I wrote last year Russia is the best country in Europe. Now, in battling the American hegemon in Ukraine, Russia is standing up for European ideas, culture, morality and race, while the rest of Europe (excepting Hungary) is helping to destroy everything it created. In the battle between Good and Evil, Vladimir Putin is the new St. George.

This is hardly an exaggeration. Putin stands for the Nation, Christianity, Family Values and the kind of morality most of us grew up with. Joe Biden’s America, on the other hand, now believes in homosexuality, transgenderism, woke ideology, abortion on demand, open borders, sexually grooming minors and black supremacy. If that isn’t evil, I don’t know what is.

But there’s more, and it’s much, much worse.

What, exactly, was the U.S. Defence Department doing funding biological warfare labs in Ukraine? Why Ukraine? Would it be that Ukraine is basically upwind from Russia?

The Russians have now discovered Ukraine was asking their Turkish drone manufacturer if their large drones could be made to dispense material like a crop duster. What material? Where? To what purpose?

At the same time, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was moving to integrate Ukraine into NATO by sending military missions into the country along with millions of dollars of military equipment. Ukraine wasn’t part of NATO, but it was acting in unison with NATO countries as if it were part of that organization. Why was this? Who would benefit if offensive weapons were parked within sight of the Russian border?

Just incidentally, the United States, with its Monroe Doctrine, has identified ALL of North and South America as its buffer zone. Russia just wanted Ukraine. But no, America wasn’t going to let Russia have any neutral states around it.

The answer to my question is obvious, the United States, or more particularly the C.I.A, State Department, and deep state actors who actually run America and who have been looking at ways to destabilize Russia ever since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. One method was to fund and instigate a “color revolution” in Ukraine, dragging Western sleaze closer to Mother Russia. The Guardian, quite a cheerleader for this kind of thing now that Russia isn’t Communist, has run articles on just how the elected government of Ukraine was overthrown by American money, a failure here in 2004 and a success here in 2014.

Both before and after Ukraine, America was busy in the “Stans” trying to foment revolution in Russia’s underbelly, all of which failed.

The difference in Ukraine was that the revolution succeeded and the revolutionaries immediately inflamed the situation by banning Russian in the ethnic-Russian east of the country. The response were breakaway movements in Luhansk and Donetsk. Ukraine immediately attacked the rebels and a grinding war began with the U.S. funding the government of Ukraine and Russia backing the breakaway provinces.

All this might have continued, but Kiev decided last year to end the insurgency by launching a major effort to swamp the Russian enclaves. Moscow got wind of it and beat them to it by a matter of weeks. And so, the current war.

Who’s to blame? Well, if you start a fire and keep adding combustibles, you, America, are to blame. Putin, in this context, is the fireman.

Let me conclude by speaking to those of you who abhor violence. To kill a dragon—get rid of evil—one has to KILL the dragon. Let’s hope St. George has the strength to do what we should all have done years ago.

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