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Feeling Down? Low Energy? Put On Your CEC Shirt!

Our CEC shirts are the biggest new craze on the Canadian dissident fashion scene right now.

Thanks to the cut of the shirt and its polycotton blend fabric, you don’t fit the CEC shirt, the shirt CEC fits you. As soon as you put on the CEC shirt you will be ready for action. The fabric and fit of the CEC shirt are perfect for robust EuroCanadian activities like playing outdoor ice hockey with no helmet, tossing hay bales, hand-falling big timber, climbing mountains, big game hunting, feats of engineering, Bison farming and so on. You name it, the CEC shirt is up to the job. 

The CEC shirt is also perfect for casual to semi-formal wear events. It looks and feels great under a blazer. Add to it a nice pair of blue jeans, a good quality brown leather belt, and a pair of snappy dress shoes and you are ready to make that post-conference cocktail party or art exhibit opening. The crest on the CEC shirt is a great icebreaker that will initiate hours of stimulating conversation and debate.

Did I mention that the CEC shirt is unisex? All you lovely Valkyries out there will love this shirt. On women, the CEC shirt has that cute tough farm girl look. Wear the CEC shirt with your long hair in a ponytail, put on a ballcap, and everyone will know that you are a force to be reckoned with as you tend to your kitchen garden and brood of stalwart EuroCanadian children.

Feeling down? Low energy? Being a doomer? Put on your CEC shirt and look down at the well-designed, classy crest emblazoned across your now powerful looking chest. Become imbued with the power of your colonial ancestors who fearlessly crossed the ocean to break this once desolate land. When you look down you will see a shirt that represents that fact there is a small, but growing, community of Canadian dissidents who care enough manage a website, write thought-provoking articles for no money, and even use their own funds to pay for the creation of the very CEC shirt you are wearing right now. You will shout, “We are not done yet! We are fighting! I am alive and I will fight!” 

Everyone will be looking at you, wondering what you are talking about, but you won’t care. You’ll get up and leave the restaurant right in the middle of your dinner. Upon getting home you get to work—Canadian dissident style.

How about the price? Only $25! That’s just $27.93 after taxes (the shirts come out of Alberta, so no commie PST). And get this, thanks to the hardball negotiating skills of our CEC volunteers, we’re doing $5.00 shipping to anywhere in Canada! For only $32.93 you can get in on the best kept secret in the Canadian dissident fashion scene. The CEC shirts come in your choice of red, black, or white.

We received some feedback on colours and francophone language options. Here’s the thing, we need to know if this first run of shirts is viable before we start looking into increasing colour and design options. Ideally, we would like to get some feedback on possible designs from our fine community members and produce a multitude of dissident patriotic Canadian designs. Shirts with cool looking fur-traders, the red-ensign flag, bad-ass looking pioneers riding their wagons to the homestead, a toothless Bobby Clarke giving Trudeau a good cross-check. But it takes money to get new designs on the shirt press, so we need to make sure our community can show some enthusiasm for the present CEC shirt design.  

Some people who click on the web store might be justifiably put off by the fact that the guys modeling the shirts look like a couple of sissies. We’re not too happy about it either, but we were lucky enough to find a shirt producer that wasn’t put off by the controversial nature of the Council of European Canadians website, so we didn’t want to push the envelope by complaining that the models aren’t Aryan enough.

People rally around images and designs. There is a definite lack of Canadian dissident imagery available. We want to do our small part to fill that hole. Anyone that has suggestions for future designs please leave a comment, we want to hear from.

 To all you heroes out there that have already ordered a shirt, we salute you. You have excellent taste. 

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