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How the Swedish Ruling Class Destroyed Sweden With Immigrant Diversity

Faces of the Swedish Billionaire class

I was tempted to frame this Twitter thread by The Composite Guy as yet another depressing case study of how immigrants are destroying a Western nation. This is an all too common mistake among dissidents. “Immigrants are invading us!” “Immigrants don’t assimilate!” “Immigrants and blacks have a lower IQ”.  Another common mistake, though this line of thought is no longer as popular: “Muslims are taking over the West”. “Islam is a religion of conquest”. “We must stop the Islamization of the West!” “Islam is incompatible with Western values”. Actually, if Islam was incompatible with Western values, Muslims would not have taken over the Swedish city of Malmö.

It is the Swedish ruling class that bears the main responsibility for everything you are about to read below. White nationalists, I have noticed, tend to be protective of their white ruling classes, both because they prefer to blame another race, blacks or Jews, or because they lack a background education in the sociology of class structures. They think it is “Marxist” to talk about ruling classes. I don’t deny that Jews are obsessively for diversity and against White identity. The Barbara Lerner Spectre video is part of this Twitter thread.

But let’s not be naïve: the ruling class in Sweden is Swedish. The richest are: Stefan Persson, Gustaf Douglas, Melker Schörling, Antonia Ax, Carl Bennet, Frederik Paulsen, and Jörn Rausing. They support the transformation of the Swedish nation into a globalized market place open to the races and cultures of the world. Of course, the ideology of diversity goes beyond a small clique of billionaires. It encompasses the entire liberal culture of the West. The media, the schools, the universities, the deep state, the corporate world —are all actively involved in the promotion of racial equality and inclusion. This managerial class knows about the rapes, the riots, the Islamization, the immense financial costs immigration has brought — and yet its response has been to suppress these facts and ostracize those who talk about them. They must be held morally responsible.

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