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White Nationalists Can Use Progressivism & Social Spending to Their Advantage


I have written before that white nationalism needs to move beyond conservatism. This is based on the reality of the world we live. Millennials (the generation I am part of) and Gen Z are generally quite progressive, but there is still a substantial amount of right-wing people in Gen Z, and many millennials are more conservative than our elders were at our current age. It gets complicated because the neat boxes that fit left-wing and right-wing Millennials/Gen Z do not work as they did 30 years ago.  In this article I want to give some ideas white nationalists can use in conjunction with pro-white policies.

The goal should be to find policies that have wide support, including progressive causes mixed with prowhite policies, with discretion in implementation. Some policies, like a 100 million Canada filled with brown immigrants, will never work for our movement. Others, like the People’s Party of Canada platform, although it has good elements, come across as anti-white, such as cuts to social programs the public supports. Seeing our enemy hate our ideas might make us feel good in the moment, but what do we get supporting policies that don’t benefit every day whites in need of social assistance? The PPC will influence Canadian and Conservative Party politics for years to come, but I want to increase our range of support.

This is where we need to start offering solutions in governing beyond our base. We can give genuine sympathy and understanding to others, even as white nationalists, and offer policy solutions nonwhites will want. Why does this help us? It expands our range of support to the other political spectrum, many whites support nonwhites, and it gets our ideas folded into the mix. For example, EuroCanadians support using multiculturalism as a vehicle to support white interests. A lot of the everyday work involves reframing white guilt, shame, and altruism into something closer to white nationalism. This doesn’t mean denying any historical realities but acknowledging it and creating a new reality that gives people focus. When a white Liberal in the Toronto Star writes a pro-white article and doesn’t back down, this is how we begin winning further.

Ideas on How to Link Progressivism with Pro-white Policies

What are some ideas? Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says violence and theft in her city is because of ‘unloved’ kids, so the left takes this and says, “therefore social justice and anti-white policies”. What does the right-wing do? They put fingers in their ears and say, “la-la-la and therefore cut taxes”. Wait, what? Not all ring-wing people do this, but it is a stereotype. There is nothing wrong acknowledging the problems of the left-wing. Many things the left talks about are actual problems. The problem is we do not offer compassion and solutions. Some do, like many writers who link the decline in black Americans with legal and illegal immigration. This is good because it links a problem with a solution we want.

Create & Support Bolder Environmental Policies Than Liberals

Environmentalism is a higher priority for Millennials/Gen Z, including many white nationalists. The left takes environmentalism and infuses social justice into it. We need to take environmentalism and infuse it with white nationalism. In this instance, I think the right can take up various causes in tandem with a platform that includes ending immigration and eliminating birthright citizenship. For example:

  • Decarbonizing our grid using nuclear, solar, and wind power (while still building pipelines to send gas to Europe). Fun fact: 60% of Canada’s energy comes from Hydro; 77% if you include solar, wind, and nuclear energy.
  • Eliminate conventional plastic and switch to biodegradable plastic
  • Invest in dedicated bike lines in every city and town in the country
  • Mandate production of electric vehicles (wait, Trudeau is already doing that, although probably way sooner than feasible)

This might seem extreme to some readers of this site, but this is the way of many younger people, including many young right-wingers (although the timeline to make these changes becomes the topic of discussion rather than the ‘should’ of implementing these policies). Go bold on the environmental file and you will get votes. That boldness and vision will suck many people in, along with pro-white policies.

Support Big Social Programs While Eliminating Smaller (Anti-White) Programs

We need to support policies of radically cutting all smaller social programs, but support larger programs like Medicare, Pharmacare, educational funding, and Old Age Security. Most people support these basics. The Court Challenges Program is an example of a smaller social program that funds people to make progressive, often anti-white charter cases to the courts that strike down Canadian law. The CBC actively avoids hiring white people and pushes anti-white ideologies. These types of programs exist at all levels of government totaling billions. The CPC/PPC could monopolize the political arena with free post-secondary education while ending funding to all these types of programs. We can frame this as ‘refocusing’ limited government funds towards essential programs. We can get massive support, you can get nonwhites voting for you (because we all need health care and education support), and completely end immigration.


If nationalists want to take power, we have to offer solutions to everyone, even nonwhites. There is a high number of nonwhites in this country and some white people support them. We need to reclaim political support by being bolder than our enemies on policies the public supports, infusing those policies with a pro-white platform, and steering the rest of society to white nationalism through careful and deliberate conversation. We cannot hold ourselves back by just staying on the right. We need play both sides like how our enemies do. This means there will be no left-wing or right-wing utopia that either side imagines. It will be a mixture and that is being practical and pragmatic.

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