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Throw Away Sex Makes Throw Away Pregnancies

I was watching this excellent pro-life video (link below) the other day. Pro-life advocate Lila Rose is a hero and a role model for women everywhere. Towards the end of Lila’s video she makes the statement that abortion culture is downstream from hookup culture and shack-up culture. This is true. 86% of abortions occur outside of marriage. If we are to have a truly pro-life culture, we must strive to enshrine sex within the lifelong loving bonds of marriage.

If someone were to ask me, “What are the worst parts of feminism?”, I would likely respond by saying, “The culture of abortion, the culture of single motherhood, and the outright devaluation of marriage, fathers, and husbands.” I really can’t put it any more plainly than that. If our society deeply and profoundly valued fathers, husbands, marriage, and the unborn, there wouldn’t be much of a problem. Strong families make strong societies.

I thought about these things for a long time . . . The sanctity of life, the sacred value of fathers and husbands, lifelong bonds of marriage . . . I reflected upon the fact that 86% of abortions occur outside of marriage. I thought about JD Unwin’s theory about premarital chastity, lifelong monogamy, and cultural vitality. I thought about the fact that the culture of sexual liberation augments the problem of the 80/20 rule and the devaluation of the average man. All the pieces came together in my mind, and finally, I said to myself, “The culture of abortion and the culture of sexual liberation are one and the same. Throw away sex makes throw away pregnancies.

There is something fundamentally dishonest about saying, “Sexual relations can be casual, disposable, serial, recreational, transitory, shallow, and meaningless.”, all while simultaneously saying, “But don’t you dare hurt the potential fruits of those casual, disposable, serial, recreational, transitory, meaningless, shallow, often downright regrettable sexual interactions!”. That’s why I find the pro-sexual liberationist/pro-life position to be blatantly absurd on face value. The way a culture treats sex largely defines the way a culture treats its unborn. Sexual liberation naturally goes hand in hand with the culture of abortion. Likewise, the enshrinement of sex within a premarital chastity/lifelong monogamy based cultural ethos naturally goes hand in hand with the sanctification of the unborn.

For all of these reasons and more, I believe that Lila Rose is right. The culture of abortion is downstream from the culture of sexual liberation. Furthermore, abortion itself sits at the very heart of feminist doctrine. Aside from the longstanding feminist traditions of rape hysteria and marital destruction, abortion is feminism’s most sacred custom. Once we confirm that a woman’s bodily choices concerning matters of sexuality and abortion are not only about her own selfish obsessions with so-called “personal autonomy,” but are also about the wellbeing of men, children, families, and society, the entire feminist doctrine of toxic female individualism at the expense of others falls apart. Therefore, if we are to have a truly pro-life culture, as well as a truly antifeminist culture, we must promote the enshrinement of sex within the confines of lifelong monogamous marriage vows (or as close to that ideal as realistically possible).

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