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Council of European Canadians Has T-Shirts for Sale!

We have finally come up with our own T-Shirts with the CEC logo. Check the sidebar. Go to this link to purchase your T-shirts. A portion of what you purchase will directly support the Council. The summer is on. Think of these T-shirts as an important step in your public affirmation of Canada’s Euro-Canadian heritage, which Justin Trudeau is destroying before our very eyes. We need to be proud of this heritage, to let Canadians know that your culture is Euro-Canadian and that you will not let Trudeau and his foreign globalist handlers destroy the Canada that your ancestors built.

Remember that a cardinal idea of CEC is that multiculturalism affirms the right of all individuals to preserve and enhance their ethnic and cultural heritage. Section 27 of the Charter of Rights and Freedom (1982), as well as the “Canadian Multiculturalism Act” (1988), otherwise known as Bill C-93, recognize the freedom of all members of Canadian society to preserve and enhance their cultural heritage. Purchasing and wearing these T-shirts is not about excluding anyone. It is about your MULTICULTURAL RIGHT  to be free to express your  Euro-Canadian identity!

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