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Join us in fighting the good fight to save European Canada!

The Council of European Canadians is the only webzine in Canada explicitly dedicated to defending the ethnic and cultural interests of EuroCanadians. We are happy warriors, publishing original, hard-hitting pieces by our talented writers – their numbers grow by the day! Unlike Rebel News, which praises diversity and attempts to score political points by using the language of the Left, we choose to cut the BS and write what mustn’t be left unsaid.

We the editors and behind-the-scenes activists are very grateful to all of our loyal readers who have migrated with us from the old website! For those who want to help spread the word further and have some time to spare, here a few activist strategies to implement in your community. For a longer list, check out the Community Activism tab. Stay whitepilled, stay optimistic, and join us in the good fight!

  1. Put up CEC stickers! Henry Fuller Davis has designed an awesome sticker template, available near the top of the Community Activism tab. Simply follow the instructions there as to what type of labels to buy from the printshop, print them out at home, and put them up all over your community!
  2. Get on Gab. Those of us already on, a free speech social media network, like to drop redpills and links to CEC articles in the “Canada News” group. We are slowly but surely igniting white identity in the Canadian section of the website. We encourage all CEC readers to create their own accounts, follow each other, post CEC content, and create EuroCanadian groups. It’s important for the true Dissident Right to get on Gab to counteract the goofy libertarians and to wake up the mainstream conservatives. Everyone who makes an account, post it in the comments below so we can follow each other and create networks.
  3. Get on mainstream social media. We need people on the alternative networks, like Gab, but we also need a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube. We encourage everyone to make accounts on these sites and spread the word. It really doesn’t matter if your account gets banned, you can just make another with a new email. We can think of and as our homebases, and our accounts on mainstream social media as expendable, but useful colonies.
  4. Request Canada in Decay from your local library. Most libraries have request forms that you can fill out to request that specific books be added to their shelves. Because of the free speech provisions in their mandate, they are required to honour requests from all sides of the political spectrum. Getting Canada in Decay into libraries across Canada will wake up regular Canadians who happen upon it.
  5. Donate your skills! If you have relevant skills of any kind, we welcome your talent! If you can create slick videos, you could make a YouTube channel or create videos for the site. If you are skilled in site design or tech more generally, that’s also useful. We would also appreciate people skilled in graphic design to submit optical poster templates that we can put in the Community Activism tab for activists to print off and post in their community. Let us know about these, and any other relevant skills you have. Please make a financial donation to CEC so we can continue our activities!

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