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A Bad Year for White Interests in Alberta (and a Worse One to Come in 2022)

Calgary "cowboy culture" set to be banned as a symbol of white supremacy.

Alberta saw a federal election, and our harmonised municipal elections, in 2021. It was a bleak year for Euro-Canadian interests, and I predict that 2022 will be worse. The official attacks on Euro-Canadian heritage continue to grow in popularity, and the ethno-nationalist backlash I have been hoping for has not appeared.

Last month, I left Calgary to return to a smaller city where my parents live. Working full-time in retail and paying half my income to rent left me unable to finish my education or save money for the future. Living in a declining neighbourhood amidst drugged-up White slackers, drugged-up Indigenous slackers, mixed-race couples, and Muslim soccer moms – was also taking a toll on my mental health. As mentioned in a previous CEC article I wrote, I intend on writing a framework for a White employees’ union in Canada, as a means of countering affirmative action and the growing power of Asian family-owned businesses in Canada. However, I have made no recent progress in this endeavour, due to the abovementioned challenges in keeping my personal life together.

In the meantime, I wanted to do a bit of a year-in-review, especially from an Albertan perspective, on why 2021 was one of the worst years on record for White interests in Canada. It really does need to be emphasised, even if it seems needless to say for regular readers, that the direction Canada is going in is wrong.

  • It is wrong to equate ethnonational replacement with a mere changing of seasons or new fashion trends.
  • It is wrong to hide the cultural treasures of the majority to avoid offending a minority.
  • It is wrong to call for equality and then engage in discrimination in the name of equality.
  • It is wrong to give powerful public office to those lacking in love or loyalty to the country.
  • It is wrong to instigate others to suicide.


The federal election went about more or less as I predicted. Erin O’Toole – a man who a few years ago I moderately admired for being the only Conservative leadership candidate with a military service record, as well as being pro-CANZUK, shifted the Conservative Party ever-leftward. I don’t believe this leftward shift represented his true convictions as much as it was an attempt to make the Conservatives more palatable to centrist voters. Unfortunately, the coalition of the Liberal Party, NDP, and their fellow travellers have done an excellent job of poisoning the reputation of anybody on the Right. This poisoning has not been successfully mitigated, as very few thought leaders in the Canadian conservative camp go on the attack – whether it is out of cowardice, out of some sort of tactical placidity, or because they are liberals in conservative clothing. When they do go on the attack, it is almost exclusively related to budgetary, fiscal, and economic issues.

Electorally, the Liberal minority win was not a disaster for the Conservative Party. However, the continuation of the Liberal government, even as only a minority, is disastrous for the conservative camp in Canada generally, in that it gives them yet another term in office combined with the cover of the covid emergency to do what they please. That said, the laws of physics apply to politics as well: those of us who identify as on the far-right receive blessings in disguise from the disasters created by the Trudeau Liberals. The shift to a Trotskyist regime under Justin Trudeau is too loud on the Canadian political scene to not shake a significant portion of the population out of their stupour. (Unfortunately, most of the apolitical who awaken nowadays tend to be shepherded into libertarianism.)


I am a little surprised that the most pointed attack against Western Canadian culture came not from Justin Trudeau or Steven Guilbeault, but rather from a sexually-bewildered Metis resident of Edmonton named Blake Desjarlais, who was standing as the NDP candidate in the Edmonton-Griesbach. (I would guess that this riding has one of western Canada’s highest concentration of communists, considering that both the Communist Party and the MLPC ran candidates, in addition to the mainstream leftist parties.)

‘Never going to be ashamed:’ Métis, two-spirit NDP MP wants to rebrand Alberta – Castlegar News

The first quote from the CTV article I read (which has since been deleted but I found another copy of it in the Castlegar News) about him was “We have this terrible reputation across the country for being this redneck, Texas-like state.” Right off the bat, I got cranky. In one single sentence, he insulted my Euro-Canadian farmer ancestors and the entire province of Alberta – not to mention, the great state of Texas. Shades of Notley in this one. Being both a member of the LGBT community, and a Metis, he is of course given leeway to say this. He even goes on to say that his family “founded this province” (as opposed to all the White settlers?), and that the contributions made to Alberta by people of colour “continuously just get washed away”. At the very end of the article, he admits that he’s not a leader: “I’m more of an ‘oskapewo.’ It’s the Cree word for … someone who helps medicine people with healing. I go where I’m told to.

I’d tell this guy to take his medicine and go away.


I will spare the reader an overview of the candidates for council seats. I’ll instead focus on the mayor seat. The BIPOC and Asian mayoral candidates were as follows: Ian Chiang, Emile Gabriel, Paul Hallelujah, Zaheed Khan, Teddy Ogbonna, Mizanur Rahman, Sunny Singh, Will Vizor, Shaoli Wang, Grace Yan, and of course, the winner, Jyoti Gondek.

They combined for a total of 185 517 votes (176 344 of which went to Gondek), out of a total ballot count of 390 383.

47.5% of all ballots in the Calgary mayoral election went to a non-White candidate. Considering that Calgary is one of the relatively whiter metropolitan areas of Canada, I expect that within this decade, the vast majority of mayoral candidates in the municipalities of Greater Toronto and Greater Vancouver will be non-White, if they are not already (forgive me, I’m not an insider on municipal politics in those areas).

This is of course not to say that the election of a non-White mayor and the election of non-White councillors automatically will create bad policies affecting Whites. It is especially not to say that the election of White candidates will create good policies for Whites. However, when the percentage of the non-White population in a municipality is disproportionate to the percentage of non-White candidates running in the same municipality’s elections, it can be seen how organised certain ethno-cultural communities are in pursuing influence in politics. It is especially important that we watchmen on the Council of European-Canadians report on these activities, especially for low-profile elections that garner little to no mainstream news coverage, such as student union elections and school board elections.


Now for those readers not from the Canadian Prairies, one common summer ritual we have out here, especially in the smaller communities, is rodeo. What happens is that farmers and ranchers compete in various games whose origins date back to the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. These games developed in rural areas where men did not have time for organised sports leagues, and so games relating to ranch work were developed, since these men already had the necessary skills to compete in such endeavours. The top two most cherished of these, judging from fan noise and turnout, would be the “half mile of hell”, a.k.a. the chariot races, and bullriding. Others include steer wrestling, bronco riding (of which there is a bare-back variety, and saddle variety), calf-tying, and various equestrian disciplines. In addition to these games, the rodeos almost always function as farmers’ markets, and as livestock exhibitions/sales.

Calgary mayor Jyoti Gondek targets cowboy hats as a white symbol no longer reflective of new “inclusive” Calgary

For the attendees of these events, it’s considered traditional and “in the spirit” to wear “cowboy attire”, namely a cowboy hat, blue jeans, and cowboy boots.

As the reader might have imagined by now, sociological revisionists are not content to leave be even this innocent snippet of Prairie culture.

The history and future of six of Alberta’s municipal flags | Calgary Herald

This recent Calgary Herald article examines the municipal flags of Alberta from a strict vexillological perspective.

Surprisingly, the flag of Edmonton – which bears a shield supported dexter by a White hunter-trapper and supported sinister by Libertas – received no criticism as being “White supremacist” or other such nonsense. However, some noise was made about the cowboy hat illustration in the Calgary flag:

Criticisms of the flag largely centre around that cowboy hat… questioning whether a cowboy hat remains relevant as a symbol for the evolving city.

The article mentions Mayor Gondek’s opinion on the flag:

When asked last month whether she would be open to changing Calgary’s flag, Mayor Jyoti Gondek said the city must be conscious of how its brand demonstrates the city to the rest of Canada and the world amid an economic and cultural transformation. ‘If our symbols are reflective of where we are at this point in time, that’s great, and if they’re not, perhaps we need to consider a change,’ Gondek said.”

Being a new mayor, Gondek understandably didn’t want to give too pointed an answer. However, what she said indicates that she intends to leave that door open for herself to take potential future action. Given that her first appearance in the national news circuit after being elected was about her commentary on Quebec’s civil servant secularism law, my expectation is that is the direction she intends to move. Although I am working on very limited information about her, everything I have read or heard about Gondek has built my belief is that she is of the Obamaist school of North American political trends: elected on a wave of labour union and BIPOC votes, and politically revisionist in the cultural Trotskyist slant.

The phrase “economic and cultural transformation” put a pit in my stomach. I do not know whether this line came from the writer, Jason Herring, or from Gondek herself. However, mentioning it in a conversation about whether or not to include a cowboy hat on the Calgary municipal flag, suggests both that a. it is viewed as a symbol of old-stock Prairie-Canadian culture, and b. its presence does not belong in “the Calgary of the future”.

Here, folks, is another reason why I left Calgary: Calgary’s own mayor is leaving the door open to insinuations that the cowboy hat as a symbol is somehow offensive – a microaggression.

Further evidence of Gondek’s preferred direction for Calgary can be seen in her dealings with the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation.


Along with her unnecessary commentary about internal Quebec politics, the biggest item that has put Jyoti Gondek in the news is the cold war between CSEC and the municipal government.

It has been noted for years that the Calgary Flames play in one of the oldest arenas in the NHL. The owners’ group of the Calgary Flames, Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corp., has been in talks with the City of Calgary for a couple of years now about cost-splitting between them over a new arena complex, which would host, along with the Calgary Flames, other sports teams and many events. Being a metropolitan area of over a million residents, and being the biggest city between Toronto and Vancouver, it has been widely considered that the city needs a major-league upgrade when it comes to a home for sporting and cultural events.

Calgary Hockey Arena no longer reflects Calgary’s diverse culture.

However, the City, under Gondek’s climate-panicked leadership, added new costs for CSEC to absorb related to “climate change mitigation”, which were not included in the original contract. In protest against what they perceived as unfair treatment, CSEC abandoned the deal to move forward with the City on this new event centre.

Numerous articles have been written in the Calgary Sun about this in the past few days:

Corbella: If you were mayor, would you let the Flames arena deal die? Of course not” | Calgary Sun

Corbella notes that the new city council’s seeming flippant attitude towards the gravity of (the loss of) this deal seems to defy understanding. A woman of Gondek’s age ought to have the business sense and the life experience to not handle this arrangement so carelessly and callousedly. The only explanation I can offer is that the deal was deliberately sabotaged.

Why would Mayor Gondek sabotage the deal?

Simple: she doesn’t like or care about hockey.

For somebody of the Obamaist school of thought, they would view this business deal between the City of Calgary and CSEC to be one that’s chiefly for the benefit of the interests of the White heterosexual male: the face of ice hockey as they perceive it. They thus ignore all the concerts, conventions, and whatnot that the Event Centre would bring in revenue for the City, in favour of spitting on it as a symbol of an old ideal that their political convictions are predicated on transforming beyond recognition or outright eliminating.

Hockey is one of the few unifying elements of Canadian culture – or, at least, that of the Euro-Canadian camp. It’s not the NBA, or the CFL, or cricket. It is one of the last remaining sports in the world that is still culturally-owned by Whites.

The sport therefore holds a special place in hell for the New Left.

I have a little nephew in Edmonton who plays Timbits hockey. He has become a great playmaker and my brother and father are half-jokingly talking about getting a pro scout to look at him.

I fear that by the time my nephew is eligible for the NHL Draft, White boys will be a minority in the sport – just like in every other sport our forefathers founded.


I didn’t have a TV subscription when I was living on my own. Since moving back in with my parents, I have been re-exposed to the flatscreen propaganda. The multiracialism is so blatant, even normies surely must be noticing it by now.

I have noticed ads for a new CTV sitcom called ‘Don’t Have Children’.

The leading lady and co-producer of the show is one Meaghan Rath. Guess which ethno-cultural group she identifies with.

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