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Can You Believe This?

Dr. Bonnie Henry, provincial health officer for British Columbia

Chief  Medical Officer Bonnie Henry’s guidelines for British Columbia as of midnight on December 19th.

  • B.C. vaccine cards are required for events of all sizes, including those involving fewer than 50 people, andscanning of QR codes must be done in all cases.
  • Indoor personal gatherings limited to household members plus 10 guests or one additional household —as long as everyone is vaccinated. Those who are not vaccinated are prohibited from holding personal gatherings.


What? Is the NKVD or Gestapo going to show up at my door to check my vaccine status and arrest me—a defiantly unvaxxed guy—for having a guest in my house? Are hosts going to be charged if they do not check the vaccine status of guests? Will we all at some point be required to swipe out cards wherever we go? Will the local gas station clerk refuse to allow me to buy gas for my car if I don’t provide proof of vaccination? Will I be permitted to take my dog to the vet? Will I be able to go for my blood test? Will I be able to enter a hardware store to look for a paint brush?

If we roll over for this last insanity then we are finished. This is primarily not about an experimental vaccine, but about a Milgram experiment that is being performed on us.

PS The local pastor and most of his flock are fully on board with these restrictions.  One wonders what pastors are for. If I was a member of a church like that, I would leave it and form a brand new church, underground if necessary.

Most of these “Christians” here vote for the party of darkness. They care more about their public image than they do about their principles. They think that “render unto Caesar” means complying with immoral and constitutionally illegal laws.

It would be one thing if they enforced Covid rules to comply with the “law”, but it is another when the church, the community centre, the credit union and the stores voluntarily go beyond requirements to signal their virtue. I will never forget this. This Covid issue has shown us a side of human nature that we did not want to notice. It has separated the sheep from the goats. We are finding out who are our real friends.

Henceforth, many of us will completely overhaul our social networks and re-evaluate our definition of “family”. IMO, we MUST try to form a parallel society, beginning at the local level. Our enemies have chosen to exclude and punish us, and in many cases, they are people in our own families. So be it. Let them go.

That’s my sentiment. Not exactly reflective of the Christmas spirit I concede.

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