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Chastity, Marriage & the Sanctity of the Unborn 

The sexual institutions of premarital chastity, lifelong monogamous marriage, and the sanctity of the unborn help to purify society and raise social standards. In other words, almost everything the Marxists teach us about sexuality is wrong. The patriarchal sexual values that our Christian European ancestors brought to the New World do in fact have profound social utility.

Premarital Chastity

•  Given that more than eight in ten abortions occur outside of marriage, practicing premarital chastity helps to dramatically reduce the rate of abortion.
•  Cohabitation is generally bad for society because couples who live together before getting married are more likely, not less likely, to divorce.
•  The cultural expectation for premarital chastity helps to prevent the 80/20 rule, thereby reducing rates of both male involuntary celibacy and long-term female romantic dissatisfaction. Men and women whose dishonorable sexual behaviors contribute to the 80/20 rule actively damage the social fabric.
•  Premarital chastity obliterates the out of wedlock birthrate, thereby helping to reduce numerous intergenerational manifestations of diseases of despair and social dysfunction.
•  Premarital chastity helps to reduce the divorce rate.
•  Premarital chastity makes the spread of STDs virtually impossible.
•  Premarital chastity is correlated with lower rates of depression and social dysfunction in women.

•  The cultural expectation of premarital chastity helps to safeguard society against toxic manifestations of Marxist feminism.

A Culture of Abortion & Fornication

The vast majority of abortions occur outside of marriage, primarily as a result of premarital sex. One might therefore draw the conclusion that the normalization of premarital sex and the normalization of abortion go hand in hand. Naturally, it makes sense: Throw away sex leads to the all too predictable disposability of the unborn. The promotion of premarital chastity and lifelong monogamy (aka traditional marriage) are necessary to help prevent the normalization of the culture of abortion.

Sanctity of the Unborn & the Decline of the West

The killing of the unborn demoralizes the spiritual essence of a given society’s cultural vitality. This is currently occurring all over Western Europe. First world civilizations that devalue marriage, monogamy, and the sanctity of the unborn no longer believe in themselves. The radical normalization of abortion is synonymous with cultural self-abasement and cultural death. Strong cultures sanctify the unborn.

Lifelong Vows of Monogamous Marriage

Nearly all couples who have children without marrying first are doomed to split up. Most of them will split up before their children turn eighteen. Failing to make lifelong monogamous wedding vows before having children is catastrophic for everyone involved.  Exceptions to the rule are Judas goats. Illegitimacy increases intergenerational rates of social dysfunction and diseases of despair in men, women, and children.

Sexual Devolution

The sexual revolution is a demonic scam which has resulted in increased rates of family dissolution. Later stages of the sexual revolution devolve into gender identity confusion, hatred of masculinity, the devaluation of fathers and husbands, and the all out destruction of the nuclear family. People are having less sex, not more sex (ironically) since the dawn of the sexual revolution. Rates of loneliness are up. Family stability is in decline. After more than fifty years of experimentation, the evidence is in: The sexual revolution is an outright failure.

A Culture of Dishonor

The false cultural ideals of fornication, abortion, illegitimacy, single motherhood, fatherlessness, promiscuity, asymmetrical pair bonding, pornography, prostitution, adultery, and divorce are inherently dishonorable. Deep down, everyone knows this to be true. There is something dishonest, undisciplined, and corrosive about non marital coitus. There is nothing of good character, virtue, or honor in the 80/20 rule. Abortion appalls both God and Nature alike. Hardcore pornography is love’s counterfeit. The glorification of single motherhood is rooted in misandry. Fatherlessness is a crime against children. Illegitimacy leads to poverty and social decay. And adultery and divorce are sins worse than cowardice.

Do Not Join With the Masses

Premarital chastity, lifelong monogamous vows of marriage, and the sanctity of the unborn are honorable institutions rooted in truth and virtue. Our Christian European ancestors were right to promote these ideals. Those who rationalize the glorification of damaging sexual and familial immoralities are personally responsible for contributing to the cultural decline of the family and the mass degradation of the West. Do not join with the depravity of the masses. An ethical minority is oftentimes the moral elite in the eyes of God.

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