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Liberalism Is Incompatible With Giorgia Meloni’s “God, Homeland, and Family”

The Right is at a loss for words trying to understand why “God, family, and country” have become “far right” and “fascist”. Liberals are always ahead of the game. They understand these values are inherently inconsistent with the foundational principle of Western society: the right of individuals (regardless of nationality, sexual orientation, and race) to choose their identities. Liberals have a coherent world view whereas Conservatives have a mismatch of impressions, half baked ideas, prejudices, and emotions coexisting within a foundation that remains Liberal.

For Liberalism the right to choose one’s beliefs and lifestyle is paramount. This principle cannot be subordinate to other goods. Any ideal — God, Homeland, Family — that counters individual choice as the foundation of a “free society” is not tolerated. Liberalism initially meant limitations on government power, but its principle that nations must be based on individual rights inevitably led to the eradication of the right of individuals to express a preference for their nationality and for “the natural family based on marriage”. Liberals decided to employ government power and the educational and legal institutions to ensure that everyone would accept the right of individuals to be freed from any prescribed identity founded on nature, tradition, and ancestry. Diversity, openness and tolerance are now the supreme values across the West. The individual who rejects these values is a “bigot”, a “hater”, an “extremist” who does not believe in the equal rights of all individuals “regardless” of race and sexual orientation. “The natural family based on marriage” — a phrase Melani uses — is inherently “intolerant” since it prioritizes above individual choice a relationship that is based on nature and tradition.

The “identity politics” of the Left has confounded the Right into believing that we need to emphasize individual rights to counter the “multicultural collectivism” of the Left. But the goal of “identity politics” is to make all identities equal by overcoming the “racialization” of nonwhites by “racist” whites and thus ensuring equality of results for all races and sexualities. The aim is to destroy strong and stable identities based on history, nature, and religion by generating multiple identities that are equal and interchangeable, based on individual choice.

If you want a society that values God, Nation, and Family, then Liberalism has to go.

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