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We Need Donations To Pay Our Writers!

The last four months we have received next to nothing in donations. I am actually embarrassed for the Canadian dissident right to say how much. The last few months we have welcomed new writers to CEC, more than any time before. There is a growing realization among young Canadians that our world view makes sense. Two potential new writers inquired recently whether we pay for articles. If CEC does not pay, writers will likely move to other webzines in the United States to write about Canada — because Canadian readers are not willing to support them.

I am appealing in particular to regular readers with financial means who have yet to make a donation. I know there are some among the thousands of readers who visit CEC daily. The donations sent in response to this call will be immediately used to send “honorariums” to writers who have already contributed some articles but have yet to receive any payments. Hopefully our dear readers will be generous enough so we can send additional honorariums to other writers.

The reason we say “honorarium” instead of payment per article, is that we don’t get regular donations to promise regular payments for each article. An “honorarium” is a “payment for a service on which custom or propriety forbids a price to be set”. This is quite normal in academia.

Patriotic Canadians need their writing to be validated and appreciated, and honorariums are a great way to show that we appreciate their efforts. These young writers are taking risks, making commitments, showing concern for Canada.


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