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Happy Euro-Canadian Resistance Day!

We would like to wish all Council of European Canadians readers a Happy Euro-Canadian Resistance Day! We thank you for your comments, support, donations, sharing article links with friends, promoting us on social media, and bringing the patriotic fight to your own communities. As the only major dissident Right website in the country that openly tells the truth about the Great Replacement and the uniqueness of Western Civilization, we are attracting new readers every day.

How does the celebration of Euro-Canadian Resistance Day differ from classic Canada Day celebrations? Primarily, by acknowledging that Euro-Canadians are being reduced to a minority in our homeland by federal immigration policy, our culture and history are being steadily erased as streets and libraries are renamed, and our children are being taught to hate themselves in public schools. An acknowledgement, in other words, of reality.

But since the CEC repudiates and rejects the pessimism of the doomer mentality, we intend this celebration to nevertheless be a day of defiant joy rather than dejection, a joy that encompasses the reality of the situation European Canadians are facing rather than ignores it. Here are some suggestions for celebrations!

  1. Celebration. Get out into your community and attend the great Canada Day celebrations, fireworks, parties, and so on – even these acts of civic pride and national identity are now expressions of a simple patriotism officially denounced by the federal, provincial, and local governments, universities and public schools, who believe July 1st should be a day for whites to feel guilty.
  2. Reflection. We have a few documentaries, and many books, available in the sidebar celebrating our great history and culture. We also have an entire section of the website on Canadian History, and another on Western Civilization. Why not take a quiet moment to reflect on all of this, and share some stories of our past with younger members of your family? Post any documentaries, videos, or book suggestions of your own in the comments below.
  3. Resistance. Consider consulting our Community Activism section, which has a great many suggestions on how to implement strategies in your daily life. You can print out stickers from the top of the Community Activism section at your local print shop in the morning, and spread them around town as you go about your day. If you’re working, maybe the only act of resistance you have time for is choosing a local Euro-Canadian shop to buy from on the way home, rather than stopping at a woke multinational chain. Every bit counts, and the hundreds of acts of CEC resistance will add up.

This is just one component of a larger CEC project, of creating a parallel calendar of holidays for dissidents. Back in the good old days, you could count on your year being structured around Easter, Christmas, May Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and local town holidays, all of which were widely celebrated. Now, society is structured around Black History Month (February), Indigenous History Month (June), Pride Month (June), White Guilt Day (July 1st),  LGBT History Month (October), and so on.

We aim to create our own parallel celebrations, of which Euro-Canadian Resistance Day (July 1st) is one. White History Month (All of July) will be announced soon; we thank radio host Jesse Lee Peterson for inventing it in the United States, and we will be officially extending it to Canada. We will also have other other great new holidays, as yet unannounced; with names like Canadian Explorers Month or Christian Heritage Month (these just being examples). This will be great fun for all, especially for Euro-Canadian youths who can defiantly celebrate these dissident holidays instead of the garbage they are asked to celebrate in school.

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