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The Miracle Of South Africa Under White Rule

We are just chilling right now at CEC. We have lots of articles waiting to be posted as the New Year 2022 of White Greatness arrives. Meanwhile here are two fun video clips to watch from the documentary Addio Africa.¬† I had a review-interview of this documentary for DECAMERON FILM FESTIVAL last April. I gabbed about the first video clip a few days ago: The narrator of this documentary said this was a miracle that transcended the limits of space and time — which is to say that Whites created a miracle in South Africa that transcended every possible world created by blacks in all the space and time available in the universe”.

It really was a paradise. Now I understand why the hostile elites hated South Africa so much. It was a clear cut demonstration of the amazing abilities and beauty of the White Boers who founded this nation. When I was a naive undergraduate at McGill University¬† I was told that South Africa was “the personification of evil”. Tell me, honestly, how could anyone believe that the images of these women = evil? Thinking about these images, what they tell us about Whites, can be a major red pill teaching moment.



Here is a longer version of this movie excerpt.


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