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Justin Trudeau Scheming To Replace White “Mysogynistic and Racist” Truckers With Immigrant Indians!

No one knows where Justin is hiding in a state of cowardly fear for the last three days. Having spent most of his political life smiling like a 12 year old meeting feminists, globohomo bureaucrats, transsexuals, and third world immigrants, he has no idea how to approach EuroCanadian male truckers.  Actually, how come you rarely see Justin with his wife in public? He is clearly happiest when he hangs out with homosexuals in gay parades aimed at enticing children to embrace the culture and sexual practices of  gays. He loves to sit on the floor wearing the clothing of Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslim men. Whenever he meets homosexuals and male immigrants he can’t help opening his mouth wide open with raptured exaltation.

Undisclosed sources have notified CEC that the Justin government is planning to totally diversify the Canadian trucking business and jobs with Indian immigrants. Pushing EuroCanadian men out of the trucking profession is nothing new. According to a 2016 census, 16 percent of all Canadian truckers were already of South Asian origin. Justin already has in the works “immigration schemes” to “steer newcomers into Canadian trucking jobs”.  A Globe and Mail investigation has indeed “discovered that young foreign nationals like Mr. Singh are routinely steered into trucking by some immigration consultants, in collaboration with particular trucking firms. Both take cash payoffs from recruits in exchange for jobs – even though that practice is illegal.”

Justin does not care that the “novice drivers” coming primiarily from India (a nation with a dismal history of car accidents) are “often unable to decipher Canadian road signs or handle their trucks properly before being sent out on the roads.” There are now many documented cases of inexperienced Indian drivers having deadly crashes and near misses accross Canada. Who can forget the 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team who were killed by an Indian truck driver in a crash on a Saskatchewan highway? But this has not deterred Canadian immigration officials from enticing thousands and thousands of Indians to take trucking jobs away from “racist” Canadians.

Almost all these Indian truckers “have chosen to stay out” of  the Freedom Convoy protest — believing the protest to have been “hijacked” by “right wing” White men.  Jagroop Singh, who is the head of Ontario Aggregate Trucking Association, told the Globe & Mail: “In fact, we don’t even know who the organisers of this protest are. Nobody asked us if we agreed with their demands.”

Indian Punjabis, who love to brag about how they are “dominating” the Canadian Trucking industry, are already thinking about their opportunities to take the jobs of EuroCanadian truckers who are fired for protesting Justin’s covid mandates.

India is currently the greatest source of immigrants to Canada. As Forbes magazine reported back in 2020, “Indians Immigrating To Canada At An Astonishing Rate“. During 2021, when EuroCanadians were prohibited to leave their homes without vaccine passports, Canada “welcomed the most immigrants in a single year in its history“: over 400,000, most brought in a rush in the middle of the night without proper vaccination papers.

In anticipation of his plan to bring millions of Indian immigrants, Justin was seen a few years ago shaking his leg to the Bhangra dance number in a programme of India-Canada Association of Montreal.


Don’t be surprised, then, that undisclosed sources are informing CEC that Justin is calling for an intensification in the immigration of Indians so they take over the trucking industry away from EuroCanadian “mysogynistic extremist” men. Justin says that Indians come from a culture that appreciates women — despite the fact that the statistics show that “Indian’s abuse of women is the biggest human rights violation on earth“.

Truckers are still a symbol of EuroCanadian manliness, dignity, and loyalty to Canada’s heritage. This is why Justin hates truckers. Don’t let Justin destroy the jobs and lives of EuroCanadian truckers in Canada! Look out for what he is scheming right now to accelerate the replacement of White truckers with Indians who can’t barely drive.

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