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Strange Bedfellows Conspire to Bury White Interests in Canada

Trudeau marks National Aboriginal Day with sunrise ritual, canoe ride

The Children Return To The Soil The Beaver Rolled From Mud

So 2020 was the year in which we Whites were supposed to feel remorseful for Black lives, thanks chiefly to the leaked body camera footage of Derek Chauvin’s arrest of George Floyd. You’ve got to hand it to the Black Gospel churches: no matter what kind of low-life thug you may be in your earthly existence, you will be given a soulful send-off with fluttering diaphragms giving glory to God in a way to make Bantuid hearts sing.

Now 2021 is the year in which (Canadian) Whites are to feel remorseful for the lives of the First Peoples, namely the children whose bodies have been “discovered” on reserve land. Due to the lower proportion of indigenous Canadians to our total population than Black Americans to the U.S. total population, the public wailing and nuisance-making by the former has been less pronounced than the latter. But it has not been without noise, as most of you reading this are well aware. Justin Trudeau deftly redirected blame and anger away from the federal government (which is now his quasi-personal property) and towards the present-day Vatican, dead church officials, and pervasive public “racism”. His past actions connected to indigenous affairs, such as his snarking off at an Ojibwe woman who interrupted a Liberal Party fundraiser in Toronto Justin was speaking at to bring the mercury contamination of her reserve’s water supply to his attention, or his eccentric predilection for wearing indigenous costumes, have not built him credibility on this file. So understandably, he wants to acknowledge as little of this issue as possible. With the federal government now accumulating about $424 000 000 in new debt daily, you’d think he could find a way to send a few truckloads of ZeroWater filters to these reserves. But no – the best he can manage is getting himself photographed laying a teddy bear on the burial grounds of the Indigenous children.

The lack of any effective response by the federal government (or any government in Canada really) to remedy issues faced by Indigenous Canadians makes the unexpected onslaught against church buildings not as surprising as it might be. The number of churches in Canada that have been defaced and/or damaged in the past weeks is now beyond an accurate public tally. What is (or ought to be?) surprising is the general lack of response from anybody outside of the news media. With the exception of Jason Kenney (who needs to draw attention away from his own issues with his Cabinet and the Sky Palace), the response by both politicians and the general public towards the defacing and burning of Canadian churches has been, at a minimum, rather curt.

I am officially a parishioner of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada, although in reality I consider myself more a deist or perhaps an agnostic theist. But regardless of the writer’s, or reader’s, views on religion in this country, it cannot be denied that Canada’s churches have been a repository of Euro-Canadian culture and heritage. At the absolute minimum, the burning of these edifices must classified as arsons. If we are to go further and maybe even use the language of our enemies and classify these church burnings as “hate crimes”, the term would be well-suited. The torching of such a building with intent to ruin it beyond repair is not merely an attack on a physical structure, but also on a culture, with intent to stifle the activities and traditions of that culture.*

I don’t believe that the majority of the off-reserve burnings and graffiti hits were even carried out by people of Aboriginal origin; I believe most of them were performed by ANTIFA. ANTIFA’s pathological loathing for any dignified expression of Whiteness, even if only they perceive it as that, has found an outlet in these residential school graves discoveries, through which they can continue their criminal actions. Almost all Canadian institutions of White origin, of either the public or private variety, have already been multiculturalised, including churches. (In 2019, after being largely absent from my family’s Catholic church for the decade, my mother convinced me once to go to Mass with her. The years had really shown a change in the congregation! While the front-row parishioners were, as before, almost all elderly White couples, the main body of the church was quite different. The majority of the congregation was now BIPOC – mostly Filipino and Black immigrants.) There is something to be noted of the fact that out of the reported defaced and damaged churches, most of them architecturally are of either the small and basic Euro-Canadian settler variety, or of the more ornate variety as seen in Europe. I have seen no photos of Modernist-style churches being defaced by these characters, even though the Modernist churches, with their advanced electrical systems, would be more likely to have decent security camera set-ups.

So, it appeared for a few weeks that 2021 was going to be the summer of lament for the long-dead indigenous children. But wait – some people are feeling left out!

Don’t Forget To Feel Sorry For God’s Chosen People

I give you a National Post article, dated 2/7/21, titled ‘Strengthening Canada’s hate speech laws a sad necessity’, by one… wait for it… Avi Benlolo.

Avi Abraham Benlolo describes himself as an “inspiring and empowering” man, “the nation’s most prominent and noted expert in Holocaust studies, in countering Antisemitism and promoting human rights”

The article’s first sentence is conciliatory. Mr Benlolo acknowledges the legitimacy of “public consternation” to the recent efforts of the Liberal federal government to rope social media companies based outside of Canadian jurisdiction into enforcing expanded Internet censorship.

Even within the bloc of politicians and op-ed writers who have come out against the new censorship laws, one very important factor has been largely ignored: the distinction between adding new regulations, and creating the position of a commissar who makes rulings on whether or not something is acceptable. In the former, the laws may be foul and reviled – but because they are laid out as regulations, and ideally, publicly promulgated – there exists a legitimate prior opportunity for a citizen to review the laws and consider the consequences of the actions they have contemplated undertaking. It also allows for public scrutiny of the law, because it is always in the open and cannot hide from the sanitation of open debate prior to the law’s application.

This rule of written regulations is very different from the rule of a commissar. The opinion of an apparatchik on a given case cannot be given prior scrutiny in the way prior-written, promulgated regulations can. The public can only wade around where they think they may be allowed to tread, and can only protest the law after the commissar has made his ruling – often after the sentence has already been applied. The commissar also, unlike the emotionless and unchanging written word, is susceptible to influence by bribery, extortion, or political favouritism (the last of which most of us suspect would in our case, be linked to the cultural Maoism currently favoured by the Liberal Party of Canada).

To continue with Benlolo’s article, on the first paragraph:

If approved, amendments to the Canadian Human Rights Act and accompanying changes to the Criminal Code and the Youth Criminal Justice Act will fundamentally change how Canadians conduct themselves online. Understandably, in a free and democratic society, maintaining freedom of expression is critical to the very foundation of our national enterprise.


Many argue that curtailing speech and even online behaviour disallows our fundamental rights and freedoms as citizens. To some, it signifies an encroachment of state control reminiscent of tyrannical regimes and even communism. China’s recent harsh clampdown on media and individual expression in Hong Kong points to the danger of state power over rights and freedoms.

No kidding, mister.

The Canadian government’s new “action to protect Canadians against hate speech and hate crimes” would clamp down on individuals who express “detestation or vilification of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination.” This would apply to public communications by individual users on the internet, including on social media, on personal websites and in mass emails.

What was wrong with the old law, in the opinion of the federal Liberals? Did it not go far enough? Can it be empirically proven that these laws were avoided by legitimate bad actors misusing freedom of speech? I await the case example.

I get it. As a promoter of free speech who is exposed to a daily dose of diverse opinion, my rational self agrees with the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis’ contention that “sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants. But…

“But”: the word you were waiting for, folks.

… there are problems with this perspective, too. As a student of the Holocaust, I have observed that anti-Semitism is an infectious disease that if left unchecked in the social marketplace will rise to the top of hate and discriminatory practice in almost any society. Sunlight does not disinfect anti-Semitism. Sunlight allows anti-Semitism to replicate when it’s out in the open.

Anti-Semitism, as it is termed, is not an infectious disease. I once read a thick hardcover guidebook my doctor aunt owns on professional diagnosis of infectious diseases. I never saw anti-Semitism listed in this book (and considering the disproportionate number of Jews who become doctors, if it were a disease it would have been listed in there for sure), and I have certainly never heard of anybody coming down with symptoms of anti-Semitism.

Statistics Canada reports that the Jewish community is the most targeted religious group for hate crime and hate speech in this country. In 2017, incidents of anti-Semitism and hate crime in general increased by a whopping 47 per cent here.

Does he mean an increase of 47% in 2017, as opposed to 2016? He does not clarify. Regardless, I highly doubt that that increase can be attributed to the White community. We can attribute with greater likelihood of accuracy that increase to an increase in Arab Palestinian activism in Canada. I contrasted the 2011 federal census with the 2016 federal census; in 2016, 44 820 Canadian citizens claimed Palestinian ancestry, to 31 245 Canadian citizens who claimed it in 2011, for an increase of 43% in just five years. This does not even come close to including the increase in other Arabic and other Muslim immigrants in Canada over the past ten years.

In 2019, police recorded 1,946 criminal incidents that were motivated by hate, representing a seven per cent increase from the year previous… During the Hamas-Israel conflict in May, an online torrent of anti-Semitism infected every corner of the planet.

Thirty-seven million people – and less than two thousand reported “hate crimes”. One crime per 18 500 people. Barely statistically relevant – and in my books, enough proof that new “hate speech” laws are not needed (not that the old ones necessarily were needed either). As for anti-Semitism infecting every corner of the planet: no, I don’t believe that it statistically valid either. Surely the South Pole, the Marianas Trench, the Knesset, and 605 3rd Avenue in Manhattan sustained no such infection.

For this reason, when testifying in front of a parliamentary task force about online hate in May 2019, I advocated for a strengthening of our hate speech and hate crime laws.

And that’s about all that’s needed to get the message. Benlolo goes on to monger pity for one of the most disproportionately powerful and privileged communities on the planet, and briefly underlines why he believes that freedom of expression in Canada must be curtailed. His reasoning, of course, is chiefly tribal. It is unfortunate that his misrepresentation of the issue falls on willing and sympathetic ears, thanks to the deification of Jews on this continent (though more so in the USA than in Canada) by Christians as the closest living ancestors of Jesus, and the kayfabe they act out in public as naught but an innocent ethno-religious minority.

But you thought that was all, dear reader? Oh no – there is more still!

Allahu Crackbar

On the 19th of July, the CBC released an article titled ‘National Council of Canadian Muslims reveals anti-Islamophobia recommendations’:

In the wake of multiple, lethal attacks on Canadian Muslims in recent years, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) has released 60 policy recommendations to combat hate and racism across the country.

The recommendations, which include Criminal Code amendments to better deal with hate crimes, a curriculum review and a national fund for victims of Islamophobia, come in advance of a national summit on Islamophobia this week… Anti-Muslim hate attacks in those cities in recent years include the June 6 hit-and-run on the Afzaal family in London, Ont.; the fatal stabbing of volunteer caretaker Mohamed-Aslim Zafis outside a Toronto mosque last September; the January 2017 attack on a mosque in Quebec City where six men were killed and dozens of others were seriously wounded; and at least six hate-motivated attacks on Black and racialized Muslim women in Edmonton in recent months.

Again, in a country of over thirty-seven million people, these attacks are statistically barely relevant. The outpouring of affected sympathy for “the Muslim community” serves two purposes chiefly: for one, it helps an individual or institution lower their profile on the target list for jihadists; and for two, in the case of politicians, Muslims represent a large (and fast-growing) voting bloc to court at election time.

The policy recommendations released Monday are broken down by federal, provincial and municipal levels of government. Some of them include:

  • Funding for a proposed National Support Fund for Survivors of Hate-Motivated Crimes.
  • An investigation into national security agencies and how they deal with white supremacist groups, and whether they have infiltrated those agencies.
  • New provisions in the Criminal Code around hate-motivated assault, murder, threats and mischief that include specific penalties corresponding to each infraction.
  • A federal anti-Islamophobia strategy by the end of 2021.
  • Funding for Muslim storytelling.
  • Provincial legislation that bars white supremacist groups from rallying on provincial property.
  • A review of school curriculum with an anti-Islamophobic lens and resources for Muslim students.
  • Municipal street harassment bylaws that address verbal assault.
  • Local community-based anti-Islamophobic initiatives and anti-Islamophobia advisory councils.

I would first of all like to refute the use of the words “Islamophobia” and “Islamophobic”. This is a misuse of the psychiatric naming stem “-phobia”. Just as with Avi Benlolo’s mischaracterisation of anti-Semitism as an infectious disease, “Islamophobia” is not something a psychiatrist can diagnose one as suffering from. Secondly, the second recommended point listed here would be illegal. It would be no more legal for the CBC to investigate “Conservative infiltration” into that institution, or for the Quebec legislature to dox “federalist moles” on their employee roles. Thirdly, the fifth point: what they are asking for, without saying so directly, is federal subsidies for Quranic evangelism. (I will go into the Quran more below)

At a news conference in Toronto on Monday, Nina Karachi-Khaled, president of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, said officials must take into account the street harassment, verbal assaults, online hate and cyberbullying that Muslim women face in Canada. “Women who wear headscarves are afraid to leave their home. That fear is palpable, and they are easily identified by their clothing,” she said, adding that during something as simple as a walk to the bank, “women are forced to look over their shoulders in fear.”

This is the most revolting part of the article. As far as I am aware, there have been virtually no violent crimes committed against Muslim women in Canada solely because of their headwear. This woman’s shameless bluster that Muslim women in Canada are living in terror because of their religious attire is an insult to the (true) Canadian people and their hospitality. I doubt that Geeti, Rona, Sahar, and Zainab Shafia would share this sentiment.

Let us examine together the Quran, the book they believe to be above all others, and the chief source of their organising principles for all aspects of life.

I have here, courtesy of, the official Saudi-approved English translation of the Quran.

Let us now read from the beginning of the book through Surah 2 Part 1, which takes us up to page 28. Let us discover what the devout Muslim believes about the non-Muslim Canadian.

Verily, those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe. Allah has set a seal on their hearts and their hearing, and on their eyes there is a covering. Theirs will be a great torment. And of mankind, there are some who say: “We believe in Allah and the Last Day” while in fact they believe not. — al-Baqarah, Part 1, v. 6-8

Let it be said that:

  • Verse 10 of this chapter describes non-Muslims as having diseased hearts.
  • Verses 11 and 12 describe non-Muslims as being mischief-makers.
  • Verse 18 describes non-Muslims as being “deaf, dumb, and blind”.
  • Verse 24 says that a fire fueled by “men and stones” is being prepared for the non-Muslims.
  • Verse 27 describes non-Muslims as “losers”.
  • Verse 39 again mentions an eternal fire for non-Muslims to burn in.
  • Verse 64 again describes non-Muslims as “losers”.
  • Verse 65 describes non-Muslims as “monkeys”.
  • Verse 88 reiterates verses 6 through 8 that Allah has predestined some to be cursed.
  • Verse 90 declares that non-Muslims will face “disgracing torment”.
  • Verse 104 declares that non-Muslims face a “painful torment”.
  • Verse 114 is pertinent to the creation of public school mosqueterias (cafeterias or disused classrooms being temporarily converted into makeshift masjids for Muslim students): “And who are more unjust than those who forbid that Allah’s name be glorified and mentioned… For them there is a disgrace in this world, and they will have a great torment in the Hereafter.”
  • Verses 118 and 119 ridicule those who scrutinize Muhammad’s teachings.
  • Verse 126 again returns to the threat of a “torment of Fire” for non-Muslims.
  • Verse 130 describes a non-Muslim as one “who befools himself”.

All this was, I repeat, contained in just the first twenty-eight pages. I have not yet read the Quran cover-to-cover, but somehow I doubt that references to those who do not trust Muhammad’s word become any more positive.

Tell me again why people who believe in and sympathise with these writings should be welcomed into our country; why they should be given equal chance at positions of authority and influence; why they should be entrusted with the reins of power in Canada.

The Liberal Government’s Potential Responses

I ought to mention regarding my following predictions about the Liberal government’s plans to “quell racism” that I don’t believe that the Conservative Party under Erin O’Toole poses a significant risk to the Liberals in the next federal election. While the Conservatives consistently lead the other federal parties in their quarterly donation numbers, and are buoyed by the many unforced errors committed by Justin Trudeau, they also have simultaneously the most elderly voter base, and the most regionalised apart from the BQ. The pollster data shows that O’Toole has lost more potential votes (in the West mostly) than he has gained from his backstab manoeuvre to support his own version of a carbon levy. Meanwhile, in spite of being the most inept federal government in Confederation’s history, the Trudeau Liberal administration has been salvaged by the self-sacrifice of the NDP at the hands of the Rolex-collecting Khalistani lawyer — who is the most far-removed leader from the Canadian blue-collar worker the New Democrats have ever elected. As post-industrial Canada continues to grow in population (from immigration and breeding by immigrant couples alone) while living wages vanish from our economy, fewer Canadians are able to keep themselves busy through their work, and take pride in it, in the way previous generations did. This post-employment era is a boon to high-spending liberal totalitarian governments as personified by the Justin Trudeau administration, in that it creates persons who are more receptive to adopting state-led virtue-signaling, out of their need for a sense of belonging, identity, and usefulness — as opposed to the sense of belonging, identity, and usefulness they would gain from their workplace.

We have seen the beginning of this with the civic religion of covid compliancy: shaming people for not wearing their mouth mask, correcting people if they are not wearing it properly, taking the covid vaccines unquestioningly, shaming and/or avoiding people who have not gotten the covid vaccine. The direct impact on Canadians’ health from the covid virus/es is hard to compare with the impact of pitting Canadians against each other by encouraging the covid compliants to become loyal little footsoldiers for state interests; it is a lot easier to convince the common citizenry to police each other for free than it is to send officers of the law around to do the same. This test run by the Liberal government has proven to be successful, and they likely now feel empowered and warmed-up to do the same to the “infectious disease” of “racism”.

So what can we expect from this Liberal government as they gear up to fight us “racists” with more than just platitudinous speeches? I encourage the readers to share their thoughts with each other and how to prepare for these developments in the comments section. As for my thoughts, I believe that the Liberal government will create some sort of tax credit in exchange for taking an “anti-racism course”. If they are feeling more ambitious and bold (and depending also if they receive a majority government or not in the next general election), they may even do a Canada-wide census on “racist attitudes”, in which citizens will be required by law to complete and submit a multi-choice questionnaire, in order for the government to evaluate which demographics are most “racist”. This would be then followed by an intensive “anti-racism course”, which may itself also be required by law, perhaps under the Emergencies Act.

Forcing public schools to teach “anti-racism courses” is almost a certainty at this point, and some school divisions have already installed these in their curricula. The federal Liberals may even partner with a GONGO (government-organised non-governmental organisation) headed by a friend of Justin’s to evaluate and rate private businesses on their commitment to “fighting racism” – like the way Underwriters’ Labs does for consumer product safety and Energy Star does for energy efficiency. As it was with the rules surrounding covid lockdowns for businesses, this model would unfairly penalise White-owned family businesses, while multinationals who hire desperate immigrants and helpless TFWs instead of old-stock Canadians would be rewarded.

No More Lenders, No More Wars

Returning again to the Blacks, Aboriginals, Jews, and Muslims all demanding their share of pity from the public, I will admit that the closest we Whites receive to this kind of public mourning manifests as Remembrance Day – or Veterans Day, for any readers from the U.S. Although Remembrance Day events are well-funded from both the public and private sector, and are typically the only remaining articles of solemnity revered by the Canadian public at large, I believe that the commemorations miss a greater issue. A few years ago, a hullabulloo was made by the Royal Canadian Legion over the fact that supporters of a small pacifist group were seen wearing white poppies on their breasts instead of the Legion-approved red poppy. The white poppy is the floral symbol of peace; this pacifist group wanted to make a point that we would not have to lament every 11th of November for these lads if the wars hadn’t happened in the first place.

Now the Legion was offended! Understandable to some extent, since the 11th of November is a holiday essentially controlled by them; having dissidents from their line took them by surprise, and they didn’t know how to handle it except by throwing an infantile tantrum (which is not becoming to anyone who takes pride in their Canadian Forces uniform). I was, to my surprise, in silent agreement with the white poppy-wearers. I didn’t care about offending veterans; they’re (former) soldiers, not deities. I cared about the millions of young men (younger than me, most of them) who were killed or maimed, sometimes in horrific ways, and often for reasons of dubious value. I believe there is a consensus among we CEC supporters that the fallout from the death and destruction caused by the world wars has had a worse long-term effect on our kin than anything that was supposedly worth going to war against.

But indeed, how did the governments of the time manage to pull off such extraordinary levels of destruction? Democratic governments prefer to spend rather than save, in order to buy votes over the medium-term – thus, they didn’t have the savings needed to pay to train all the troops for the world wars, and equip them with the most modern tools of the trade. So who paid for all of the uniforms, rifles, pistols, machine guns, trucks, tanks, artillery cannons, fighter planes, bomber planes, bombs, bullets, and grenades?

Aye, the people who created fractional-reserve fiat currency in the first place!

Some people in the world have access to so much money (not necessarily under their name, but controlled by them via influence and shell banking conglomerates) that they have no daily needs beyond their stomachs and their bladders that they have to get out of bed to deal with. Everything has already been taken care of for them; they have no need to think about the majority of things that consume the daily lives of almost everybody on the planet. For these people, their entertainment consists on betting on horse races and playing fantasy sports. Except in their world, the horses and fantasy sports are not run by bookies or casinos as we know them – they are run by governments, and the chips and players they play with are the world’s military-industrial complexes. And it is these financiers who write the loans out to the governments of the world. It is these financiers who entertain themselves by writing loans in order to facilitate the emergence of calamities for the common folk of the world, and then profiting from these calamities afterwards.

What is needed for the White world of the future are ethnocratic sound money systems, based on currency that cannot be decreed into existence by loans or supply inflation. Our finances need to be decoupled from fiat currencies and the globalist banking institutions to whom it is lifeblood, and replace the for-profit banks with local credit unions whose owners and board members live and work in the communities they serve, instead of in ivory towers in another country. This is undoubtedly the most dangerous mission in our campaign to secure White ethnocratic interests – more dangerous than machete-swinging groids, Chicom cyberattacks, and ANTIFA harassment. We all remember what happened to Chairman Gaddafi when he decided he wanted to decouple from the globalist banking web. The same character assassination – following by an actual kinetic assassination – could happen to any of us who stand against the banking establishment. It is what’s right, but never let it be said you weren’t warned that it won’t be easy.

Thank-you, all you readers of the CEC. As always, I hope you are smarter and better-equipped than you were when you began reading this article. I hope all of you will read my next article on White ethnocratic labour action.

*Addendum: There are regular readers of the Council of European-Canadians who might comment that the efforts of Canadian churches are no longer in line with the interests of our Euro-Canadian ethnographic interests. There is statistical evidence I have read, at least in the U.S., that BIPOCs are more likely than Whites to be churchgoers in the twenty-first century. Some readers may also be aware that the majority of Roman Catholic priests in Canada are of immigrant origin, especially Filipino and Central American. Most Christians in modern-day Canada appear to relish more in behaving as lambs taken to the slaughter than they would in acting as Saint Michaels with flaming swords – ironically, leading to a steep decline in the influence of Christianity in Canada. Whilst I am aware of these facts and in basic agreement with the opinion many of you have that Christianity and White interests have forked into separate paths, I didn’t want to make criticism of Christianity a chief point in this article. Even though as a rationalist I have my problems with Christian theology, I also acknowledge that supporting a church and attending one once in a while is good for one’s physical and mental health.

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