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Insanity: Yukon parents vote on aboriginal school board

Canadians are beginning to understand the true meaning of “reconciliation”: the large-scale transfer of government funds, jobs, institutional and cultural power, and ultimately our land itself, to aboriginal groups. Yukon parents are now faced with the prospect of handing control of their children’s schools to a “First Nations school board”.

In the following Yukon schools, referendums have been triggered, with parents being asked to vote, until January 31st, on the question of transferring control to a newly created aboriginal school board:

  • Chief Zzeh Gittlit School
  • Grey Mountain Primary School
  • Johnson Elementary School and Watson Lake Secondary School (one referendum)
  • Ross River School
  • St. Elias Community School
  • Takhini Elementary School
  • Nelnah Bessie John School
  • J.V. Clark School

Euro-Canadian students at St Elias Community School in Haines Junction. St Elias is among the schools which will soon vote on whether to teach kids aboriginal “ways of knowing, being, and doing”.

To be clear, these are not all reserve schools. If these referendums are approved by parents, substantial numbers of Euro-Canadian students will see their schools handed over to a “First Nations school board”. The only other aboriginal school boards in Canada are in aboriginal areas, for mainly aboriginal students. This could be the first time in Canadian history that large numbers of white students will be compelled to go to an aboriginal-run school. Let’s take a closer look at the dystopian future that the carnival clowns masquerading as Canadian public servants and politicians are dragging us into. The following information is drawn from an official J.V Clark School Board FAQ document.

Only Yukon aboriginals will be allowed to run for the five trustee positions in the first election of the First Nation School Board. Although parents will be allowed to run for trustee in subsequent elections, the foundational policy will have been decided by the first batch of trustees. This includes “Staffing and Human Resources policies” and “priorities, strategic plans and vision documents”. The document notes that subsequent school boards are “known to follow through with strategic plans and programming goals” set by the foundational policies. It is unclear if parent trustees are expected to have any real power to change the foundational strategy and values policies decided by the first, all-aboriginal, board of trustees.

“Indigenous worldviews” will be incorporated into “subjects like Math, Science, or Social Studies”. Although the document claims schools will continue to use the BC curriculum, it will also “tailor the programming, lesson delivery and assessment methods to include Yukon First Nations ways of knowing, being and doing”. Teachers, both aboriginal and white, will be retrained according to “Yukon First Nations ways of teaching and learning”.

What, exactly, are Indigenous “ways of knowing, being and doing”? In recent years, this concept has spread like wildfire through the Canadian academic intelligentsia, reaching the media, politics, and public schools. One of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations is to treat “Aboriginal and Euro-Canadian knowledge systems with equal respect”. The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Canadian Association of University Teachers, Universities Canada, and the Deans of Education have all endorsed “indigenizing” universities, a process which often includes bringing in Indigenous Ways of Knowing. Mount Royal University in Calgary has already “indigenized” its curriculum.

The mixed aboriginal and white classes of Takhini Elementary School could soon be taught the Yukon aboriginal worldview instead of Western culture.

Indigenous Ways of Knowing are “metaphysical, holistic, oral/symbolic, relational, and intergenerational”. The concept of intelligence is expanded to include “interpersonal, kinesthetic [physical], and spiritual intelligences”. There is a strong emphasis on Mother Earth, a personification of the earth and land, who provides instruction and wisdom.

Western knowledge is divided into disciplines, including history, mathematics, language, geography, physics, chemistry, anthropology, philosophy, literature, and so on. Students are encouraged to pursue knowledge in an objective and disinterested fashion, to read, analyze, and synthesize classic works in the Western Canon, and to learn to convey their opinions in structured essays.

The Left proudly proclaims their support for Indigenous Ways of Knowing as superior to the allegedly parochial, racist, sexist, intolerant Western culture previously dominant in Canada. They demand that aboriginal perspectives supersede Western teaching in Canadian schools, as could very well happen in Yukon depending on the referendum results.

The Right, on the other hand, is characteristically cowardly. So-called conservative intellectuals like Jordan Peterson, and media outlets like Rebel News and National Post, portray the indigenization of Canadian schools and universities as an ideologically motivated attack on the Enlightenment values of objectivity, rationality, and the disinterested pursuit of knowledge. Uncomfortable with the strong, salient reality of race in modern Canadian society, these fake conservatives simply avoid the racial dimension of the Left’s attack on Western educational curriculum. Some even say that, in promoting a colourblind school curriculum based on rational thought, they are the true anti-racists.

If I had wanted to, I could have made a name for myself in Quillette, Rebel News, and National Post, writing endless columns about the political correctness I encountered in university and high school, and talking about how the Left are the real racists. Each time a leftist mob toppled a statue, or a school board stopped teaching Huckleberry Finn or Little House on the Prairie, I could have written a trite article about how rationality is under attack. To complete my deal with the Devil, I could have conned Canadians out of their hard-earned money, promising that if they order my latest book and buy a subscription to my blog, they’d get their country back. This model has certainly worked well for Jordan Peterson.

Unlike the fake conservatives, I am at liberty to tell the truth. And the truth is, this is not merely a leftist assault on rationality, objectivity, or “Enlightenment values”. Fundamentally, it is an anti-white assault on European Canada and Western Civilization. The values of the Enlightenment are certainly part of Western culture, but the assault is not limited to these values. If it were, why are there campaigns to portray the great Western novels, past prime ministers, and the teaching of Classics, as racist? We should just start taking leftists at their word: this is all part of a larger struggle being waged against whiteness itself.

So, what is the real problem with the indigenization of school curriculum in Canada? The problem is that Canadian schools are meant to transmit Euro-Canadian, and more broadly Western, culture to the next generation, so that they can treasure it and hand it down to their kids. If schools on reserves want to teach mainly aboriginal culture, I have no great qualms about that, although I do think they would be depriving their children of valuable knowledge.

To hand over Euro-Canadian schools to aboriginal school boards, however, would undoubtedly mean the end of the teaching of the great novels, of the brave explorers and settlers of Canada, of the great scientists of the Industrial and Scientific Revolutions. The end of Jane Austen, Dickens, Shakespeare, Orwell, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, David Thompson, Alexander Mackenzie, Fahrenheit 451, and The Great Gatsby. The extinguishing of the light of our culture in a single generation. This is a cultural genocide that must be opposed in every local school board in Canada.

The stakes are high, and the Left is playing for keeps. They will not stop until every school board in the country adopts Indigenous Ways of Learning and replaces classic novels with drivel written in 2017 about the “immigrant experience” or historical fiction about a black slave in Upper Canada.

Parents must mobilize across the country to hold their school boards accountable, in the same way that parents in the United States have been giving their school administrations hell over the teaching of anti-white Critical Race Theory. Canadian parents need to become so radicalized, so on-fire about their children’s education, that they organize attendance strikes, letter-writing campaigns, petitions, protests, and public shaming of school officials over even the faintest whiff of leftist changes to their town’s school curriculum. In the meantime, all eyes on Yukon as the ballots come in until the 31st.


  • Riley Donovan

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