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Make Christmas White Again!

Quebec City

EuroCanadians should start celebrating Christmas as a day that is uniquely theirs and instrinsic to their identity, culture, and history. By its very nature and goals, mass immigration and diversity are in direct opposition to  everything European and White. This includes all the wonderful celebrations, commemorations, holidays, and fun days Whites have created: Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s, Labor Day, and Easter. The best special days in human history are rooted in European-White culture. Whites are deeply resented for this.

The biggest online companies (Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Google) are striving to create a Western world where families with children and cultural roots are replaced by childless, race-mixed, never-cook-at-home, gender disphoric, multi-vaccinated online addicts. Current covid lockdowns aim to make Christmas a day no different than such fabricated days as “kwanzaa“.

A Canada with a minority White population will relegate all the special days of EuroCanadians to minor private events, at best, and most likely categorized them as “racist” celebrations for a “Canada that never existed”. Only Whites really value and celebrate Christmas. Take a ride around any of the major cities of Canada, Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver — huge areas, entire neighbourhoods, are bereft of any Christmas lights and images. It is all barren and depressing, with decadent globalized gibberish everywhere. It is only in smaller cities, towns and rural areas, where Whites are still a high proportion, including 85% White Quebec City, where you get the feeling of Christmas, real families, joy, and songs.

Don’t let them cancel your Christmas. Instead, make Christmas EuroCanadian again!


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