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A Response to Olivia Wilde’s Comments About Jordan Peterson

Olivia Wilde

As many of you know, Olivia Wilde recently said that Jordan Peterson is “king of the incels”. She also said that “incels” are “mostly white men” who feel that women “owe them sex.”

Apparently Olivia Wilde doesn’t understand that sexual/familial alienation (including male sexual/familial alienation) is a profoundly serious epidemic and one of the primary causes of depression and suicide. There’s nothing remotely compassionate or mature about flippantly referring to sexually and familially alienated men (men who have neither girlfriends nor wives) with the ill-defined slur of “incel.”

Furthermore, loneliness is a social disease of despair which afflicts men (and women) of all races. There is no evidence that white men are somehow more self entitled or more likely to be embittered compared to men of other races when it comes to matters of sexual and familial alienation. Moreover, anyone who knows anything about human nature understands that many sexually and familially alienated people (male and female) feel bitter, frustrated, angry, suicidal, depressed, and nihilistic.

Wilde Says Lonely Men Blame Feminism for Their Problems

Wilde says that lonely men (who she refers to as “incels”) blame feminism for their suffering and want to put women back in their place, as though this is some kind of gotcha accusation against men. First of all, women’s sexual, familial, and economic liberation has in fact been an unmitigated disaster. Women’s happiness declines with each passing decade. Men are increasingly lonely. Children’s mental health is in decline as well. People aren’t even having more sex. The ongoing women’s liberation movement has produced legions of unmarriageable, snobby, stuck-up, spoiled, misandristic, cold hearted women who couldn’t care less about the wellbeing of men and children. Perhaps men are absolutely right to feel deeply angered by that. And perhaps it’s only logical that men should long for a better time when women at least tried to take their roles as wives and mothers a bit more seriously.

It’s utterly miserable for our men to compete with women in the education system and workforce only to find the more status and opportunity women get, the more women increasingly devalue husbands, fathers, men, and children. It’s a suicidal pain in the ass knowing that the more power women get, the more women use their power to work against men and devalue men’s position in relation to the nuclear family. Wilde herself is a poster girl for everything wrong with modern women in that she uses her wealth, beauty, and fame to express ingratitude and contempt for men.

As I often say, if men didn’t find women physically attractive, most men would actually rather dislike most women. It’s not much fun being sexually bound to a creature that all too often works against your best interests, sexually, familially, economically, and spiritually, all at the same time — and unfortunately, that’s precisely how modern day women tend to act towards men. Modern women appear to be on some kind of collective mission to suck men dry while using each and every female power grab against men’s best interests. Their mission is quite simple: Take men’s power and self respect as husbands, fathers, workers, and civic leaders, then leave men’s empty husks by the side of the road while mocking and dehumanizing them for their alleged uselessness. Why else would women’s net total impact in academia and the legal system be so purely toxic to men and children?

With all of that in mind, I would like to take a moment to talk about the rising rates of male loneliness in general. Male sexual and familial alienation is indeed on the rise. This is a serious problem. Sexual and familial alienation is a public health concern which literally shortens people’s lives. Sexual and familial alienation weakens the fabric of civilization itself, thereby making a worse world for everyone. So let’s try to act like compassionate adults and actually understand why this problem exists in the first place.

Single motherhood and out of wedlock births cause higher rates of social dysfunction in male children, which leads to higher rates of loneliness in later life. This is well documented. Stop scapegoating our sons for the psychological trauma caused by mothers and fathers who refuse to live responsible lives. Depriving our civilization’s sons of loving two parent married households only to scapegoat and crucify them for having poor social skills later in life is a cruel and sadistic approach to parenting.

The 80/20 Rule

Jordan Peterson has repeatedly mentioned that sexual liberation from chastity/monogamy mores leads to the 80/20 rule. This is well documented on modern dating websites. If this behavioral pattern is built into the very fabric of society itself (at least in sexually liberated societies), then I don’t see how we can place all of the blame on individual men who suffer from sexual and romantic loneliness. Even Jordan Peterson (who I otherwise deeply admire and respect) is slightly incoherent on this topic of concern in that he blames the 80/20 rule, on one hand, while also saying it’s entirely men’s fault as individuals, at the same time. Those two narratives sound rather contradictory when slammed up against one another.

Olivia in-between a younger guy and an older guy she has been with for 7 years with whom she “shares two children”.

As for whether or not Jordan lectures women as harshly as he does men regarding their contribution to the culture of asymmetrical pair bonding, their refusal to properly marry before having children, or their slaughter of tens of millions of unborn, I don’t know for sure as I have not listened to every single sound bite Jordan has ever spoken. But something tells me he lectures men hardest of all. And furthermore, given that he says women skim off of the top of male dominance hierarchies, which would inevitably create a culture of sexual and familial “haves and have nots,” I’m not sure as to why men, not women, would be primarily “to blame” for that problem. If asymmetrical pair bonding is proven to make a more violent, alienated, depressed, and dysfunctional society, as Jordan has often suggested, then wouldn’t women’s asymmetrical sexual behavior be partly to blame for contributing to that outcome as well?

Incel Is the de Facto N-word for White Males

Given that “incel” is the new N-word for white males (a stupidly vague and insidious fuzz-slur designed to demonize vulnerable people), claiming Jordan is king of the incels is a bit like claiming any other clinical psychologist or civil rights leader is king of the n — — gers. Wilde could use her position of power, beauty, and prestige to send men a message of love, hope, support, and encouragement. Instead she turns her misandristic hatred and ignorance on full blast.

The correct response to Wilde’s evil and vulgar comment is to say, “Why do you think it’s appropriate to demonize lonely people that way? Aren’t you aware that sexual and familial alienation drives people to addiction, overdose deaths, depression, bitterness, and suicide? Are you, Olivia Wilde, a profoundly privileged white woman with a pick of thousands of possible male suitors, so selfish and cruel that you have to put down those people who are less sexually, socially, and economically privileged than yourself? And furthermore, if one of us were to be an inspirational figure to such lonely and often suicidal men, why would that be a bad thing? Are you against viewing such people as human? Do you not want other people to have spouses and loving families of their own? Have you ever even tried to imagine what it’s like to live in the shoes of such men?”.

Traditional families are hated in Hollywood

If the roles were reversed, I cannot even begin to imagine becoming a famous heart throb to the opposite sex only to use my position of power to slam young women and girls who were suicidal, alienated, isolated, depressed, and understandably troubled. Imagine being a rich and good looking male actor only to use one’s position of privilege to say, “Apparently, some girls think that all women deserve to grow up to find love, intimacy, and romance, all while living in a culture that believes in the mantra of someone for everyone! How disgustingly self entitled of them!” It’s utterly unthinkable. But that’s precisely what Olivia Wilde just did when she chose to insult lonely young men by calling them incels.

A Spoonful of Entitlement Helps the Medicine Go Down

I don’t have a problem with either men or women feeling “entitled” to boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, and families. That sort of “entitlement” goes hand in hand with the ideal of putting a father in every home, so I don’t see what the problem is. You can’t have a father for every child if you don’t have a woman for every man. So I really don’t see what the issue is when it comes to people “demanding” symmetrical pair bonding. It’s pretty much the only sustainable option unless people want an antinatalist/anti-familist world filled with broken families and fatherless children. Only wicked devils want other people to be alone. Telling men to stop being so “self entitled” is often just a wicked euphemism for tricking men into lowering the moral standards of civilization itself while throwing little boys’ futures under the bus.

All young boys deserve to have loving wives and children when they grow up. And all children deserve to have mothers and fathers who love each other, and their children, both. That means that we should in fact promote a culture of someone for everyone. Anything less would be idiotic, cruel, and degenerate. I’m sick to death of wicked, evil, narcissistic freaks who don’t want other people to have loving families. All men and women deserve families of their own, not only for their sake, but for our sake as well (as familyless individuals are more likely to cause problems for society). That means that we need to effectively pair bond as many men and women as possible. If anyone has a problem with that, there’s something seriously wrong with their soul.

Wilde Is Very Much a Woman of Her Time

As for Olivia Wilde herself . . . I consider her a second rate actress and a third rate director. Her main appeal is that she’s somewhat physically attractive. Her key feature is her odd bone structure. If not for those sharp cheekbones and that bizarre jawline, nobody would even know who she is. Lonesome teenage boys watched her in movies like Tron: Legacy while thinking, “Wow. She’s kind of pretty! I hope I have a girlfriend like her when I get older.” However, now that she has revealed herself to be a cold hearted snake who uses her power to bash lonely men, perhaps those lonesome young boys, now grown adults, will think twice before crushing on her again. It’s not much fun fantasizing about glorified pin-up girls of the big screen who happen to hate the most downtrodden, depressed, suicidal, disenfranchised, and alienated members of their own fan base. Most men prefer women who demonstrate a significantly greater degree of kindness, warmth, understanding, and generosity.

Olivia seeking meaning in her swinging lifestyle

It’s also worth pointing out that Wilde is no stranger to taking her clothes off for a living. Does it not strike her as odd that she largely built her career off of the adoring worship of the male gaze when she has such outright contempt for the most alienated and downtrodden men of our society? While some female sex symbols exude a vibe of love, kindness, and encouragement, as though they are cheering men on while offering a sneak peak for young boys concerning the future rewards of adulthood, Olivia Wilde is definitely not one of those women. Her vibe as a so-called sex symbol falls into the “adore me and despair” category. What kind of a woman builds her career on her capacity to inspire lust in others only to express hatred for lonely, often fatherless, mal-adjusted men half her age? Some sex symbols pull men towards love, pair bonding, family formation, and achievement. Olivia Wilde, on the other hand, is more akin to a sexual death demon drunk on misandristic power mongering and old feminist wives’ tales.

Do Women Owe Men Sex?

Wilde says that it’s wrong for men to believe that women “owe men sex.” This is a bizarre statement. Do men and women not owe one another loving spouses so that our offspring can be born into loving families? Are we not on this planet to form pair bonds and produce children? Should men purposely set out to starve women of sex, family, and purpose in relation to men and children as well? Why not promote loving pair bonds for all so that all children can be born into loving families and all men can have loving wives? Why sow the seeds of resentment and hatred by turning sexual desire into a weapon used to make others feel biologically estranged from the human experience? Are women like Olivia Wilde so out of touch with reality that they have forgotten the true meaning of love, family formation, pair bonding, and basic human decency? Why do they want the sons of our civilization to be without loving pair bonds and families of their own?

Only demonic freaks wake up every day hoping that other people won’t get to have loving families of their own. And that, by the way, is what women like Olivia Wilde are actually talking about when they try to demonize sexually and familially lonely men — she doesn’t want such people to have loving families. And there are few things so monstrously evil as desiring for other people to be without loving families. What kind of a sick woman finds love and romance for herself, only to hope that others never find love and romance for themselves too? Of course, for someone like Olivia Wilde, an absurdly rich and somewhat beautiful Hollywood actress who dates other wealthy actors and world famous metrosexual singers from famous boybands, the very concept of loneliness, suffering, and sexual alienation is clearly something her privileged, self entitled, ice cold little heart cannot understand.

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