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Mad Max’s Revolt Against Political Correctness Gains Steam

Bernier addresses a crowd in the Forks, Winnipeg

Bernier has been holding massive rallies where he denounces vaccine passports, political correctness, Trudeau’s embrace of leftist racial and sexual politics, and the fake conservatism of Erin O’Toole.

Over 1000 people at Bernier’s rally on a farm in the picturesque Manitoba countryside

These rallies reflect Bernier’s swift increase in popularity this election cycle. The CBC poll amalgamator has the PPC at 4.9%, above the Green Party. According to the same poll tracker, in Ontario they are at 5.9%, in Alberta 5.6%, and in the prairies 5.7%. Bernier is less than 1% away from Yves-Francois Blanchet of the Bloc Quebecois. The CBC poll tracker only recently started including Maxime in the poll; for much of the election cycle he was included in the “other” category.

Bernier’s rising popularity means that the establishment can no longer ignore him. Instead, they have launched dishonest attacks against him. For his opposition to vaccine passports, he is deemed a fanatic. For his opposition to massive immigration from the Third World, it is insinuated or even claimed explicitly that he is a white nationalist racist.One poll from EKOS actually had Bernier at 10%! This seems somewhat doubtful, but it is certain that he is gaining in popularity and enthusiasm. Erin O’Toole (commonly referred to as The Tool) posts technocratic, boring tweets that rarely break 1000 likes. Bernier’s twitter, on the other hand, is lively. Trolling journalists, exposing the transgender agenda, saying that Jagmeet Singh is a communist sympathizer with terrorist ties, calling Justin Trudeau a psychopath, and defending the anti-Trudeau protests, he frequently gets 1, 2, 3, or 4 thousand likes.


400 supporters in Saskatchewan greeted Mad Max; not a mask in sight!

Many members of the media, academic, and political elites are enraged that Mad Max is doing so well. Andrew Coyne, Globe and Mail columnist, wrote an article calling Bernier’s views “noxious”. Amir Attaran, professor of Law and Medicine at the University of Ottawa, tweeted that Bernier has “white privilege” because he wasn’t arrested for his recent Manitoba rally. In an odd tweet, Chrystia Freeland criticized Bernier for calling for a revolution against medical tyranny:

I am furious. Maxime Bernier quotes JFK and calls for a revolution because of…masks & vaccines.

Google Afghanistan women and see them watch marching in the streets demanding their human rights and basic freedoms. Revolution indeed.

Count your blessings you live in Canada.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network, a thuggish group of anti-white, anti-Canadian “experts” dedicated to wiping out opposition to the Great Replacement in Canada by doxing and publicly shaming patriots, published an article titled “The PPC, political violence and conspiracy theories”.

Far more common in the PPC sphere of twitter, however, are wholesome tweets from normal Canadian conservatives who have put up a PPC lawn sign and patriotic Canadians trolling journalists or posting memes about our tyrant prime minister. I strongly encourage all members of the Euro-Canadian movement to join in the twitter wars and help these patriots push the PPC message in the last weeks of the campaign. While doing so, we can let them know about, the most heavily censored political website in Canada. Although many of us have been banned from twitter, just use a new email and you’ll get a new account. The most popular hashtags include #VotePPC, #PPC, and #Bernier.

Professors, journalists, career politicians, leftist activists, and fake conservatives all hate Bernier for his defiance of political correctness. These same people hate us and seek to wipe us out with hate speech laws. Although Bernier has many faults, I will support the only federal politician willing to defy the promoters of the Great Replacement. Have fun in the meme wars everybody, and be sure to vote PPC on September 20th!


  • Riley Donovan

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