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Back To Nature

Back to Nature

Long and loud you rant and rage

Locked up in the white man’s cage.

I sympathize my poor man-child,

Born you were to live life wild.


To work hard and be polite,

And to go to sleep at night,

Are practices you’ll never learn,

Advantages you can’t discern.


Manners, laws and history,

Still do mean so much to me,

But to you they just annoy,

And insist I must destroy.


To lose these things I have no heart

But with you I can bear to part.

It would be better if you go

Back to the land you used to know.


In the jungle you’ll be free

To live as you were meant to be.

Back on that far dark continent

Still creatures wonder where you went.


Surely, it is good and right,

With old friends you should unite.

And when you do they will rejoice

At the wisdom of your choice.


Tell them of the trials you knew

And let them howl along with you,

As unmolested, loud and rude,

You once more roam the forests nude.


Live your life there as you chose

But of yourself give me no news.

As once we do at last divorce,

Without my guidance chart your course.


Make your life there what you will

And do the things your heart does thrill.

Make it heaven or a hell,

To me it will be just as well.


All urge to help you I will curb,

And never seek to you disturb.

And for the slights you claim to feel,

I’ll give you endless time to heal.

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