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Canada’s Census Confirms the Great Replacement

The first results for Canada’s Census have been released: the country’s population has ballooned to just under 37 million, increasing by 5.6% from 2016-2021. 80% of new growth was directly from immigration, and of the remaining 20% classified as natural increase, we can safely estimate that a significant percentage of births were from foreigners already living in Canada. These statistics confirm the reality that we see on the streets, transit, and stores in big cities: the European Canadian population is being substituted for immigrants. This phenomenon is known as the Great Replacement.

The most recent results were only a small portion of the total census findings, as results will be publicized according to the following release schedule:

  • Canada’s growing population and where they are living (February 9)
  • Canada’s shifting demographic profile (April 27)
  • Families, Military, Income (July 13)
  • Linguistic diversity and use of English and French in Canada (August 17)
  • First Nations and housing (September 21)
  • Citizenship and immigration, ethnocultural and religious composition, and mobility and migration (October 26)
  • Education, changing dynamics of workforce, and instruction in the official minority language (November 30)

Notice that not only are the statistics on immigration being released very late, and near the end of the list, but that the “demographic profile” is being released second. This could indicate that the government is aware that the “ethnocultural and religious composition” statistics will show that the percentage of whites and Christians has fallen by a shocking degree. In order to forestall the coming wave of white identity, they will have to present this percentage very carefully. We can conjecture that the “demographic profile” findings will showcase the “aging population” narrative, and that the narrative of an ageing Canada will be used to justify the shocking ethnocultural and religious composition statistics.

We have entered a new era of opacity. The government is deliberately modulating the way we see census data in order to structure the public and media response to the replacement of Canada’s ancestral European population. They know that the media will help to justify the shocking immigration statistics, informing Canadians that the only way to address an ageing population is to replace it.

We at the Council of European Canadians will continue fight the good fight, making public the statistics that Census Canada would rather have the population ignore, igniting the fires of white identity across Canada.

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