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British Columbians Rise up to Oppose Museum “Decolonization”

I write to you from British Columbia, unceded territory of European Canadians. The radical Left administration of the Royal BC Museum in Victoria announced in November that they would be completely removing the Becoming BC exhibit on the third floor, a beautiful and beloved gallery which includes a replica of a typical old-time town, displays on logging, fishing, and farming, and a replica of George Vancouver’s Discovery ship that visitors love to walk through.

Museum CEO Daniel Muzyka said that “decolonization is long overdue” and that the Euro-Canadian exhibit established in the 1960s will be replaced by an exhibit that promotes “new narratives that include underrepresented voices and reflect the lived experiences and contemporary stories of the people in B.C”. So, Euro-Canadians, who built British Columbia, will be written out of history.

When I visited the museum since the decolonization announcement, I saw a woman tell her husband, both in their 70s, that he would “just have to try to remember it the way it was”. That’s the reality behind “decolonization”: it’s a war against everything we love and hold dear. It bulldozes our statues, street names, schools and museums, and we are left trying to comfort one another and remember better days.

But Euro-Canadians are increasingly refusing to silently accept our dispossession. A petition started by patriots in Victoria has now risen to nearly 2500 signatures! They recently got 300 signatures in 24 hours! The opening paragraph declares:

“We find that the planned removal of Third Floor Exhibits…amounts to an Orwellian political pogrom against BC’s history and has been devised in a way that is clearly politically biased and racist against Europeans and those of their descent.”

Although the planned dismantling of the third floor is set to begin within the next few days, the petition organizers are in this for the long haul and plan to try to stop and reverse the destruction. The significance of this cannot be overstated: a huge number of Canadians are totally rejecting the anti-white ideology that controls our public institutions. Let’s help our fellow patriots any way we can!

Sign the petition and send to people you know:

Contact the founder of the petition to request copies of a poster to print out and put up in your community:

Sign the secondary petition to be presented at the BC Legislature (only BC residents):


  • Riley Donovan

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