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Cultural Traits That Are Unique To White European Canadians. What Are Your Traits?

Rock’n August Car Show Festival 2022. Alberta, St. Albert, Canada, August 2-6, 2022

Editor’s Note: This is the latest version. The old version we posted two days ago was an early draft.


I think that focusing some energy on identifying distinctly EuroCanadian activities and traits is an important task. I have spent a lot of time with the world’s second most self-absorbed people: Pre-Colonial Inhabitants (Natives), and they spend an incredible amount of time talking about “their ways” and what makes them unique. Doing this has bolstered their sense of shared-identity. I think this is where a lot of their fuel for their activism comes from.

I think that pointing out what makes us unique will help us understand what makes us unique as a people.

Hieronymus Bosch and I did some brainstorming and came up a list of some distinctly EuroCanadian cultural traits. We would like to know what our readers think of our ethnographic musings. We also encourage readers to contribute their own suggestions for our list.

Cultural traits that are unique to White European Canadians

  • Listening to classic rock stations that play the same awesome songs over and over again.
  • Canadian cowboy culture. Cowboy culture is a North American cultural phenomenon borne of a Nordic way of adapting to the frontier in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. 
  • Fixing up old domestic vehicles. Classic car shows in Canada are a purely White pastime. In particular, fixing up old trucks might actually be the whitest thing a person can do.  White Canadians tend not to make it too glossy either, just good enough to run and pass inspection. And that’s how they like because to get all fancy about it would be a sissy thing to do.
  • Hunting & Fishing. We share this trait with Canada’s Pre-Colonial Inhabitants (formerly known as Indigenous peoples). Using lots of tech to hunt is definitely a White Canadian thing. Pre-Colonial Inhabitants tend to just drive around the backroads until they see something.
  • Classic Canadian breakfasts—Sitting down to 2-3 eggs, a form of pork meat, hashbrowns and buttered toast is truly a EuroCanadian institution. 
  • Golfing.
  • Farming. In particular, EuroCanadians are the only people in Canada that start farms just because they want to be left alone.  
  • Oilfield work

  • Forestry
  • Owning Large dogs, poodles, and Shitzus. Immigrant and Pre-Colonial Inhabitants tend go for those detestable pit-bull mastiffs breeds, French bulldogs, and chihuhuas.
  • Attending and organizing Freedom rallies and anit-vaxx events.
  • Being concerned about government overreach.
  • Being concerned about lawncare.
  • Putting decals on their vehicles, like political & lifestyle ones—especially Freedom convoy stuff. All over Alberta the volk are putting up Canada and F*ck Trudeau flags on their trucks.  So White Canadians are unique in decorating their vehicles to signify their political and cultural allegiances.  

  • Wearing shirts with cool looking vehicles, flames, eagles and skulls
  • Smoking cigarettes and Vaping.
  • Knowing that Don Cherry is a national treasure.
  • Feeling a true sense of obligation to partake in the noble tradition of wearing a poppy in November.
  • Standing for the two-minutes of silence at 11am on Remembrance Day, even if no one else is around.
  • Community organizing to remove invasive plants. White Canadians alone shoulder the burden of caring for the landscapes of their towns, and taking care of the forests and streams around them.
  • Giving physical gifts, like a fishing rod, good book, coffee cup, or based CEC t-shirt. It’s hard to believe, but physical gift giving (as opposed to cash) is a largely Western innovation. 
  • Striking up conversations with random strangers at bus stops, grocery store lines, parking lots. It’s amazing the number of times people who don’t know you, even in big cities, will make a comment about the weather and then start talking about the towns they’ve lived in, the radio program they just listened to, how they just got a new puppy. And it’s white Canadians, every time. 
  • Not being glued to their smartphone on public transportation. There are several based and redpilled things to do on public transport: look out the window, read a book/newspaper, drink a Tim Horton’s coffee, and so on. Smartphones have taken over this experience, but if you look carefully, the only population which resists is 10-20% of white Canadians – including a large percentage of Gen Zs, many of whom are returning to tradition. 
  •  Nod to passing strangers on the sidewalk. If you don’t believe me, the next time you’re in a city you’ll notice a discernible pattern.  
  • Knowing the anthem. 
  • Homesteading. Keeping chickens and cows, growing gardens, and cutting firewood is an innate part of the Euro-Canadian spirit which is being revived across rural Canada. It’s a balm for the soul to see young Euro-Canadian families roll into the farm supply store buying hay and animal feed. Sometimes the farm animals get a five-star Euro-Canadian treatment, with the kids feeding the chickens from their hands and bringing their favourite goat to the fall fair. 
  • Listen to country music.
  • Celebrating Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving. We share this trait with our based Southern neighbours, who love to hear Trump promising to make the country say Merry Christmas again.
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