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Whitepill: Eric Zemmour Declares The French Will Not Be Replaced

France will stay French!

Eric Zemmour is now polling second in the Ifop-Fiducial poll, which “saw Macron winning 25% of the votes, Zemmour 16.5%, Le Pen 16% and conservative challenger Valerie Pecresse 15%”. In every interview and rally, he denounces what he calls the “Grand Replacement” or “Great Replacement”. If he succeeds in coming second in the first round of French elections, he will face off against globalist Macron in the second round.

Zemmour pledges to end all immigration, reduce asylum claims to a few dozen a year like Japan, ban foreign first names, prohibit the Islamic headscarf, deport all illegals (as well as citizenship-holding foreign welfare users and delinquents), strip binational criminals of their citizenship and deport them, give a birth bonus to French citizens in rural towns and villages, reconquer the no-go zones in the major cities, teach the glories of France to kids in schools, and kick LGBT and anti racist propaganda out of the education system. The bitchute video below is his based campaign ad.

But most will want to watch this YouTube link which has English subtitles, which we can’t embed since it’s age-restricted.

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