the increasingly close proximity of cultures in your country, the distinctness of your own, or what’s left of it, is soon diminished, because it is the only one with no identity, while at the same time the ranks of the Others grow. White society changes to Yellow-Brown as the newer arrivals gradually breed into it over generations. At the same time, the Other receives continuously topped-up, separate, and strong sense-of-identity replenishments with high fecundity that maintain the purity of their own groups. Back home, each non-White group maintains blood and soil, keeping a strong connection with its own established colonizers in the West. With newer arrivals able to restock their uniqueness and vigour from a lifeline outside the island of the West, some large segment of real separateness and division within the society always remains and grows no matter how many of their number breed into the mixed and White population.   

The race census two hundred years from now will look something like this:  

  • Mixed 30 percent (White + Chinese+ Indian + Black + Hispanic +  Filipino + Arabic, and so on)  
  • Chinese 30 percent  
  • Indian 20 percent  
  • Black 10 percent, Hispanic 10 percent, and so on.  

“Multiculturalism” indeed continues, but the makeup and the order of the races change. The order may be Chinese 30 percent and Mixed 20 percent, eventually. Even ignoring the economic, cultural, moral, and geopolitical consequences of this change, as it alters the West in to something different, there is no denying that it means the end of you as a distinct group.  

Over time, the “multi-culture” changes to a new culture. Looking at the race census above, we can see that the Chinese race continues to add to the mixed population while also growing a distinct Chinese population. Eventually, you will have a population that is not only by blood more Chinese than anything else, but probably the culture also at this point will reach critical mass and change into something Sinocentric. It will still be multicultural, I guess, just more Chinese-cultural.   

This new ruling class that seeks to appropriate White society would now be able to rule without the headache of being criticised for privilege and racism. Moral blackmail will not work against them. They will be able to rule without guilt—just as the Chinese are doing in Africa.  

In order to truly create a unique society, you would have to stop immigration in order to avoid replenishing the ranks of the newly arrived and give time for what’s there to consolidate itself. The United States tried to do this by restricting immigration from 1924 to 1965. We all know, of course, that there is about as much chance of the prog slowing down non-White immigration—for “moral” reason alone—as there is of winged monkeys flying out of his ass. Even the feminist, knowing full well she is being out-bred by people hostile to feminism, would never question immigration. Her solution, if she had one, would be to adopt foreigners herself so she can raise them “properly.” Either way, the racial makeup changes.   

Diverse cultural backgrounds shared their traditions at the 6th annual “We are One, no Borders” multicultural showcase.

Meanwhile the Other can simply use Politico-rectopia as a kind of life-style tax haven, a place to dump off excess population, a new breeding area and a place to run wild. One needs look no further than South Korea, a nation of fifty million, in a country a quarter the size of the state of California, where it is important to have male offspring. However overpopulated it is, it can always scrape off its excess population to the West while maintaining high numbers at home. Korea doesn’t need to infect its people with a syphilis ideology to cut down on population.   

It isn’t exactly right to think of this conquest as malicious. It is more a case of natura abhorret a vacuo (“nature abhors a vacuum”). And that place of no resistance is the West: a place of greed, stupidity, and cowardice. It is all to their advantage. Indeed non-Whites have their own double consciousness: wanting the world to de-Americanize, while at the same time wanting to go to America! Sweden is a country of eight million people. If you told the world that all it takes to be a Swede is to speak the language, go to a May-pole festival once a year, and act and think like a Swede, I guarantee you there would be about eight million Chinese who, in a very short period of time, could and would happily do this. The blue skies payoff is worth it. Building, conquering, and growing is what hard-working groups with an identity do; disappearing is what groups with no identity do. These groups are not conquering the West with rape and pillage.  

The inevitable consequences of the Taker’s “universalism” will fall on you. Getting it wrong hasn’t mattered. The limitations of prog dogma are not his concern. The fat cat and the hippie dippie is proud that he doesn’t see race; an easy attitude to have when you have grown up part of a White majority. His “fair-minded” ideas were formed in his adolescence when China was dirt poor, not the world’s number one economy. The Taker does not shoot himself in the foot, he feels good about himself and his “colorblindness,” and commits an act of filicide. Like Branch Rickey, the 1940s baseball manager, he is more than happy to break the color barrier if it means profit and moral praise. The prog does not see “multiculturalism” in its eventual Reality-ending form. He only sees Whites causing inequality and oppression.   

The great paradox of multiculturalism is that it destroys the “diversity” of Whites and at the same time increases the divisiveness of society by growing the strength of Others. The effect is just that your society is being made more Afro-Asiatic-Semitic in its complexion, whatever possible type of new culture is the outcome. Over time, your culture gradually becomes something quite different and more like the dominant Other culture.   

In any case, this does not mean a smaller world and therefore a Western world of better global understanding; it means the growth of less understanding, the extinction of Whites, and/or the dominance of a more conscious Other. In fact, knowledge will not only decrease but persuasive propaganda away from your interests will increase exponentially as the Other gains in power and numbers. The prog doesn’t talk about “multiculturalism” in this way, but it is what is going to happen. In effect, at least on racial terms, if not on cultural, the Other is becoming you.  

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