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The CO2 Bogey Man

Dutch farmers are fighting for their very livelihoods, taking to the streets over a climate change policy that will cap nitrogen emissions and lead to mass job loss.

The Lies of Climate Alarmists

CO2 represents only 0.04% of atmospheric gases in volume, i.e. 400 parts per million (ppm). And of that, only 3% is due to human activity, or 12 ppm. In a stadium of 100,000 people that would represent atmospheric gases, 40 people would represent the total atmospheric CO2 and 1.2 people, the CO2 produced by human activities, “and the warmists expect us to believe, asks incredulous, Michael King the author of Climate Bogeyman, that CO2 is such a super-duper blocker/conductor of heat that only 1 “fan” added to the other 99,999 is going to melt the world’s ice and deluge all of our major coastlines?” [1].

The warmists are either dishonest or they have a poor understanding of the multiple causes of climate change: solar activity, cosmic rays, variations in geothermal heat and the Earth’s axis (Milanković cycles), variations in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, changes in the configuration of winds and ocean currents, volcanic emissions, cloud formation, and many other factors that are still unknown, if not unheard of [2].

Climate is an extremely complex and chaotic phenomenon. No one knows the exact workings of it. One thing is certain, there is no correlation between CO2 and global warming. An increase in CO2 is never followed by an increase in temperature and vice versa, a decrease in CO2 never coincides with a decrease in temperature. And, if there is no correlation, there can be no cause and effect [3].  According to Professor István Markó of the University of Leuven, the climate evolves independently of CO2 [4].

Climate alarmists have reversed this relationship by falsely claiming that there is a direct causal link between increased anthropogenic CO2 and increased atmospheric temperature. Don’t believe them, they are patent liars who are ready to use any subterfuge to impose their tyrannical Davos project by subversive means [5].

The Pebble in The Shoe of the UN, Al Gore, and Greta Thunberg

For the last twenty years, the global warming pundits and the lying media at their orders have been making people believe that the temperature is rising sharply. In fact, while the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted a warming 8 times faster. the average global temperature in 1998 was 14.53°C and 20 years later it reached 14.59°C, an increase of 0.06°C in 20 years. We have therefore been on a warming plateau for twenty years. And this plateau has been on a steady downward trajectory. In the current state of affairs, the Greenlandic ice surface continues to gain in thickness, with an above-average accumulation, as evidenced by the observational climate data from the Polar Portal. This is not an illusion, as stated by the IPCC, but the major counter-argument to the scientific reality of global warming, the pebble in the shoe of climate alarmists [7].

Environment Canada: Consistently Wrong…. But still in business. The Landowners Magazine June/July 2013

And as stated in a previous article on veganism, there is no link between the belching and the flatulence of cattle and global warming. According to The Oregon Petition, signed by 31,500 high-level scientists of which 9,000 have doctorates in atmospheric physics, climatology and meteorology:

There is no convincing evidence that releases of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases cause or will cause in the foreseeable future a catastrophic warming of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate. In addition, there is substantial scientific evidence that the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide produces many beneficial effects on the natural plant and animal environment of Earth.

“It’s a real planetary scandal,” deplores Philippe Verdier, former journalist and presenter at France 2 and head of the weather service at France Télévisions:

There is no longer any link between the alarmist discourse on this subject and reality. The French are kept in fear by an unprecedented hype. The IPCC, which is highly politicized, is crumbling under the weight of scandals and its questionable methods. The scientific word is inaudible. Economic lobbies, ecological associations, governments, and religions are weaving dangerous links. The climate ambassadors maintain this crisis, which is as hot as it is impalpable [7].

The Benefits of CO2

How, moreover, could this gas be toxic to us if it is a natural product of our own metabolism? In the course of one day, we exhale 500 liters of it or 1 kg in mass [8]. Moreover, how on earth could this gas be a poison when plants feed on it? CO2 is essential to life on Earth, that is the truth.

Research has shown that the current concentration of this gas is about 1/3 of the optimal concentration for plants. Empirical evidence from CO2 injected into commercial greenhouses indicates that optimal yields are obtained with CO2 concentrations between 1000 ppm and 1200 ppm, the average CO2 concentration for the past 300 million years [9].

Along these lines, University of Michigan horticulture professor emeritus Sylvan H. Wittwer has shown that by tripling the CO2 level in a greenhouse (from 400 ppm – the actual level – to 1200 ppm), roses, carnations and chrysanthemums grow faster and produce more colorful flowers and 15% more flowers. Rice, wheat, oats, rye and barley yield 64% more and potatoes yield 75% more. The effect on trees is even more dramatic. Their maturation is measured in months rather than years. In fact, the more CO2 there is, the happier the plants are [10]. So what are we waiting for? Let’s make CO2! Our forests will be denser, our harvests more abundant and our poor less destitute.

Ecomarxism… Garbadge In, Garbadge Out!

How the globalists who rule the world managed to make this natural plant fertilizer the bogeyman of our time is in itself a tour de force that deserves to be remembered for posterity.

Let’s not forget that it is because of CO2 that the “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski lost his mind. In his little cabin in the depths of Montana, he had read and reread and annotated, from cover to cover, the book of the climate-warmist and businessman Al Gore Earth in the Balance [11]. Completely disgusted by “climatocidal” consumerism, only bombs could relieve his immense frustration with a lifestyle he disapproved of [12]. Poor guy, he was trapped by erroneous presuppositions. Garbage in, garbage out!

This is the case with many sincere and well-meaning people. Some don’t have children to save the planet and reduce their “carbon footprint,” others, for the same reasons, become vegetarians, trash butcher shops and delicatessens, go into debt to buy an electric car, turn off their heat at night, take a shower every week, flush the toilet every other day, ride a bicycle in the cold, isolate themselves in the countryside, form clans, write theses or books, get lost in conjectures, speculate, and draw hasty conclusions based on false assumptions [13].

How, then, to explain the Australian bushfires of 2019? Is it still the cursed CO2 climate killing global warming gas as some have argued? Well, no! It is still Marxism, the deadliest ideology the world has ever known, that has devastated Australia. The size, intensity and duration of the bushfires that killed millions of wild animals were largely due to the insane environmental policies of Australia’s Ecomarxist Green Party.

In an attempt to preserve the natural state of the forest and wildlife, the party passed laws prohibiting the cutting and clearing of undergrowth which feed the fires around homes and in certain high fire risk forest areas [14]. For the same reasons, the Green Party has also banned fire trails, which previously limited the spread of bushfires. These good intentions certainly paved the way for the Australian hellhole that was experienced, and that we do not want to replicate elsewhere.

Not surprisingly, social justice warriors seized this golden opportunity to promote their project of global governance, which they seek to impose on the world through subversive means such as epidemic, climate, and ecological catastrophism.

Let it be said once and for all, the fires in Australia – like those in the Amazon and California – are indeed caused by human activities, but not the ones we think.

These gigantic forest fires that never stopped burning were in fact accidental in the majority of cases or criminal in origin. In fact, more than 200 arsonists associated with this fire were arrested. Many of them were environmental activists who thought it was essential to scare the population in order to advance their project of world governance and planetary socialism (Marxism). But the reason these fires then spread and intensified unduly was largely due to the insane policies of the Green Party of Australia. Global warming allegedly caused by fossil fuels has nothing to do with this tragedy [15].

Like Karl Marx and the Unabomber, the Green Party of Australia and others are convinced that we humans will destroy the planet if we are allowed to. They believe that our natural and legitimate desire to improve our standard of living and condition is obscene. They further believe that profit corrupts, that private property is perverse, and that natural resources should not be exploited for our greater good, but left to nature [16].

The Shock and Awe strategy

To sum up, if you want to impose a project that the population would not accept in normal times, i.e. world governement, first choose some bogeyman like man-made global warming. Don’t complicate things. Summarize the danger by “CO2.” It’s simple and it sounds good, as does “COVID-19,” another bogeyman allegedly correlated with global warming.

Ordinary people who know almost nothing about climate and science in general are very easy to manipulate. It’s a matter of pushing the right buttons.

Find a good looking spokesperson, a good communicator and actor, preferably as dumb as a door knob, give that idiot a Nobel Prize, for example, and put him in a prestigious position to give him authority. Put at his service thousands of journalists and social workers dedicated to the cause for various reasons.

Through media hype and anxiety-provoking images, instill fear in the minds of the population that you want to crush and dominate without concessions. To do this, blame the worst catastrophes, the worst cataclysms and the worst sins of the world on your improvised bogeyman.

Lie. Cheat. Exaggerate. Shock. Play on feelings. Talk about polar bears starving to death because of melting ice, about Pacific atolls being swallowed up by the sea, about eternal snow melting on Mount Kilimanjaro, about old people succumbing to heat waves, about poor people in the Third World going hungry because of CO2.

Insist, even if it’s not true, on the famous “according to 97% of scientists,” we are going straight to the wall if we don’t throw away everything that runs on black gold.

Make them feel guilty by making them believe that they have destroyed the planet and depleted natural resources by consuming too much oil.

Sow doubt and confusion by publishing contradictory information in prestigious journals on your payroll, written by science mercenaries [18].

Take an unusual natural climatic event and make a generalization about it (cherry-picking). If it was warm in Montreal in the middle of winter, for example, it was because of CO2 and global warming. People will mistakenly think that it is generalized.

Repeat, repeat, repeat, that is the secret of manufacturing consent [19].

Make it a Pavlovian reflex by associating CO2 with warming, catastrophe, hurricanes, melting ice floes, heat wave, rising waters, refugees, war, certain death, end of the world.

And above all, don’t go into details, hide the truth, never give the floor to skeptics; insult them, smear them, mock them, call them conspiracy theorists, deniers, or even fascists and nazis as soon as they point their nose; persecute them, block their bank accounts, have them fired; never publish their articles and videos; ban them from social networks; accuse them of a sexual deviance; and if you have to, as a last resort, if they go over the edge… call them anti-Semites, the only anathema still punishable by excommunication and sometimes death.

Finally, tell the public that, as a precaution, we had better act now, even if the evidence is flimsy. Play on the natural altruism of the people, especially of European origin [20], tell them that by protecting themselves, they protect others. Make them believe that glorious mornings await them at the end of the road. You will look like a good person, sincere and concerned about the well-being of your fellow human beings. Grateful, they will defend you and obey your every word in the spirit of the Stockholm syndrome which according to Wikipedia is a psychological phenomenon observed in hostages who have lived for a prolonged period with their captors and who have developed a kind of empathy, an emotional contagion towards them, according to complex mechanisms of identification and survival.

This fear campaign has only one function: to frighten people into obeying the strategy of shock and awe clearly described by Naomi Klein:

[…] the triggering disaster – the coup d’état, the terrorist attack, the market collapse, the war, the tsunami, the hurricane, [the climate crisis], [the pandemic] – plunges the population into a state of collective shock. The whistle of bombs, the echoes of terror and roaring winds, [the melting of glaciers], [the deaths by COVID-19 in hospices as well as the number of fake PCR cases], “soften” societies, much like the thunderous music and beatings in prisons where torture takes place. Like the terrorized prisoner who names his comrades and denies his faith, societies in shock give up rights that under other circumstances they would have jealously defended [21].


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