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New Brunswick, Kingston Peninsula

Dear Readers,

We have solved most of the problems we encountered in our transition from Blogger to WordPress. We are also improving our efforts to be the best voice in Canada for the interests and historical heritage of EuroCanadians. Our rate of publication has increased roughly from one article every three days to one/two every two days. We are aiming for a new article every day. But we do need your support.

All the comments from the old blog going back to 2014 have been transferred. The problem with the feedburner email subscription (to get notifications of new articles) has been solved. We have a new system: You must subscribe again to get notifications. Individuals who were subscribed to the old blogger feedburner can now subscribe without problems. The link is readily available in various places in the Home Page. You can also see the “Follow” link box under the author’s name of each article.

The number of individuals interested in writing for us is growing. CEC welcomes articles about a wide variety of subjects. We now have three categories for publication: Articles, Blog/News, Media/Videos/Art

This means you are not required to write an article to get published at CEC. A short “blog” statement about some news, historical event, or any subject within the framework of dissident thought, is welcomed. We have many “blog posts” already for you to review. We also accept interesting videos with a short commentary, social media art, poetry, literature, nationalist songs from the past or from today.

CEC is a place to advocate for the interests of EuroCanadians from a variety of perspectives. We don’t push a rigid ideological line. We accept differences, and welcome debate. However, it is important, more than ever in our times of censorship, to avoid writing and commenting in ways that will elicit censorship. We don’t approve of personal attacks, malicious and unintelligent expressions against any ethnic group. CEC will continue to work strictly within the framework of Canada’s Human Rights Act, the upcoming Bill C-36, and Bill C-16. 

We believe that our strategy of promoting the ethnic interests of EuroCanadians within the principles lay down by Canadian multiculturalism is the way to go, and beyond suppression.

We are here for the long term. We started in the spring of 2014, about 8 years ago. Sustaining this website has been a lot of work. We have been censored and banned by a high number of online companies. But we are stronger. We can continue for decades WITH your support. We are currently developing a backup duplication of our website also using WP program, in a very safe place. This is much easier than transferring content from blogger to WP, but it is time consuming and it is not free. Someone started this work for CEC as part of his donation, but it requires more work and expenses.

Some individuals have complained: “Why should I support CEC? CEC has not shown any actual political power ending immigration replacement and reversing WOKE policies“. But they can’t name a single group that has accomplished these things, not the PPC, not Rebel News, no one. YET, the reality is that CEC has proposed very intelligent and doable strategies for action in the writings of Riley Donovan, and Henry Fuller Davis: ways of protesting, initiating civic disobedience, using public libraries to our advantage, gaining demographic and municipal influence in the countryside, resisting woke indoctrination in the universities, among other practical suggestions.

Moreover, for those who are not as inclined to be activists, CEC is a cultural medium for alternative views against the domination of the West by cultural Marxism. This is what metapolitics is about, pushing ideas beyond the overtone window, teaching Rebel News what the fundamental issues are, rather than merely criticizing Justin Trudeau and supporting mainstream conservative politics. And, last but not least, CEC is an online medium where you can meet likeminded individuals, read views barely expressed anywhere else, comment regularly, express your thoughts forcefully, and, yes, vent your feelings and opinions.

Please send us DONATIONS. We really appreciate the donations that a few individuals have sent us regularly over the years. We would like to encourage those who have never donated a dime to do so, particularly the ones who are well off, read CEC often, and like to comment. Without sacrifice you can’t claim to be honoring your people and heritage!

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