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Self-Help For Euro-Canadians

Get an Education and Better Yourself. There are many social programs available to fund your education. Do not feel superior by not using them. Immigrants come and use every social program; it is time for you to use the system to your advantage.


This article is meant for younger readers, but it applies to everyone. The focus in white nationalist sites and alternative media can be very negative. How is it helping young readers that their whole culture and society is going to be gone by the time they are 40? It might empower older readers who grew up in an all-white society to political action, but it doesn’t help younger readers who are growing up in a different society than our elders. For many reasons, many young people feel hopeless, worthless, and are resentful.

I am a millennial, and I grew up in this environment. I get it. But make yourself better. Start with getting an education. Go back to school and get a trade. Unless you will use a university degree in a specific field, like law or medicine, avoid universities. You can always go back to university later. Imagine if most people who read white nationalist sites get education, get good paying jobs, and become the new leaders in two decades? How things will change.

Use The Social Programs Available to Your Advantage

I grew up with the attitude to NEVER use any social program or hand-out under any circumstance. Work hard, save your money, and pay your own way. This is a great attitude, and many white people have these beliefs. But we pay over 50% of our income in taxes, so unless this changes you need to change your attitude. Immigrants come to Canada and know every social program and ways get thousands in free money. If you need an education, it is now your turn. If you are young, or need retraining, there are many social programs available for everyone.

Skills and Training Programs

These are in every province have different names. Generally, they will fund college programs up to two years, and allow you to receive EI (employment insurance) while going to school. When accessing these programs, you need to talk the talk. They fund individuals with no post-secondary education, or those who are unable to do their prior line of work and need retraining (for example you did hard labour for 20 years and your body is too injured to continue as you get older). If you have a university degree, often they will fund you because there are few job opportunities for your useless degree. If you work seasonal work and want training to find full-time work, they will also fund you.

For example, if you are a 20-year-old guy, you walk into the government training centres, and ask to speak to the career councillor. You say you have been working seasonal jobs (example), have no post-secondary education, but you need funding for your program (make sure to pick and apply to your program before going) AND you want to receive EI while going to school. This will cover a large portion of your costs, including tuition and some living expenses. Usually, they will not fund university programs (may vary by province). If not and you want to go to university, some college programs will transfer the credits over to university. Do your research on this. You could get 1 – 2 years covered for a university program by taking a college diploma program.

Ideally, pick a program that is 2 years. Do not waste it on a 3- or 4-month program. Once they fund you, they will not fund you again for a long time. Also, your skills and training program will ensure you are laid off from your job. YOU NEED TO BE LAID OFF TO RECEIVE EI. If your employer will not lay you off (and wants to say you quit), the skills and training department will force your employer(s) to lay you off.

Student Aid

This is basically free money. Student Aid has a grant portion (money you do not pay back) and the loan portion (which you must pay back). When you apply you are given both. The grant portion can be up to 75% of what they pay you. Most people I know will receive around $10,000 in student aid, with almost $8000 in grants per school year. If you are smart, you would take the loan portion, put that in a separate account and never touch it.

The combo of skills and training and student aid will give you the ability to go to school, get it funded fully, get EI to live on, and extra student aid for extra costs related to school, your vehicle, and whatever else.


Apply for these. Many scholarships are all for non-white people. Literally, it will say, THIS IS FOR VISIBILE MINORITIES, BLACK FEMALES, ASIANS, INDIGENOUS, METIS, and more. This is over 50% of scholarships out now. However, there are scholarships that are for everybody. Apply for them. This can include scholarships as a mature student, having decent grades (usually 70%), and just say you need the money and why. There is a good chance you will get it.

Don’t Be Dumb and Pay for School Yourself

I used to work with a white guy at a golf course. It was seasonal work. He worked there for 7 years to save enough money to go to school and become an auto-mechanic. It was a two-year program. I told him about the skills and training program, I gave him the number, I told him what to say. I told him about student aid. Do you know what he said? “No, I have the money.” What an idiot. You think any immigrant would come into Canada and do that? No. Don’t be an idiot. Even if you have money, they will fund you. I had enough money in the bank to fund for my studies and still got fully funded.

Go out, get an education. Get it funded. Become the future leaders of Canada.

Below are some links to get you started. Please pass this information around to other Euro-Canadians!

EI Benefits Information

To use this information simply go down to your province and search for the information. I do not know the exact process in every province, but keep in mind you are working with the government now so get used to some red tape. This is normal and just push through it. It is worth it.

EI Insurable Hours (Important to read if you never read EI before)

Student Aid Information

A simple search of “ student aid” in a search engine will find the proper site. Here are some examples:






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