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New EuroCanadian Webzine Is Up!

We are winning: The new EuroCanadian webzine we have been promising since 2019 is up and running. We are very thankful to the individuals who sent us donations for the purpose of upgrading the online presence of EuroCanadian patriots. These donations were carefully spent to the last dime in this endeavor. It was not easy. Three different individuals were hired over the course of almost two years with each one carrying the work up to a point. There was no way around the reality that we needed experts to complete the work. It was not easy locating trustworthy individuals who are on our side with expertise in WordPress programming. Transferring and formatting eight years of articles, videos, images, comments and captions, over to the new site, was very time consuming.

Give us your feedback: Our EuroCanadian webzine will continue to improve. WordPress offers far more options to tailor one’s webzine to communicate political and cultural messages through the use of different social media besides articles and videos. The future looks bright. You will notice a new category for publication: “Blog/News”. Under this category you can write short commentaries about news on any topic, daily political and cultural news in Canada, including short intellectual commentaries on debates of the day. You can get a good idea about what we mean by short commentaries from VDare’s section “Blog”. This section has many short, informal, but well articulated commentaries on a wide variety of issues and topics. This will be a great way to encourage regular, daily postings.

Donate: CEC has proven itself worthy of regular donations after eight years of persistent publications. Our donations were very low throughout the year 2021 — probably because our readers were wondering when the new version of CEC would finally show up. Ricardo Duchesne has worked tirelessly for 8 years often at his own expense, taking many costly risks. There is no other website in Canada committed to the interests and heritage of EuroCanadians. Be generous to our cause. It is the most sacrosanct cause of our lifetime. For those who are older, and we do have many readers who are retired, think about it this way: why were you willing for so many years to spend money everyday reading the Globe & Mail, National Post, and other mainstream publications but are reluctant to pay a small fee to read CEC articles? Every group engaged in political and cultural struggles needs financial support. This is a law of political survival.

Metapolitics: CEC is a metapolitical organization dedicated to the articulation of ideas that promote the ethnic interests of EuroCanadians. The ideas of the Dissident Right are becoming mainstream primarily as a result of the metapolitical activities of websites like CEC. The populist parties in Europe, the Trumpians, the PPC in Canada, have not originated any ideas about the ethnic and cultural interests of European peoples. Such concepts and ideas as the great replacement, the history and objectives of cultural Marxism, the argument that Canada was not a nation created by diverse immigrants but by hardworking EuroCanadian settlers, the historical observation that the Quebecois, Acadians, and Anglo Canadians are indigeneous people born in the hard cold soils of Canada through a high fertility rate — came from the metapolitical activities of the Dissident Right.

We have plans for the future: We are still thinking about a documentary on the way EuroCanadians feel about their replacement and how they go about being white in a nation that celebretes diversity. We would like to restart meetings and increase our efforts to pay honorariums to our writers and promote an atmosphere where dissident writers feel there are opportunities for them.

While we have no illusions about the adversity we will encounter, we are confident in our ability to prevail if we create our own network online and every each other way possible.

Ad astra per aspera!

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